Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monks are getting a Kickstance?

SE recently released a teaser containing this tidbit:
For monks, we will be adding a new job ability that allows them to restrict their attacks to kicks only. In exchange for a penalty to attack delay, the monk receives an increase to damage and attack power, as well as a bonus to the amount of TP gained per kick.
Time for some unfounded speculation! I think SE is planning to basically allow Monk to use Kicks as a 2-handed weapon. Probably getting the better DEX:Accuracy and STR:Attack ratios that make 2-handers so powerful.

DMG Rating

I'm guessing that the base DMG rating is probably going to be:

{(Hand-to-Hand skill / 5) + KickBootsDMG}

Which for someone with H2H merits + Dune Boots would come to 88DMG.


Delay will probably decrease with level as with regular H2H if the ability is gained relatively early (say, by level 51 or 55), or be static if it's acquired later (possibly 65 or so to coincide with Dragon Kick?).

If the DMG is 88 with Dunes, then I'd expect a delay of about 480 at 75.

Attack/Accuracy Bonuses

If SE switches from the 2:1 STR:Attack ratio of one-handed weapons to the 4:3 (I believe?) of 2-handed ones that should give a "free" Acc/Att bonus for ~18-24 for the average Monk.

It should also make people reconsider the Kirin's Osode versus Shura Togi debate. Apparently a lot of people consider Togi > Osode, end of story. But, Genome and a number of other people have parsed Merit Parties and found the two neck-in-neck with the Osode slightly winning.

Perhaps Thunder Rings for a critical hit build on Greater Colibri might also deserve reconsideration depending on just how good Kickstance turns out to actually be?

New Bard Ability

SE also thought Bard needs a new ability to make it possible to target a single person with a song. Which sounds like it could be quite useful in a variety of situtations. They probably could have added it like 2 years ago when they started talking about it, but whatever.

Anyway, for wild speculations and predictions with regard to that: You know it's gotta be called Serenade.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Time Preference and Black Belts

Economists talk about time preference as a factor in how people make decisions. A low time preference means an individual is willing to postpone current consumption in order to obtain greater rewards in the future. A high time preference is just the opposite. An individual who wants it now, screw the future.

Which leaves me with my current dilemma:
1) Should I start trying to buy BB items now?
2) Wait until I have the full 6 to 7.5 million gil I'd need for all three (I can afford one and part of a second at 2 mil currently)?
3) Or wait another month to see if my 2% chance of winning either a Black Belt or 10 million gil pays out?
4) Sell some stuff and start trying to buy all three sooner?

1) Should I start trying to buy BB items now?

The two major considerations here, is that first one of the two LSes that sells the items isn't currently selling all three. I'm not sure who claims more Kings, but that's a potential problem. Second, having 2/3 items doesn't get you a Black Belt or provide any improvement at all to a Monk. It's all or nothing.

2) Wait until I have the full 6 to 7.5 million gil I'd need for all three?

If I had all the gil required to buy the items, I could conceivably get a Black Belt the same day. Or I could wait months for a BB item drop to an LS that was willing to sell it. Of course, if I made getting the less sold BB item the first one I got, that may not be a problem.

Just fishing, cooking, and farming and I could have the other half or so of the gil needed in two months tops probably. Which kind of plays into the next option...

3) Or wait another month to see if my 2% chance of winning either a Black Belt or 10 million gil pays out?

This is by far the easiest option. Sit back, and pray that I hit a 1 in 1,000 jackpot on my main character and just pick up a Black Belt as my prize. Or take the 10 million gil on my mule and try to buy the items off the HNMLSes like options 1 and 2. Unfortunately, it's also the least probable.

Of course, if I pursued options 1 or 2, I could still take a Velocious Belt for my NIN, a Duelist's Chapeau (as motivation to level Red Mage), or 10 million gil if I hit it big afterwards anyway.

I could possibly have enough gil to buy the items a month from now, so "pursuing" the 2% possibility isn't really that bad an idea.

4) Sell some stuff and start trying to buy all three sooner?

This option is pretty tempting. Buy the item I can afford now, and sell some stuff off so that I can afford the others more quickly.

