Monday, June 30, 2008

Mog Bonanza = Inventory -20

Seriously, why did they pick different numbers for each rank? What the fuck kind of sense does that shit make?

Did anyone anywhere have any idea that's what they were talking about doing? (Hint: No.)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Took like three weeks and 100k in AH fees, but the stupid sword finally sold! Congrats to whoever is going to do the lolrdmmeleeing! ;-)

I really need to do that Pirate's Chart BCNM again and some ENMs to hopefully get a Sniper's Ring +1 or Toreador's Ring kind of soon. I'm running pretty low on AH-sold crap I would like to buy.

Internet Explorer 7

Does this POS have huge memory leaks or some ridiculous caching scheme?
(Click Image to enlarge)

Scholar: 39 and going on 40!

Half-way to 40. I spammed Bard songs in Campaign battles today. Roughly 13K EXP by my estimates from 2K into 37.

Low EXP/hr even with the second to top rank, but I didn't need to invest in any equipment or deal with any stupid people.

Only annoyance was morons trying to MPK us, but I only died twice (my 150 EXP x 2!!!! /cry). Apparently, all people who are spamming Bard songs are bots. But move around differently each time, talk a bit, etc. Just like real players. Damn those bots are good.

At level 40 SCH/RDM will have AoE buffs and debuffs, Reraise, all the -na spells that /WHM gives, and Magic Atk. Bonus I. So I could fill a BLM/RDM/WHM role more or less as the situation required.

Anyway, if the battles weren't all at the towns almost constantly, it would be a lot better. So, I'll probably get a few more levels and then go party. The last time I leveled Scholar was pre-patch, so it has changed tremendously since and I'd like to see how it works in a party setting.

/sigh. Darn Rich People.

Apparently everybody with 45 million+ gil decided they want a Black Belt this week or something.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I Caught My Wife Naked in Bed With Another Man.

So, earlier today I caught my wife, Jessica, in bed with another man. I was initially outraged at this huge betrayal. But then, Jessica calmly explained to me what was going on. It turns out that the naked man was her gynecologist and he does his best work when he's at his patients' homes and works best naked. And my house doesn't have an examination table, so they used our bed. Didn't want to get the dining room table dirty, afterall. Then, it all made sense and I was comfortable knowing that my wife was in fact faithful to me.

Of course, I don't actually have a wife named Jessica. Or named anything else for that matter. But if I did, I wouldn't believe ridiculous bullshit like that. If you catch your spouse naked in bed with another adult: They're f#%*ing. It's not complicated.

There isn't some complex, bizarre explanation of this common occurrence.

Similarly, I have to wonder: What flavor was that Koolaid™?

Barak Obama is supporting legislation that gives civil immunity to the telecoms for violating every Americans' privacy and a variety of laws enacted to specifically prohibit them from doing exactly what they did. President Bush will make sure the truth of their warrantless spying and miscelaneous other law-breaking on his behalf never sees the light of day by granting them pardons from criminal prosecutions later this year.

But wait! Barak Obama only supports it because he has a secret plan to make things right? How f#%*ing stupid are some people?

Hat tip to principled lefty Glenn Greenwald for attempting to slap the stupid out of these people's brains.

Go read his entry to see why this is such a deranged position even if Obama isn't actually doing what he says he is and appears to be by some stretch of the imagination.

FISA itself was terrible and destroyed the Fourth Amendment. "Restoring FISA" doesn't make things better, and isn't a worthwhile activity. People who care about freedom, privacy, the Constitution, and rule of law should be trying to get rid of FISA not wasting time in some technocratic "reform" nonsense.

I think I'm going to level Scholar.

I had a poll a while back that ended up fairly evenly split between whether I should go Scholar, Red Mage, or Dancer. And that's the one of the three jobs I think I could actually get to use on a regular basis because it out-Black-Mages Black Mage. Not on super resistant HNM or Sky stuff, but Dynamis, Einherjar, solo, etc, it's very strong. And it gets free Reraise II. So when I eat dirt I get back my EXP in less time.


Dancer, I thought at least, looked pretty cool from a NIN/DNC standpoint except reversed sort of. What /DNC brought to NIN in the form of weak self-cures and HP over time regen in the form of Drain Samba is so much stronger as DNC main. So going DNC/NIN you have all that, but you have cures that are huge at 75, higher Evasion (give or take...B+ rating, but Evasion Bonus III...probably ~20 higher at 75), with the only real downside being lower damage and higher Ninjutsu interruption rate.

