Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KS99 /sigh

Dynamis was cancelled with Oops yesterday, so we went to do some KS99 runs instead. I've had a Themis orb sitting around for months, so I was looking forward to using it finally. And maybe getting a Behemoth Tongue for a Black Belt.

I can always find some use for more gil, but those three Rare/Ex items that can only be obtained from monsters Epic doesn't camp with the reward being a legendary Black Belt are much more appealing. I'm not sure what the droprate is on the BB items, but in ~20 orbs worth I've seen it drop maybe twice.

So, we all gathered and people who didn't use an orb /random to see who goes first. Orb holder trades, we go in, and kill it. Decent drops and a tongue! Next orb, decent drops, another tongue! A third orb, and a third set of drops better than the previous two, and a third tongue! All three to people who have Monk below level 20.

The person who was going fourth sent me a /tell saying I could have the Tongue if it dropped on her orb. A fourth kill, awful drops and no tongue.

At this point, a bunch of people had to leave as it was getting late. Just my orb and another guy's left. I didn't really want to do another having lost a PLD kiter and one or two BLMs. But we did. I random ~300 the other guy rolls ~900. I went from not dying at all to dying 5 or 6 times which ate a lot of EXP using RR1. We lost the orb and then called it a night.

Still 0/3.


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