I could sell off my Peacock Charm for about 1.5 million gil and use Spectacles or Chivalrous Chain instead (netting about 1.4 million for it).

I could also sell off Ochiudo's Kote which I use for Weaponskills on NIN and TPing+WSes on Monk. For NIN I TP in Dusk Gloves and could upgrade my Artifact hands to the +1 version which has +5 to STR and DEX and which people say parse about the same anyway. That would net me about 600k.

Which still leaves me about 1 million short if I get the items for 2 million a piece. Which I can make reasonably quickly having gotten almost half way there without selling off gear or cashing in Conquest Points, Imperial Standing coins, lolAllied Notes, etc.


For now, at least, I think I'll wait a while longer.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mog Bonanza #'s

Because they'll probably have maintenance going when it's announced in a month or so, I'm putting my numbers up here. If I win, I'll blog about it anyway, so there's no need to keep them secret.

If the .2% chance paid off and I won 100mil, only a few people I know well are getting anything from me so screw everyone else. :-P

Main (I picked, hopefully I get 10 Miratete's Memoirs :-p):

Mule (randomly chosen):

/crosses fingers

Sky Monk (now with pictures), SMN/DNC solo, SMN/SCH solo, and Limbus Apollyon NE tonight

Sky Monk Illustrated!

I mentioned a while back that I went to Sky as Monk and got to fight Byakko, but didn't post any pics at the time. Here's a few of the Byakkos we did.This was one of the fights where Byakko dropped both tanks towards the end and I tanked the last few percent. I carry an Arhat's Gi +1, Genbu's Kabuto, Seiryu's Kote, and Jelly Ring for high defense and damage reduction. I still got hit fairly hard, but much less so than as BLM and with my ~1500 high HP as Monk, I didn't get killed. I also have never fought a tiger mob as MNK/NIN before, so I wasn't sure how many shadows the various TP moves would take. A guess and assume the worst strategy worked though, only wasting a few when I recast Ichi and would have still had one shadow up.

I could have sworn I had more screenshots of my Monk Vs. Byakko, but I seem not to. I may have had my PS2 overheat/lose power without shutting down properly or something as that seems to keep Macro changes from committing. I don't know really. :-/


I recently decided to cap out my Club skill at 230. I spent quite a bit of time cracking things in the head with my second Warp Cudgel as MNK/DNC in the Boyhada Tree and dinged 230 capping it on Monk, Summoner, and Black Mage (Ninja caps out at 200 skill). After this, I flagged the Black Halo WS quest. So, I needed to get 300 WS points. I asked in Epic LS, but nobody was enthusiastic about making Skillchains with me for a few hours (non-WHMs can't make Light and get this latent done quickly), so I switched to Summoner and checked out my SC possibilities.

I found that I could use Carby to make a level 1 SC, or most of the other avatars to make a level 2 SC. I decided to try out SMN/DNC and use Aspir Samba (a mere 10TP) and to experiment with the avatar of the day (Ifrit) to see if I could maintain MP indefinitely while skillchaining.Unfortunately, Aspir Samba sucks balls. I would get 0-4 MP per hit. And that just couldn't keep up with the MP used perpetuating Ifrit without an HQ staff. I may try it in Campaign though, where with Sigil Refresh and HQ staff it might be workable. I used Carby in between a few fights to try and make it work, but it wasn't enough.

Scholar to the Rescue?

So, I decided to go try /SCH. The combination of Elemental Siphon, Sublimation, and Dark Arts + Aspir (using the 50% Fast Cast/Haste Stratagem whenever I had charges up) on Lesser Colibri allowed me to keep Ifrit out more or less indefinitely. I did have to release him every few mobs because his HP would get low and so I could use Elemental Siphon. But, no healing was required to keep going.Ultimately, I decided to just go with SMN/WAR and use Defender 24/7 because I'd pull hate off Carby and keeping Ifrit out 24/7 requires a lot of JA /recast monitoring. Just sub /WAR and go though pretty much. And when you're spending hours killing crap mobs, paying a lot of attention is a pain in the ass.