The damage difference is minor from NIN/DNC. DNC main can get ~60 TP back fairly quickly from Reverse Flourish after using a Weapon Skill. Sure, it wouldn't be a powerhouse like Monk, but that's not where I see it being useful. On something like Charybdis that you need a NIN or THF to evasion tank basically because it hits so many times Dancer has a Stun debuff (possibly Stun daggers available?), and if you get drilled for 600 damage you can heal most of that instantly. Animated Flourish is also strong enough to make it a main tank in things like Limbus or Sky/Sea farming. It doesn't look like it would scale well though, and I'm not needed on NIN usually for that stuff (actually killing Sky/Sea gods, Ultima/Omega, etc), so it would probably be a waste.

Red Mage

Red Mage looks like a pain in the ass in parties and boring as hell with Refresh/Haste orders. There's of course the RDM/NIN solo stuff, but I don't know if I really care to spend that much time to solo 5 NMs or something.

On the plus side, I've leveled Mage and Melee jobs, so I know what I need in those roles from a Red Mage. So I don't think I'd be leaving my Ninja tanks without Haste or the White Mage and Paladin without Refresh.


Well, I already mostly said why I decided on Scholar above already. Basically, unless somebody claims the HQ turtle tonight in the next 80 minutes I'm feeling like giving up for a while.

I've been after this Adamantoise Egg for three weeks now, wasting tons of time, and a few days ago another person with an offer to buy the Egg comment showed up. Yesterday, a second guy showed up. Today, a third guy showed up. And the latest has bought items from the people here now that I was hoping would sell to me, so I figure I'm not going to get it tonight.

One of them is a rich 100+3 (non-Cooking) crafter, so he could just offer 5 mil for the Egg and not break a sweat. (I, on the otherhand, couldn't offer 2.5mil for it if I want a chance to offer 2mil for the third item.) One seems to have tens of millions of gil to buy shit with from god knows where (another crafter who only sells shit on mules in all likelihood). The third, and this is out of order from my previous listing by the way, seems like a normal guy who did the crafting, farming, BCNMs, etc that most people do for their money.

In any event, tons of people showing up who aren't in the Linkshells killing these things who want the items, along with people in the Linkshells trying to claim them that still want them, and it's a pretty depressing situation.

And since I'm kind of tired of spending all my time online trying to make money for these things that are barely for sale to start with, I've decided to say "fuck it" for a while and go level Scholar. Hopefully, the few people I've told I'll buy the things will send me a /tell saying "Hey, we've got claim on the NM! Get over here quick!"

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

I could pay for the remaining two BB items, if they were actually for sale, so I'm going to do something else for a while and wait. And Scholar looks like something else that's pretty damned spiffy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things People Do in FFXI That Annoy Me

White Mages who don't use Flash.

Seriously. You'll waste like 150MP on some stupid Holy shit that does 12 damage because you just have to skill up your Divine Magic. Yet, when there's a useful Divine Magic spell that would save you 200MP cure-bombing the guy who can't get his Ichi shadows back up, don't cast it! Quick, cast Holy again! Maybe the 10% TP it gives will provide something nice. Like a fatal TP attack.

You people should be forced to stare at the sun for inspiration. And blindness.

Dispellers who need Dispel said in /party everytime

Hey, guys! The other people you're with have other shit they need to do. Counting shadows, watching for TP moves that need to be stunned, healing people, etc. Maybe you could watch for the Cocoons or Wind Walls on your own?

People who need to be told what status ailment is on who

When you see "The Crawler uses Poison Breath on Mr. Tank." and Mr. Tank's HP starts dropping right afterwards, how about putting two and two together? (Hint: it's less than five.) Try casting Poisona on Mr. Tank to cure it! Wow!

Bonus: People who need to be told which -na spell fixes them

These people need to be told to go pull somethng with a DoT and kicked from your party and or LS immediately.

If you know where they live, mail them a delicious drink who's main constituent is bleach posthaste.


Yes, I'm in a crappy mood. But some people need to go die in a fire.

