Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update!

Mostly pictures this time around...Dynamis - San d'Oria about a week ago. I snuck in as Monk and nobody noticed. I've been Monk75/Thief18 (lolgimpsub) during the day a lot as I'm farming tons of crap to skill Leathercraft to 60 on my main character at the moment, so I just changed SJ and went in.

I obviously screenshot everything...meritpo at Mamool Ja Staging point. Two of the party members weren't 75 yet, so I guess it was only partial meritpo? Monk is definitely less a pain to merit on than Ninja because I don't have to Provoke everything.

I broke out my Puppetmaster for some EXPing. We went to Middle Delkfutt's Tower for some reason. EXP was pretty decent on the 7th floor.

Like I mentioned above, I've been farming hides/skins for Leathercraft. Sure enough, Padfoot popped right in front of me. I got a sheepskin and lanolin cube for my troubles. :-( I told a few people in LS the ToD, and the guy who went to camp it the next day got an Astral Earring. I also ran into this while in the otherside farming bugard skins.

I moved on to making Ram leather, and saw this on Widescan.Unfortunately, somebody claimed it before I got to it. I probably could have held it until help arrived, it had horrible accuracy on a 75 THF who wasn't wearing any Evasion gear.

I've seen morbols in this spot of the Boyahda Tree a bunch of times, and other times they aren't there. Nobody kills the things...what gives? lol

ENM Brothers duoI duoed this with Izar earlier. I had gotten the key item on a whim a month or two back, but never got around to actually trying to solo it. We killed the two of them without much trouble, and got a Hedgehog Bomb and Dragon Bone for our efforts. Split that's about 300k a piece.

That will mostly pay for the Penance Hat I saw on the AH and bought on a whim earlier in the day.I just saw it and figured I'd bid 400k on it and see what happens. Sure enough, I get a shiny new hat that looks like I stole it from some homeless guy.

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