Dynamis - Beaucedine

Oops did a Dynamis Beaucedine run last week, and Skylinekat died, so I rested on her corpse.She annoyed me doing something a few moments earlier, so I did a nice /dance4 right before and snapped this pic right as she got Raise III'd.

Limbus Tonight!

Epic LS did a Limbus run tonight to finish an Omega chip set. Jerks ran in and pulled immediately, so I spent it mostly doing this:Sitting outside and tossing occassional info about the zone everyone else except myself and Jamarn were in.

It was actually more boring than regular Limbus where I do something. So, if you get the chance, I wouldn't recommend it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hilary Clinton on her "Bosnian model"

While I'm not a fan of John "the Mad Bomber" McCain or Barak Obama ("Borat Obombya" as a guy on the Stress blog calls him), and fuck both of them, quite frankly, but Hilary Clinton is just something else. As Justin Raimondo points out, she's pointing to her dear Hubby's murderous terror bombing of Serbians that killed thousands of civilians, but didn't do squat to the Serbian Army, and saying what a great model it is for foreign relations.

In his article today Raimondo links to a 1999 article on a leftist news and opinion site. Which exposes that like George H.W. Bushes "Kuwaiti incubator babies", the massive genocide was actually more like 2,000 people who died in the midst of the civil war that was going on rather than Serbs marching Kosovar Albanians into gas chambers or machine-gunning them in ditches as our state-corporate media was repeating over and over Big Lie style.

From the Counterpunch article:
So, is there serious evidence of a Serbian campaign of genocide in Kosovo? It's an important issue, since the NATO powers, fortified by a chorus from the liberal intelligentsia, flourished the charge of genocide as justification for bombing that destroyed much of Serbia's economy and killed around 2,000 civilians, with elevated death levels predicted for years to come.


There's still immense uncertainty, but at this point it's plain there are not enough bodies to warrant the claim that the Serbs had a program of extermination. The FBI team has made two trips to Kosovo and investigated thirty sites, containing nearly 200 bodies. In early October, the Spanish newspaper El País reported what the Spanish forensic team had found in its appointed zone in northern Kosovo. "The UN figures," said Perez Pujol, director of the Instituto Anatómico Forense de Cartagena, "began with 44,000 dead, dropped to 22,000 and now stand at 11,000." He and his fellows were prepared to perform at least 2,000 autopsies in their zone. To date they've found 187 corpses.

A colleague of Pujol, Juan Lopez Palafox, told El País, "In the former Yugoslavia there have been horrible crimes, but they stemmed from the war. In Rwanda we saw 450 bodies of women and children in church, all with their heads split open." Palafox said he had the impression that the Serbs had given families the option of leaving. If they refused, or came back, they were killed. Like any murder of civilians, these were war crimes, just as any mass grave, whatever the number of bodies, indicates a massacre. But genocide?

One persistent story held that 700 Kosovars had been dumped in the Trepca lead and zinc mines. On October 12 Kelly Moore, a spokeswoman for the international tribunal, announced that the investigators had "found absolutely nothing." The Stratfor analysis cites another claim of a mass grave containing 350 bodies in Ljubenic that turned out to hold seven. In Pusto Selo, villagers said 106 had been killed by the Serbs, and NATO rushed out satellite photos of "mass graves." Nothing to buttress that charge has yet been found. Another eighty-two were allegedly killed in Kraljan. No bodies have as yet been turned up.
So, yes, the Serbs did murder civilians in their civil war to keep Kosovo from secceeding. But, the NATO bombing was ineffective at neutralizing the Serbian Army, and may have actually made the Serbs start telling Albanians to "leave or be killed" instead of focusing on fighting the armed separatist KLA making the situation far worse.

Some great fucking model to invoke there, Hilary. It's nice to see you're as stupid a clown or as big a liar as John McCain.

Completely unrelated, but as a longshot prediction, if Hilary wins the election, the brain-dead, knuckle-draggers over on conservative talk radio will make a big deal out of her using "Rodham-Clinton" as her name while being sworn in. That's something soooo fucking stupid they would have to bitch about it for a month or two.

