Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dynamis - Xarcabard & Amanomurakumo

I played FFXI quite a bit in the past two days. Doing a bit of the same old merit partying and then a LOT of campaign battles. For whatever reason, they are lasting a ridiculous amount of time now. One in Rolanberry Fields [S] went on for over two hours. I went as Monk/Ninja using 30-Allied Note Scrolls of Instant Reraise. The regular mobs were pretty easy to tank (and I ended up tanking virtually every mob I fought even if there was someone else there attempting to hold hate).

Of course, I didn't mess with most of the NMs, but people seemed to have no trouble dying to even the easiest (WHM NM) of them.I only need about 13k EXP now until I've completely capped out Monk merits with one last one going into Penance. (What I've merited is listed on the sidebar further down the page.)

Dynamis - Xarcabard Time!

A little after 8PM, I switched over to Oops LS and found that we were going to do Xarcabard because the LS that had been in there left (on time, for once). I did the usual Black Mage thing and nuked grey Ahriman for about two hours. Then, we cleared all the towers and the Animated Weapons spawned. I switched to Monk, came back, and found everyone waiting by the Animated Tachi.Not the best picture, but you can sort of see it over the sparkle in the top left part of the picture. It was pulled, and as it turns out Tachi: Kaiten can do 1,963 damage on a Berserked Monk.So, I only got to hit it about 10 times before it hit me back. It seems that getting Relic Weapon Fragments requires the blood sacrifice of a Monk as the same thing happened to Izar at the beginning of the fight we got Amey's shield fragment.

Post-kill people did the usual poke my corpse until somebody gave me an R3.

Later at Horlais Peak...

I went up to Horlais Peak to see Brim get his sword finally, and...That's relic number 2 for Oops now!

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