Friday, April 4, 2008

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Gone Fishin'

I've been skilling up Fishing again, getting from 38.something to 42.5. I really need to take the Nashmau-Al Zahbi Ferry with some equipment on me. I get one of these everytime I decide to pull up a monster (or wasn't paying attention).I was sneak-fishing in that picture. It was my second attempt to take the Ferry to Nashmau to get some Rice Vinegar and Ground Wasabi for making Sushi. The previous one I had to Manafont+Warp because Sneak wore off as I pulled up an Orobon.

As it turns out, Orobon have naturally reduced movement speed, so I could probably solo it as Black Mage. I didn't try to Sleep it, because I also had one of the ToAU blue Sea Monk-type monsters chasing me. I kind of doubt that it is sleepable though.

LT MPKs us all at Sky! ;_;

I went up for some early Ro'Maeve Water farming yesterday. We finally got one, and LT popped it without warning. We killed Olla Pequena and Media, but it was obvious with Grande at ~90% HP that we weren't going to be able to take it. I did the only thing a brave Monk/Ninja could away! We had a RDM/WHM, NIN/DRK, THF/NIN, WAR/NIN, and MNK/NIN (me) there. The RDM reraised, but died again immediately, so we had no healer or person who could raise the dead people (everyone except me) and a few minutes later the THF because he apparently had Reraise on. I kited Olla Grande around for about twenty minutes until a Corsair/White Mage arrived and raised our RDM and the RDM raised everyone else. In the final epic battle, we killed it.But it killed me as well with the unavoidable damage moves, so I give LT credit for killing everyone who was there when we popped it at least once. Several people three times.

I think as punishment we had him tank Seiryu later in the day and he got killed repeatedly, so we'll call it even. :-)

For some reason I took this picture of myself /healing at the Mother Globe spawn (which we didn't do yesterday).I have no idea why I saved it, but I thought I'd share it so everyone knows that I /heal as Monk too.

Monk Tanking

I've gotten to tank a little bit doing Sky farming as Monk (mostly farming Ro'Maeve Water and Steam Cleaner) just from hitting hard and often not using /WAR. I initially really didn't like trying to tank as MNK/NIN compared to NIN main, but Counterstance with Counter merits makes up for the lower evasion and one less shadow pretty well on VT or lower stuff even with minimal support.

Plus it's kind of fun to steal hate from NIN/WARs without using an JAs that generate significant enmity. Hehe.

Campaign Battles

For all the wannabe hype SE put out about Campaign Battle changes/additions/"adjustments", I can't say I've seen much in the way of actual new shit.Although Shadowhand and his Cuissomethinger buddies now seem to attack in Pashow Marshlands [S] while I don't recall him ever doing so before.

That may be because of Beastmen controlling an adjacent area while every region was always (except Windurst ones, because people from Windy suck) Ally controlled before, I don't really know.

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