Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Swift Belt Runs, Mog Bonanza, etc

I did two recently. I went as Ninja and tanked all but the Elvaan NM. The Tarutaru was crazy, but we won.I got a Ninja Subligar as you can see in the above picture.

This is me victorious on the "easy" Galka NM that kept Horde Lullabying everyone constantly after I got blood aggro.We did two runs in two days and used six Fomor Codex. 0/2 the first night (me and Ameyna used one), 3/4 the second with myself, Ameyna, and Goodgirls getting a belt and Miliani getting the shaft. :-(

I had to go merit after getting my belt, of course. I still had a full 10/10 charges on my Anniversary Ring from last year that SE said we would never receive again. Until this year apparently.I really wish the A. ring recast was only 30 minutes as I can get 3k EXP in less time than an hour easily while soloing as Black Mage.

Mog Bonanza!

I haven't written anything about the Mog Bonanza yet, so here goes.

Despite people's bitching that SE is just trying to sell Content IDs for mules for two months and that they shouldn't be giving away 100 million gil, I think it's a really nice idea. Of course, the odds of picking the winning number are 1 in 100,000 for first place, 1 in 10,000 for second place, all the way down to 1 in 10 for fifth place.

Each character over level 5 can get ten tickets. I am kind of tempted to make a second mule and level it to 5 so I can get ten more chances. It would also be convenient to have a mule in Windurst as I don't already and there's no near-instant way for me to get there. It's either run from the Outpost or wait on the Airship. The odds of getting one of the top prizes are terrible, of course, but 100 million gil, a Black Belt, etc are all quite appealing.

So, like everyone else who blogged about this, here's what I'd pick.The other stuff isn't worth 100mil to me. I'd love a Morrigan's, but I could fully upgrade all Salvage armors with 100 million, or do a relic weapon. Probably Spharai.

The only other possibility would be to get a Futsuno Mitama if I found somebody willing to pay me more than 100 million for it. Since the Bonanza is the only way to get it, I quite possibly could.Black Belt is the best waist piece in the game. I'd really like one. The two LSes on Hades that kill Kings mostly do sell the items for between 6-7.5 million gil, so I could in theory buy them and pocket the difference as several people have suggested. But I'd really much rather just get the damn belt and be done with it.

Let people fund their own damn relics. :-PI have pretty much everything I want from Dynamis, so this category is kind of "meh."

I don't have the Ninja or Monk bodies, but I don't really want them that much either. I'd be kind of tempted to take the 1 million gil towards Evilpaul's Black Belt Items Fund, but I probably wouldn't get a chance at the Seveneyes ever again.Taking the 100k gil here would be just stupid. That's less than a month's worth of Limbus fees, and the other stuff is worth more.

I'd get either Matron's Knife for use on NIN (or DNC if I level that) or an Empress Hairpin simply because it's a great low level piece for soloing and level capped shit.

All Or Nothing?

With ten possible last digits and ten entries, it's possible to win last place for an EXP scroll 100% of the time once per character.

I've decided that I'm going to pick '2' as the last digit on all my entries on my main char and just pick randomly for my mule. (If Luaplive hits the winning number, I'm getting gil.) Ten Miratete's Memoirs would be quite nice to speed level SCH up a bit. 8-15k or so EXP would aid with that rather nicely. Only a 10% chance I'll hit, but if I do it's pretty big.

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