Lordwafik is Ghey.

Bitch didn't put my artwork up for vote.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blue Gartr Art Contest!

I created an entry for the Blue Gartr LS endgame forums 2008 art contest! I'm left handed, but use the mouse with my right hand. Still, I think it's pretty awesome. You can barely tell I made it with MS Paint.

The theme this year was "pride of your job", so I did one with Ninja:I call it Ninja Surprise Attack! It depicts a Tarutaru F Ninja about to wtfbbqpwn an Orc.

I think I've got a pretty good shot at winning. You can see the other entries here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Black Halo: Or how I learned to stop worrying and tell WSNM to blow my balls

So I spent time today going from 200 something Club skill to capped at 230 on Monk, Summoner, and Black Mage.

That took quite a while.

Then, I killed an ass load of Lesser Colibri to break the latent to get Black Halo. I'm now standing in Ro'Maeve with nobody on my friendlist online and nobody in LS willing to come help and kill this stupid ass Magic Pot NM with an unspellable name.

I don't know if it was the anti-MPK patch, but for some stupid fucking reason WSNMs won't move from their spawn points. I tried to solo Bodach for Asuran Fists, I'm trying to solo Eldrisomethingorotherretarded for Black Halo, and the fucker won't chase me. It's bad enough it has an En-Drain effect for god knows what fucking reason. But then the bastard won't even fight me other than to drop my Sneak immediately after popping it in the midst of Very Tough Evil Weapons...that's just assinine.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sky Monk!

We had a plethora of Diorites lying around and a bunch of people who wanted Byakko's Haidates. So, tonight we went up and killed about 5 Ullikummi's and then did 4 Byakkos.

I've of course done both of these a bunch of times, but it was notable and different because I went as Monk. I'd previously fought Genbu and Seiryu as Monk with less than stellar results. Hitting for zeros mostly on Genbu and missing constantly on Seiryu. Byakko was quite a bit different though.

I was in the Black Mage party the first two fights, so I didn't enjoy any Bard buffs and the Corsair who arrived for the second gave me some awesome MP-restoring and Magic Attack Bonus rolls. >.>

Thankfully, Keffka was there as Red Mage and I had Haste the whole time and Paralyna would cure Roar nearly as soon as it would go off.

I did have some accuracy problems (when I was in the DD party on the third and fourth Byakko we were getting Minuet x2 instead of Minuet/Madrigal like I would have preferred), but per hit I wasn't doing bad damage. I used Howling Fist mostly for WS because of my mediocre accuracy. It did 300-400 mostly. With one 10% TP return one that did a whopping 652 damage. Which is higher than I recall my Freeze II doing unresisted when not magic burst.

Byakko was more than a little Triple Attack happy, so he did manage to kill a our tanks a few times. I was happy to see him come after the other DDs and myself though instead of going straight for the mages who had been curing. You want to be right under the tanks (without pulling hate much) as a damage dealer, and that's right where I was. I managed to blink tank it for a while, and while I did get drilled into double digit HP once good support and Monk HP kept me from eating dirt.

My "oh shit!" aka Defense Build macro with Arhat's Gi+1, Genbu's Kabuto, Jelly Ring, etc cut down damage a decent amount. No Terra's Staff or VIT/Def food, but it bumped me from the "you're dead!" range of damage to "you better hope you've got friends with good reflexes" range.

My char is afk bazaaring three Ancient Beastcoins (because I pretty much don't need anything from Limbus besides Diabolic Yarn at this point), so I can't go out to POL to get pictures, but I've got a few of Byakko trying to eat me that I'll add in tomorrow probably.

Epic has really matured a lot since we started back up again after a break and re-rostering with lots of new people. Going from hilariously bad Byakko runs where we win 1 in 3 or 4 to we win 4 of 4, but the cheap bastard only gives us one pair of Byakko's Haidate (congrats to Apocalips on that) is a notable improvement. We also pulled off our fastest Kirins the non-TP burn method yet last week (see below), and although I missed it we killed Jailer of Love and got a Novio Earring (ZOMG /drool) and Love Torque (don't care, LOL).

