Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Limbus Sucks: Month 9

Another Limbus run (Temenos Central - 1st Floor) another no Diabolic Yarn. It of course doesn't drop there, it's from Apollyon, so I didn't expect one. I got my Diabolic Silk in July last year, so that makes this Month 9 if my math doesn't suck.

I'm not sure when they lowered the price of Limbus to 30k from 50k, but by my estimates that would mean I've wasted a max of 1,080,000 gil. Probably more like 840,000 gil as I have missed some runs.

Tonight's run didn't take long, only about 20 minutes. I went BLM, so I got to mostly stand around and craft Squid Sushi (+1) as half the shit there is resistant to magic (Evil Weapons, Ahriman), or mostly immune (Ahriman, Magic Pots). Coin split came to 2 each, so I lost about 10,000 gil assuming I bazaar overnight and someone buys my coins. That's assuming that they still sell for 10k a piece which I'm not sure about.


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