Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Needs moar merits.

I'd like to grind out the rest of the ones I need soon for my group 1s and group 2s.

I got two more of the Black Mage group 2s done. Freeze II (2/3), Burst II (1/2), Flood II still locked. 12 more to finish it.

Ninja Tool Expertise I'd like to cap out before using Ninja for anything again. It's (1/3), I need 9 more to cap it. 15 would be needed to cap Subtle Blow, but Subtle Blow +5 is so unimportant and unnoticeable unless I started doing NIN/BST for some unknown reason, that I might do it after I have nothing left, but whatever.

Monk is done! Yay Monk! Yay! etc.

Summoner I'd like to cap the Avatar Physical Attack group which would take 14 more.

Using a calculator I found online:At least 100 of those were done via Black Mage soloing. Probably the reason I find manaburns soooo f#$*ing boring now.

So, 35 merits to cap the stuff I'm mostly interested in capping.

I'd also really like to get INT capped too. But it's a f#$*ton of merits to cap that. But there's not much I can do to boost my BLM damage at this point.

Thus ends another post of me rambling about merit points. I also updated my little merit points side bar thing, so go look at that too.

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