NQ Behemoth killed by retards

After watching one group of PLD/DRK, WHM/BLM (go /SCH sub), and SMN/who_cares take 20 minutes to get Behemoth from ~75% HP to ~50% HP and then wipe to it. Only to have it claimed by people who went from not in Behemoth's Dominion 30 seconds earlier to on top of the spawn area and claiming it with no one besides myself and one afk guy there, magically no doubt, and proceed to take almost a half an hour to kill it. You'd think if you can POS hack and Flee Hack you could also magic yourself up some non-pathetic damage too? Maybe pack a Meat Mithkabob into your lunchbox?

But, I digress.

So, I find myself wondering: Is Hades a retarded server? Half the HNMLSes will not respond to /tells at all. This includes the jerkoff moron who has BB items listed on his page, but a /tell of "{Behemoth Tongue} {Sell?}" will not be answered before, during, or after a fight with NQ or HQ Behemoth. I can see not stopping while blink-tanking to have an indepth conversation with me about something, but everyone else on the server will say, "Didn't drop" or "Member wants it" or "I'm not retarded, but I can't answer you for some reason" either while they're killing it, before if I know they're a leader, or after if I sent a single /tell during the fight.

But, I think I know what the problem is. It must be that the /tell is auto-translated into English, French, German, Japanese, but not Retardese. I'll have to send SE a suggestion box request that they add that feature for those of us who aren't retarded but would like to converse with those who are.

/rant off

Stupid Turtle!

I just finished camping Adamantoise again. NQ popped, people who wanted the egg claimed it, dunno if it dropped or not (doesn't really matter either way).

When my crap clears the AH, I'll have all the gil I need for the remaining two items. So, if I weren't lazy, I would update the BB Items meter to show that 1/3 is green because I got a Wyrm Beard earlier (neat CSes, btw) and the last two thirds red, because I have gil to buy the items.

I'd still really like to use the 400-500 KS I have on KS99s, but people only want to do the Wyrm one because there's a 5% chance that if we don't wipe they might, maybe (but won't) get a Speed Belt. The Behemoth one is fairly easy as long as the DDs wait until it starts casting Meteor in somebody else to engage it. The Turtle I haven't done yet, but it looks like a bunch of Black Mages magic burst twice on it and it's dead. And the people who wanted to do the Wyrm one wanted to do it so badly, that they didn't for more than a month after I've been saying, "Hey! Let's do KS99!"


Well, 1/3, so that's an improvement. :-D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Some people just sent me a /tell and sold me a Wyrm Beard that dropped from their KS99 orb! :D

1/3, Yay!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Note to Self: Never Volunteer for Sh*t

I'm trying to finish up the ToAU Missions. Alexander has a lot in common with BB items. I'm 0/3 on both of them.

It took three tries to beat the stupid Blue Mage BCNM before Alex because people can't sleep the stupid gears. Or attack one. Or do anything that's not retarded. As it turns out, you can kite them around the pillar in the second room. I know this, because I did it after nobody provoked or slept the fucking things on our third attempt.

After finishing that massive fuck up, we tried Alexander. And wiped to that Blue Mage three times. We did manage to get to fight Alexander once so far, his two hour was pretty. Unfortunately, our Paladin insists on standing next to it and having it beat the f#%& out of him. And our Ninja/Warrior (God knows why he's here) just did the old fake d/c trick so we're 5/6.

Also, half the party speaks Japanese only, so I have no idea what the f#%& they're talking about 3/4ths of the time.

And I'd really like to know why {Rear} translates into Dynamis in Japanese. It's gotta be because Dynamis is a lot like getting f#%*ed in the ass.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Where's all the RMTs?

I was walking to Dragon's Aery, and saw this unique site:

Two Goobbues not being killed just standing watch over...whatever the hell Goobbues watch.

I went to Fafnir afterwards, and Nidhogg popped.

I didn't get to buy the Wyrm Beard though as my other post mentioned.

I did kill this though later in the day:

Which we wiped to because nobody had any meds and it spams sleep along with every other negative status.

I bought Poison Potions, went back, and we killed it finally.

I ended up "tanking it" as Black Mage. I Manafonted and nuked the living shit out of it. A White Mage and Red Mage spamming Cure IV/V on me kept me alive and we killed it. I did ~5k damage in a minute.

It was so completely fucking annoying though, I don't really want to ever fight it again.

I Hate Greater Birds A Lot

We managed to wipe to Roc too somehow a day or two ago.