All-in-all, a fun night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

No, I don't want to Power Level you in Valkurm Dunes. Also, why do you want to party with a MNK20/WHM5?

There's two things that have been bothering me lately while playing FFXI. And, unfortunately, I'm not making this shit up. I really wish I was though.

First, why do people think anyone who's level 30 or higher in Valkurm Dunes wants to power level them? I mean there is actually stuff in the vicinity to do there. I could go fishing for Bhefhel Marlin to get myself a Pirate's Chart and hopefully get a 3 million gil Mercurial Kris to sell and split with one or two other people (and buy Evilpaul his Black Belt items LOL).So, I run from the Outpost to Selbina and get in line for the Ferry. (I've censored the names to protect the identities of the stupid.)
(them)Mumuvuvu>> {Hello!}
(me)>>Mumuvuvu hi
(them)Mumuvuvu>> {Hello!} {Excuse me...}
You'd think after three /tells I might have been informed what this person wants by now. But I digress.
(them)Mumuvuvu>> PL are you {free}? {/bow}
(me)>>Mumuvuvu no
I got another similar /tell literally with seconds of that one. So, I told them to pull a Bogy and that I'd be right there. God I wish the Bogies hadn't depopped because it was dawn already.


I was going to write more about this, but why in the #@%&ing hell would you see a MNK20/WHM05 in Jeuno without a flag up and think, "Hey! I bet this person really wants to party with me in Qufim Island and would make a good addition to my party of the damned!!!"

I just don't know, but if you think such a thing, go do some shots of Clorox. I hear the lemon scent "flavor" is quite refreshing in Springtime.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Deep Thought for the Late Night/Early Morning

I wonder if anyone has ever been arrested for golfing in a cemetary?

Come on do the Humpty Hump?

I was walking through Jeuno yesterday and got a /tell. "{Hello!}"

Now, I get /tells like that a lot. Usually it's when I'm on Ninja or Summoner being asked to come kill Fenrir for somebody who wants to leech it. Fenrir is fairly easy with a balanced party and good support (well, NIN x2 maybe PLD/NINs instead, BRD for Elegy and March+Minuet, RDM/DRK to Haste+Refresh and hopefully Stun Howling Moon, WHM to cure, and some other person who can manage their hate with two tanks sharing hate between each other) and people who know what they are doing. Less easy with a Summoner party despite what non-Summoners may have told you. A leech makes it more challenging.

But I digress.

So, I recognized the name of the person sending the /tell as a pretty well geared guy who I'd seen around BLM manaburn spots and recently applied to one of the "premier" Linkshells on Hades. He asked if I could synth something for him. I said "ok." He mentioned that he'd been looking all over for somebody who could make it, but nobody on the server could that he'd been able to track down. Which is pretty weird given this:
Smithing 30
Clothcraft 60
Alchemy 60
Woodworking 60
Goldsmithing 47
Leathercraft 42
Bonecraft 60
Cooking 100
Fishing 48
I like to think I'm a skilled player, decent human being (I don't steal from people or otherwise fuck them over, etc), but uber diamond in the rough crafter extraordinaire...not so much.

Now, I didn't really say "yes" to crafting it so much as "ok" a few times while I was checking the AH for stuff to make me some money to buy Black Belt items for Monk, but a few moments later the guy met me in Lower Jeuno by the pointy guide thing in front of the mog house and traded me crafting items and a stack of crystals (LOL). I didn't know what the crap was for, but synthed it and...viola!Yeah, I didn't know either.

As it turns out though, these are the stats:
Food Effects: (3 hours, All Races)
Max HP +6%
Max MP +6%
HP Recovered While Healing +10
MP Recovered While Healing +10
Which is just crazy awesome for mage jobs excluding a Black Mage who wants to use a Sorcerer's Ring.

Although there isn't confirmation of this, I suspect it is also a group food. I'll need to get some Apkallu eggs to make a few of my own (and some unsuspecting victims) and find out.

Of course, there's no money to be made off of it because nobody knows that it exists or what the hell it does.

