Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dynamis - Bastok!

I went on a Dynamis - Bastok run with Oops tonight. It went fairly well, but was pretty bloody depending on who you were. Several people died 4-7 or so times a piece. I got away with no EXP loss though, luckily. I also got these:Which dropped with ~8 minutes left after we killed the mega boss.

Other than that it was kind of crappy as far as non-coin drops went. Nobody got any pieces they wanted. We did get plenty of Byne Notes though which was nice including a couple 100 pieces.

I tested them out in a merit party afterwards, but had lousy luck with counters. Some days I'll counter most attacks when shadows are down. Some I'll be amazed that I can get hit so many times and not lose hate let alone counter. It was one of the latter.

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