Some of the worst dual-boxing imagineable helped quite a bit. Blink-tanking kind of requires people to Erase Massacre Elegy, and to Haste the tank. Less important to make sure your alternate char is meleeing. >.>

Dynamis - Xarcabard

We did Dynamis - Xarcabard on Tuesday and got a good bit of Relic armor.

We got a Duelist Chapeau to drop right as I snapped this picture. It wasn't even off the NM.

WAR, MNK, RDM, WHM, and I think BST all dropped. I passed the MNK to someone else. I still haven't seen SMN drop there yet, and it's the only piece I want from Dynamis currently.

ENM Brothers!

I had the key item from a while ago, so I went with Goodgirls to duo it as Black Mage.

Fight lasted all of four minutes or so. We got a Cloud Evoker (first time I've seen one drop) and some miscelaneous junk worth 5k gil.

Needs Moar Gilz.

The two of us need to start spamming some more ENMs/Pirate's Charts for some easy gil. Whenever I get BB items, I think I may start saving for Accuracy+7 rings for my Monk and Ninja. Or level Scholar finally.

Either way, I hope to never set foot at a Kings camp again.

Melee Red Mages are Awesome!

Seriously, if you have Red Mage leveled on Hades, go melee! But first, go buy an Enhancing Sword. They're fucking hot. No, it has nothing to do with having a ~700k split from one due whenever the hell the damn thing sells finally. Which would give me enough gil to buy all three BB items.

Of course, the difficulty in the past two weeks has been finding a seller. Aspi and Nid were both killed by people who didn't want to sell them. Droprates on the NQs are of course terrible.

I'm half temtped to just say "fuck it" and wait for Mog Bonanza.

I should have posted something by Carrot Top.

George Carlin, dead at 71. :-(

Saturday, June 21, 2008

George Carlin - Life is Worth Losing

George Carlin rules. I found this very dark and funny special on Google Video:

About 22 minutes in he talks about the ethics of war briefly, but doesn't really go that much more into it so far (I'm about half-way through). He also goes off about voting and how stupid it is.

72 minutes of pure lulz.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well, I camped Adamantoise again today. I didn't have exact ToD, and was there alone initially, so I wasn't expecting to kill it. Keff came and camped it with me.

Feckin' turtle decided to wait until the last window to pop. I didn't see it until it was around 90% HP because there was 100+ people there. There was something like 4-7 LSes there camping it. I don't know two of them, a friend of a friend leads one of them. I asked one person I know, and their people LS wanted the egg. I asked another and he said the egg was for sale. It ended up being the that NQ popped and it didn't drop the egg to an LS that wasn't selling it.

I'll go tomorrow again, and hopefully HQ pops and gets claimed by somebody who doesn't want the egg. (I need to remember Signet too next time, it cuts damage taken by the adds there in half.)

Another day 0/3.


Oh well, at least I've talked to most of the HNMLS leaders so they know I'll buy the damn things if they ever actually drop. LOL.

A couple hours until Dynamis if it isn't cancelled. I'm not sure whether I want to go fishing, merit (see below post, I need lots to cap again), or do some campaign and get the third Wings rank.

In any case, I'm going to take a walk to the local WaWa and get some coffee first.

File these under the IDK WTF file.


I didn't do it! The dragon was dead when I got there! I swear!


It took about 7 months, but I've finally seen one of the new Campaign battle features! It apparently gives HP/MP/TP regen.

Still waiting on the Beastmen siege machines or whatever the hell they have.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sucktastic Day!

Limbus SNAFU

We did Limbus last night, Apollyon SE.
We went in with a party of 6, but didn't have enough damage, so we got dumped out on the undead floor. The coin split was only 3, which at 9k a piece doesn't cover the cost of entry. >.<

I put them in my Bazaar overnight for 8.7k a piece and went to bed. I woke up to see that my 28 coins sold overnight. I forgot that I'd taken all my coins out of my Mog House, so I've sold all the ones I had been saving for the off chance a Diabolic Yarn actually dropped.

Always a bigger fish?

Of course, no matter what lame, stupid thing one does to one's self or is afflicted with, there's always someone who has it worse. I was looking through the log to find out why I had an extra 200k gil and noticed a long string of "fuck" and finally found that overnight, four to seven LS friends got hacked and all their gear stolen.

Worse yet, two of the people couldn't find their registration codes, so their accounts are frozen for a few weeks to prevent further damage and to investigate.