Such is the life of the FFXI chef.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kirin, Shikigami Weapon (sucks), Dynamis-Bastok, etc

Epic did two Kirins this Thursday the "slow" method. But with 6-8 Summoners like we had spamming Nether Blast for 400-508 damage it took under 1 hour total and less than 45mins if you don't count the minigods time.

Shikigami Weapon is the gheyest fucking Notorious Monster in FFXI.Above you can see me /healing on Epic when she died camping it. I've killed it probably 10 of the past 14 days. We got one drop for a guy who joined Epic after he was camping against us there. He was in an LS that...isn't highly reputed though and he's a nice guy, so that worked out OK. I've been going with Keffka who was the guy from Epic who was camping it originally and we haven't gotten another drop though. The time of death today takes it into rather early for me and stupid early for Keff though, so we are shit out of luck until next maintenace. :-(

Which sucks because Keff is the guy who came while I was fighting the MNK AF3 NM and one of the only people who came to help me. He's also fun for when I mess with Epic like this when she (read: he) died in Dynamis - Bastok last night.TTFN!

The US Government Created AIDS?

Barak Obama has been flamed to high hell because the pastor at his church said the US Government created AIDS. Outside of the "the moon landing was filmed in Topeka" crowd, everyone knows that's BS. Nature is much more adept and proficient at creating pathogens than the US Government could ever hope to be.

But as Chris Floyd and Arthur Silber point out, Rev. Wright does have some legitimate reasons to believe the USG doesn't give a shit about black people.

I mean after causing people to die of syphillis, exposing people to yellow fever, radioactive waste, torturous "medical experiments" (think Dr. Mengele in the concentration camps except with black people), and subjecting prisoners to "dermatological experiments" that cause pain and disfigurement 40 years could any sane person think that the USG might continue to do what it has done in the past?

While there isn't even anecdotal evidence to suggest that the USG created AIDS that I've ever seen, that the USG has brutalized blacks with "medicine" (as well as in every other aspect of life) could cause a reasonable person to jump to that conclusion.

Throw the collectivist crap to the curb (such as "we" didn't nuke Hiroshima a bunch of Americans acting in conspiracy to commit mass murder with President Truman did) and much of what Rev. Wright said was basically unassailable as unpleasant as it is to hear.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Swift Belt Runs, Mog Bonanza, etc

I did two recently. I went as Ninja and tanked all but the Elvaan NM. The Tarutaru was crazy, but we won.I got a Ninja Subligar as you can see in the above picture.

This is me victorious on the "easy" Galka NM that kept Horde Lullabying everyone constantly after I got blood aggro.We did two runs in two days and used six Fomor Codex. 0/2 the first night (me and Ameyna used one), 3/4 the second with myself, Ameyna, and Goodgirls getting a belt and Miliani getting the shaft. :-(

I had to go merit after getting my belt, of course. I still had a full 10/10 charges on my Anniversary Ring from last year that SE said we would never receive again. Until this year apparently.I really wish the A. ring recast was only 30 minutes as I can get 3k EXP in less time than an hour easily while soloing as Black Mage.

Mog Bonanza!

I haven't written anything about the Mog Bonanza yet, so here goes.

Despite people's bitching that SE is just trying to sell Content IDs for mules for two months and that they shouldn't be giving away 100 million gil, I think it's a really nice idea. Of course, the odds of picking the winning number are 1 in 100,000 for first place, 1 in 10,000 for second place, all the way down to 1 in 10 for fifth place.

Each character over level 5 can get ten tickets. I am kind of tempted to make a second mule and level it to 5 so I can get ten more chances. It would also be convenient to have a mule in Windurst as I don't already and there's no near-instant way for me to get there. It's either run from the Outpost or wait on the Airship. The odds of getting one of the top prizes are terrible, of course, but 100 million gil, a Black Belt, etc are all quite appealing.

So, like everyone else who blogged about this, here's what I'd pick.The other stuff isn't worth 100mil to me. I'd love a Morrigan's, but I could fully upgrade all Salvage armors with 100 million, or do a relic weapon. Probably Spharai.

