Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mo' Merits, Mo' Problems

I've done lots of merit partying again in the past week or so. As Monk at Mamool Ja staging point. Despite how potentially dangerous most of the TP moves are I used Counterstance nearly 100% of the time, and only got dropped once because of it.

Taking a ~700 damage Rushing Drab to the face, followed by a hit for ~190, followed by a Firespit (if anyone knows how the hell that TP move actually works, leave a comment explaining it, please) for ~550 will tend to do that though.

I got my second Invigorate merit for Monk today. My Chakra JA will heal about 500HP now with Artifact Body and Relic Hands. I'll need five more points for the final one, and seven points to cap out Penance which I'm going to get 2/3 in with my last group 2 merit already in (the very handy) Formless Strikes. So that's 12 merit points to completely cap out merits for Monk. Which would be my first job that I capped out completely.

I am kind of lacking motivation to do much meriting though at the moment. There's quite a few more required, and they mostly don't make that much difference really. I may just grind out most of the rest that I need or finally start leveling whichever job is winning in my poll on the sidebar there.

Epic LS people are starting Salvage up though, so Penance merits would be good to have. But, I have no Assault static and don't even have the 1,500 AP required to get in, so that would be part of my lacking motivation to actually get them. As an almost fully merited and decently geared Monk, I'd probably get to tank in there a lot too.

Gear Upgrading?

I've been thinking about seeing what pieces of gear I can improve on my four 75 jobs lately (BLM, SMN, NIN, MNK) with things off the Auction House.

Black Mage is mostly set. An Enfeebling Torque (which I don't have macro space left for), Genie Lappas (high priced and high difficulty in even finding one), and Novio Earring (not AHable, but can be Bazaared...I'll wait until Epic does JoL and get one for free because they are ridiculously expensive) are the only buyable things I can get. Assault and Salvage gear would be nice too, but I don't do either.

Summoner has a few things that I can get like a Hedgehog Bomb. I could buy Ancient Beastcoins to get a Loquacious Earring. But that's about a million gil for MP+35 & Enmity-1 over what I have now, and I rarely do things where Summoner is my most useful job.

Ninja could use a Speed Belt. I'll get right on that. And Accuracy +7 rings. Not much else though really.

Monk could use a Shura Body which is sort of buyable (at least the Cursed Togi part). Accuracy +7 rings would also be nice for my Monk. I'll try to get a Toreador's or two from the ENM50 Pulling the Strings (I'm 0/1 on winning it solo).

Plenty to keep me busy for a while.

UPDATE: 3/3 Invigorate merits! I just need 7 more points to cap Monk out completely! Then I'll finish AM2 on BLM probably. F#%& Summoner and Ninja merits. >.>

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