"Soloing" the Turtle

Yesterday, I claimed and killed the NQ Adamantoise yet again. Only Keffka was there at the start, and we had a Peryton and Raptor attack us. Keffka zoned the Peryton and I tanked the Turtle and Raptor at the same time for what seemed like a long time until he got back to sleep it. As I slowly beat the turtle to death help arrived and we managed to kill it while sleeping/binding three more adds.
An epic battle, to be sure. Unfortunately, I'm like 0/8 on the egg now.

Today, I woke up and ran to Valley of Sorrows to see the ~60 people there I was expecting. I had the exact ToD having killed it yesterday, but didn't see the NQ turtle pop or die. But, it did finally drop an Egg which the guy who was standing next to me praying we wipe yesterday got, making him 3/3 on BB items.

Hopefully, he'll do the time honored tradition of "I've got all the items I want, see yas!" or just AFK at Fafnir or something from now on.

I talked to one of the HNMLSes leaders, and they're selling the BB items currently, so I went to Fafnir which still hadn't popped. Some LS that I'd never seen before claimed it though (and took almost an hour to kill it it looked like from /search). I have no idea who they were, so I didn't even try to buy the Wyrm Beard from them.

I went to KB camp next, and after an hour or so it popped. LS that was willing to sell to me got claim, but no drop.

So, I'm still 0/3 on BB items. And beginning to really dislike King camping.

Because of how many people we lost at least temporarily, if not permanently, to hacking I don't see Epic being able to do KS99 this Sunday as had been planned. One person lost a depressing amount of Black Mage gear. Virtually all the HQ stuff you need off the AH gone. Another lost millions of gil along with expensive melee gear. Most of the triggers we had worked for in Sky/Sea are either frozen or stolen as well. So, I can't really complain about my day too much.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Intarwebz Be Down?!

It looks like Epic's main website with forums is down at the moment. Well, not "down", but unless I got kicked from the LS in my sleep but didn't have my pearl broken for some reason I'm guessing the guy who was running the site finally got booted for joining an HNMLS and not showing up to any events. Nobody was on earlier for me to ask before the maintenance.

I'll have to see if Blogger would let me setup a multi-user blog that you have to be a poster on to view (for privacy reasons). Or even if it's possible to have some public, some private postings on it. So we can post who has what triggers and ToDs, etc in the private part, and put screenshots, news, and stuff in public postings.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meritpo since the update...

With all the NM camping and fishing to make gil for BB items and whatnot, I haven't had the time or motivation to do much in the way of actual merit partying.

I need 11 more merits to cap out Black Mage at 10/10. I'm kind of unsure if I want to do 5/5 in Freeze II or Burst II. I had planned on Freeze II, but I'm kind of thinking maybe Burst II now as that's the only thing I've magic burst lately.

I need 20 merits to cap out Monk at 10/10. Either 5/5 Invigorate for soloing and whatnot (756HP from Chakra is hawt.) or 5/5 into Penance for if I start doing Salvage seriously.

And 10 merits to cap out Ninja Tool Expertise. I've contemplated doing Sange to 4/5 or 5/5, but it's a lot of merits and I'd still have to level Throwing to make it useful. But that's a lot of time to level and a lot more time getting the merits for it.

I really wish SE would have added 8 more combo points to Combat Skills and Magic Skills. I'd love to get 8/8 into Dagger (or maybe 4/4 into Parrying), and have 8/8 Ninjutsu.

But alas that was not to be.

A Radio Show/Podcast worth listening to.

If you, like me, think that people living across the ocean from you are human beings and have rights even if they have darker colored skin, wear funny hats, speak a weird language, or write in what appears to be squigglies, and that killing millions of them is completely evil, then you should really tune into Antiwar Radio.

Scott Horton hosts it and has guests on for interviews, covers the news, or just goes off on the various subjects and people that piss him off. You can listen live from 12-2PM Eastern time. Or grab the show off the KAOS Austin archives.

You can also find out what's coming up on the show the next day or post comments on Scott's Stress Blog. It has a variety of interesting people who comment on the show and post hilarious and informative Youtube links and whatnot. I got mentioned on today's show about 40 minutes in for a comment I made. :-)

There's also the occasional semi-offtopic discussion about things like conspiracy theories. I put in my two cents about the utter irrelevance of them:
The whole conspiracy theory crowd doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense to me.