The only other possibility would be to get a Futsuno Mitama if I found somebody willing to pay me more than 100 million for it. Since the Bonanza is the only way to get it, I quite possibly could.Black Belt is the best waist piece in the game. I'd really like one. The two LSes on Hades that kill Kings mostly do sell the items for between 6-7.5 million gil, so I could in theory buy them and pocket the difference as several people have suggested. But I'd really much rather just get the damn belt and be done with it.

Let people fund their own damn relics. :-PI have pretty much everything I want from Dynamis, so this category is kind of "meh."

I don't have the Ninja or Monk bodies, but I don't really want them that much either. I'd be kind of tempted to take the 1 million gil towards Evilpaul's Black Belt Items Fund, but I probably wouldn't get a chance at the Seveneyes ever again.Taking the 100k gil here would be just stupid. That's less than a month's worth of Limbus fees, and the other stuff is worth more.

I'd get either Matron's Knife for use on NIN (or DNC if I level that) or an Empress Hairpin simply because it's a great low level piece for soloing and level capped shit.

All Or Nothing?

With ten possible last digits and ten entries, it's possible to win last place for an EXP scroll 100% of the time once per character.

I've decided that I'm going to pick '2' as the last digit on all my entries on my main char and just pick randomly for my mule. (If Luaplive hits the winning number, I'm getting gil.) Ten Miratete's Memoirs would be quite nice to speed level SCH up a bit. 8-15k or so EXP would aid with that rather nicely. Only a 10% chance I'll hit, but if I do it's pretty big.

Start the Day Off Right!

Pour hot coffee on your balls!

I'm kind of glad I didn't re-heat it rather than drink it kind-of-still-hot from the coffee machine.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swift Belt:O

After many trips to the Sacrarium, I finally got my very own Swift Belt tonight! :-DWe ended up going 3/4 getting Ameyna one for PLD/NIN and Goodgirls finally got one after 13 Fomor Codex. By the end of the night, I still didn't have enough Fomor hate to pop the Hume NM though. Both my NM and GGs's was an epic battle. I spent more than half of mine dead after getting blood aggro.

I'll post pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Colbert Report

Anybody know what the new thingy at the beginning of the Colbert Report say? The old ones were "Warrior-Poet" and "Flagaphile" the new one says "President Bush...wha?" and I never get the end of it.

Deep Thoughts

I really don't like DJs. Now, I've never fallen of a cliff, but I imagine that you hear a DJ playing terrible music on your way down.

Commit Sexual Assault, Battery, Perjury...Get a #@$%ing Medal?

One of the police officers who attacked me while I was sitting in a bar with a friend sipping a club soda, bothering no one, and then pulled me into an alley and fondled my penis got an award for his years of dedicated service. He was especially commendable according to the local newspaper for his compassion in dealing with sex crime victims. The Brigandish Pederast received the award from some women's group.

I really hope the piece of shit gets hit by a bus or busted for child pornography. Or better yet hit by a bus, paralyzed from the neck down, and has kiddy porn found on his person at the time.

The important thing would be that something bad happens to him and the world gets to see him for the bipedal feces that he truly is.

No Credit Card....Still.

I'm quite pissed off. For two reasons. The bigger one will get adressed in my next post.

I spent about an hour Googling prepaid credit cards last night so that I could figure out how they worked and buy one using my Calc 2 textbook money. It turns out that I'd be paying about the same in activation fee + monthly fees on most of them as I would in FFXI's fee, which makes them pretty crappy. I could also just barely afford two months of FFXI on one.

So, I heard about using Prepaid Giftcards instead. I could get three months on a single $50 card and there's no monthly fee. Sounds great! I go to the store, buy one, bring it home, type all the info into Playonline, and...nothing. They apparently can't be used for FFXI.

So, I'm out $5 for the activation fee, can't afford a $50 prepaid credit card now, and still can't get back on FFXI.

The United States of Torture

Regardless of which evil clown wins the 2008 US Presidential elections, we have plenty more of this to look forward to.

