Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making Sauces

As an amateur cook of sorts, I like to make a variety of foods. My soft pretzels are quite tasty. But, it's hard to make something that's browned starch and butter covered in salt taste bad. I mean, seriously, how the hell could you do that? Turd dunking sauce?

That's kind of my problem though. I'd like to make some sauces like you get with chinese foods, the oil and vinegar salad dressings (which actually taste good, unlike the harsh vinegary or slimy oil shit I keep making), and the mexican/carribean sort of spicy brown and red sauces. I need to go read the intarwebz I suppose and find out how the hell people make the shit.

I do know a few real chefs though whose brains I could pick, but real chefs tend to be all about the classic french sauces that are glorified pickled egg products. They're cool though, so they'll probably inform my little heretic mind with a few pointers.

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