First, you can just try to get involved in electoral politics at the local level (as I put my big toe into this time for Ron Paul and was thoroughly disgusted enough to know better than ever do that again), and see how thoroughly corrupt, stupid, and incompetent the people are. People like George Bush and John McCain go on TV and can barely for coherent sentences. Borat Obombya can’t come up with a half decent rebuke to idiots like McCain. And these clowns are running some shadowy global conspiracy? Seems a little implausible. I think it’s far more likely they all have hereditary hemophilia, personally.

Second, who gives a s*** if Dick Cheyney was remote controlling unmanned planes into the WTC from his undisclosed location and firing Hellfire missiles at the Pentagon? He f***ing publically admits to murdering a million Iraqis, destroying the lives of thousands of American military people and their families, having hundreds if not thousands of people tortured (frequently to death), and a host of other things that he should be hung on the Whitehouse lawn for (before abolishing the death penalty). If the things these people publically exclaim they wildly support are completely evil what the f*** difference does it make if they also put fluoride in the drinking water to make us watch Major League Baseball or some other crazy s***?

Also, I think Scott’s on to me:
Apparently, I'm something of a potty mouth.

So get on over there and check it out!

Also, if anybody knows of a decent talk radio show I could listen to over the airwaves in the Philadelphia region, feel free to post a link or station and time it's on. (Note: O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, aren't decent: They're commie warmongers.) You don't have to register with Google or OpenID, just figure out what the distorted letters in the box say to comment on The Pie Blog.

I'm a little confused.

Epic kills a notorious monster 4 of the 6 days since the update. OtherLS kills it twice. OtherLS manages to steal claim on it when it goes yellow for a second with Provoke+Invincible, and kills it. Epic needs to "go back to Genbu"?

OtherLS maybe needs a 16 year minimum age requirement methinks.

Pretty embarrassing to have your members acting like 12 year olds on the playground.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Apparently no BB items for me tonight.

Epic LS had a Shen run to get our White Mages the very useful Reverend Mail.Useful for what, is an exercise left to the reader.

We were also supposedly going to go do another KS99 run finally, but we're going to go camp KV again instead. Yay~ Perhaps we can be 1/6 instead of 1/5 today on the Robocop Hat?

Camping Adamantoise again is a possibility, but I think the HQ has a chance of popping now, so our chances of actually claiming it are miniscule. (Much like the 10% chance of it actually dropping something besides Adaman Ores.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

BB Status Meter

I'm still 0/3 on the items, but made this neato BB items status meter to cover how much gil it would require if I bought all three for 2 million gil a pop.

Yay! Slowly, but surely getting there!

Can you tell I'm waiting for the Ferry to show up?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stealing NMs

I've been going to kill a lot of NMs the past week or so. I don't think any of them have actually dropped anything I was remotely interested in yet, but the fights can be fun anyway. Besides, I never got to do half of them as a melee job/tank before either.

Of course, NM camping is competitive and half the people camping Fafnir are probably botting assholes. Everyone knows and accepts that. It's up to SE to ban those jerks.

But, people still are supposed to maintain a minimum level of decency. You don't talk shit in /say just because you weren't the one to claim a mob. Or spam profanities in /shout. You don't spam Provoke hoping to steal the mob if it goes unclaimed for a moment, etc. Some LSes have rules about that, others have members who don't want to look like douchebags and restrain themselves.

Of course, some people still do these things anyway.

GM calls can sometimes get people banned for being potty mouths.

And attempted NM thieves can get their just desserts when the wiping group that's fighting a mob calls for help on it. Sure only BobNinja Provoked it when it went yellow once. But then JaneTheWHM cast Protectra/Shellra hitting BobNinja and garnering a tiny amount of hate with the NM. And then SuzyBard cast Mage's Ballad II and got hate as well. TerryRDM cast Haste on BobNinja. Etc. Now their entire alliance has hate on the NM.

And they're probably all going to die. Or kill it while it's CFH'd and get nothing from it.

Earlier Today...

The latter is what happened at Charybdis earlier today. It popped with myself (NIN/DNC), a new NIN/WAR to our LS, a RDM/WHM and a BRD/WHM there to claim/kill it.