Will Grigg writes about an innocent German who spent 5 years being beaten, suffocated, drowned, frozen, cooked alive, and being generally treated like shit by a Our Heroes in the US military.
"The soldiers had to assume I was a terrorist, if that's what they had been told. If that was true, they had good reason to beat me. Although it was unjust, I could understand them."

This equanimity was a by-product of Kurnaz's misplaced hope that his innocence would be quickly established, and he would soon be free to return to his family. That optimism was gravely wounded, but not quite killed, by the first interrogation session, in which he was repeatedly accused of being an adherent of the Taliban or al-Qaeda, and punished with blows to the face and body each time he denied the charge.

"Hour upon hour, they repeated the same questions accompanied by punches and kicks," he relates. "I don't know how long I was interrogated that day. But I can still remember the words [the interrogator] kept repeating": "You're a terrorist! We know that. We're going to keep you forever. You're never going home!"

Those were exactly the same words recited over and over to Alexander Dolgun. And the methods employed in an attempt to break Kurnaz's spirit were likewise Sovietesque: He and other detainees were fed a severely restricted diet -- sometimes around 600 calories a day; they were exposed to severe cold while being bombarded with unbearably loud rock and rap "music"; they were systematically deprived of sleep and forced to endure lengthy night interrogations.

When those methods failed to elicit a confession, Kurnaz was subjected to electroshock torture and ultimately to controlled drowning -- commonly called "waterboarding." In his case, Kurnaz's head was held underwater by one assailant as a second punched him in the stomach, forcing him to take reflex breaths. He was hung for hours suspended from the ceiling, his only relief coming when a physician was summoned to determine whether he was still alive.
I wonder how many of those caring servicemen are caring police officiers when they aren't called upon to do Their Duty and go torture some foreigners? Probably a sizeable chunk.

It kind of makes bringing the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, and the hundred other places (literally) that they're stationed seem like a bad idea.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jailer of Prudence!

I forgot I had a bunch of sky/sea stuff last night that I took some pics of. We did three Jailer of Prudence last night.I think we could definitely use a strategy revision. There was probably about 150 deaths. Which seems just a tad excessive.

We had some fun though.Yes, we have an Epic in Epic LS, and I like to pick on her. :-)

Salvage, Limbus, and Sandworms Oh My!


I did a few Salvage runs with the offshoot of Epic that's doing it. Other than losing a bunch of EXP and Assault Points I don't have anything to show for it. I'm also unsure how the lotting system for 15, 25, and 35 pieces is supposed to work either. We've only killed Fomors and some Archaic Gears. Apparently, one of the people finished a Marduk's Crackhows.And I still don't have an Assault static, so I'm not sure I'll be doing more runs.

And seriously: FUCK RANK 1 ASSAULTS.

There's the wall-killing one, the "hey you're a SMN, go sneak past a bunch of fishies while I afk here!", the "let's pray we pick the right cage and the Mamool actually breaks the door down!", there's a prisoner escort which is even more annoying that regular escort quests, and there's a "kill a bunch of worms and hope that you don't die because the mages you're with always suck" one.


We're working on another Ultima set, and the Monk item dropped a bunch of times last run making me 2/2 on it. I'm unsure which piece I want to get. I'm leaning towards this:Or this:The second would be quite nice combined with Counterstance and another piece or two of Counter gear.

I'd have 18% Counter, or 54% using Counterstance. 64% using Counterstance with Relic Feet, assuming they add 10% Counters.

Sandworms, Oh My!

If you couldn't tell by looking at the Sandworm, yes, it does, in fact, aggro. It aggroed and tried to eat me, but I kited it around a rock thingy and it lost hate on me.It seems to like the Campaign fortifications because it returns to them.I asked on BG if Sandworm has Auto Regen, and sadly it does. I was hoping to solo it by doing the Bio 2 + kite it around the rock trick. Which would have taken about 55 minutes assuming it has 70,000 HP as suggested on the Wiki and I did the math right.

I'm betting that the thing will actually drop fangs and shells after the next update and they'll be used to upgrade the Nyzul relic weapons.

No Credit Card

It seems my credit card no longer works, so I'll be out of FFXI for a while.