Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Come on do the Humpty Hump?

I was walking through Jeuno yesterday and got a /tell. "{Hello!}"

Now, I get /tells like that a lot. Usually it's when I'm on Ninja or Summoner being asked to come kill Fenrir for somebody who wants to leech it. Fenrir is fairly easy with a balanced party and good support (well, NIN x2 maybe PLD/NINs instead, BRD for Elegy and March+Minuet, RDM/DRK to Haste+Refresh and hopefully Stun Howling Moon, WHM to cure, and some other person who can manage their hate with two tanks sharing hate between each other) and people who know what they are doing. Less easy with a Summoner party despite what non-Summoners may have told you. A leech makes it more challenging.

But I digress.

So, I recognized the name of the person sending the /tell as a pretty well geared guy who I'd seen around BLM manaburn spots and recently applied to one of the "premier" Linkshells on Hades. He asked if I could synth something for him. I said "ok." He mentioned that he'd been looking all over for somebody who could make it, but nobody on the server could that he'd been able to track down. Which is pretty weird given this:
Smithing 30
Clothcraft 60
Alchemy 60
Woodworking 60
Goldsmithing 47
Leathercraft 42
Bonecraft 60
Cooking 100
Fishing 48
I like to think I'm a skilled player, decent human being (I don't steal from people or otherwise fuck them over, etc), but uber diamond in the rough crafter extraordinaire...not so much.

Now, I didn't really say "yes" to crafting it so much as "ok" a few times while I was checking the AH for stuff to make me some money to buy Black Belt items for Monk, but a few moments later the guy met me in Lower Jeuno by the pointy guide thing in front of the mog house and traded me crafting items and a stack of crystals (LOL). I didn't know what the crap was for, but synthed it and...viola!Yeah, I didn't know either.

As it turns out though, these are the stats:
Food Effects: (3 hours, All Races)
Max HP +6%
Max MP +6%
HP Recovered While Healing +10
MP Recovered While Healing +10
Which is just crazy awesome for mage jobs excluding a Black Mage who wants to use a Sorcerer's Ring.

Although there isn't confirmation of this, I suspect it is also a group food. I'll need to get some Apkallu eggs to make a few of my own (and some unsuspecting victims) and find out.

Of course, there's no money to be made off of it because nobody knows that it exists or what the hell it does.

Such is the life of the FFXI chef.

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