I tried to Animated Flourish it, but was too fast so nothing happened. The other NIN Provoked it, and got raped in a few seconds. I began tanking it and with 20% Haste gear, the spell, and Marches I probably was over the spell Haste cap slightly. Timers were very low and I could mostly keep shadows up as I slowly wore it down. Only needing a few cure bombs, and changing gear so much that I was flashing like a Christmas Tree.We slowly but surely worked it down to between 30-40% HP (with no Flashes or Stuns other than my occasional katana proc, which would have helped tremendously). It's accuracy was in the neighborhood of 50% on me. With entire rounds of hits sometimes missing me. Then, my evasion, like an intricate blown glass sculpture, failed totally and catastrophically. I ate part of a Cross Attack for ~400, and then five melee hits in a row immediately after for however much more was needed to one-shot me.

But all was not lost, the other NIN had unweakened Provoked it and started tanking it. He fought it for a few minutes, Keffka had been killed too before he got hate and reraised. They got me up and I used my ~200 TP to cure the other NIN, and debuff Charybdis. Then the other NIN was killed (again quite rapidly), and it killed Keff yet again. It went unclaimed for a moment, so the other group used Animated Flourish on it. Which didn't claim it since I'd been spamming Cure Waltz II's and our BRD was doing BRD things. It killed the BRD and was coming for me when Keff had a irresistable suggestion: Call for Help. So, I quickly typed /help, unweakened, and got one-shotted again by Charby.
Then the delicious carnage began. The other people all stood back for a moment seeming to expect it to go white again in a moment as I died. Instead, it took a b-line for their NIN/DNC. Kicked his ass after Gravity wore, and then proceeded to kill every last person in the NIN/DNC's LS that was there.It was a thing of beauty. And all because they couldn't wait 2 minutes to let nature take it's course. Of course, had our other NIN/WAR not died I would have been back up in 2 minutes and we probably would have won.

But Evasion is a cruel Mistress, so we'll have to try again tomorrow.

Adamantoise #4: It's a dude, Dude!

A bunch of people from Epic came out and killed our fourth Adamantoise. Unfortunately, it was apparently a male turtle because it didn't have any eggs.

I'll post a picture later probably.


KV #4: Now with Antidotes!

We killed it in about a minute or so, and it didn't even drop an earth crystal. Again.

Stupid Scorpion.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Adamantoise #4?

Adamantoise #4? Nope, HQ popped today instead! I was the only person from Epic there, so I didn't even try to claim it.I turned off enough chat log filters to figure out who was fighting it, and see if I could buy the Adamantoise Egg from them.

I asked if they were going to sell the egg, and was told they weren't sure yet. So, I waited around until it died to ask again. No reply for quite a while (I figured out why later.), so I walked out of Valley of Sorrows and decided to just Warp. I got a reply a few moments later that they sell them for 2 million gil a piece. (Which is what I've been hoping would be the most I had to pay if I have to buy them from one of the HNMLSes rather than KS99 or free as a gift because I'm such a nice fellow.) And that they only sell them if none of their members will bid 20 points on it, which somebody did hence why they wouldn't sell it to me.

Which I have to admit is a fair way to run things even though it sucks for me.

Now I have to decide if I want to get up bright and early and try to get one or two people to come help me claim, kill, and handle linked/aggroed mobs at the NQ turtle tomorrow or sleep in.

Still 0/3 on items now. /sigh

KV #3: Now with Less People!

We killed KV again last night, this time with only 9 DDs and less than a full alliance.KV is only 1/3 on killing me back now. Though that's 2/3 if you count his poison killing me after it died. LOL.No drops, unfortunately. Not even an earth crystal.

Hopefully, more people will show up instead of going from Salvage to bed for it next time. >.>

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adamantoise #3; 0/3 on BB egg

Very little competition today (not the 102 people that were there yesterday), so I was able to get claim when the turtle showed its scaley face.

I think only one LS had people there and they had enough to kill it, so I'm not sure if they just decided to get ToD or what as I had to run to get into range to claim it, and they had somebody standing next to it.

Unfortunately, it only dropped 3 adaman ores, so I'm still 0/3 on BB items and 0/3 on the Egg. A lot of people from the LS came out to help me though which I appreciate a lot.

Hopefully, we can do some more KS99 runs soon and I can get a Behemoth Tongue or Wyrm Beard that way. HQ Kings will be popping tomorrow or the next day, so I could possibly buy two of the items then. But it's an awful lot of gil, and I'd still only be 2/3 probably at most.

Dynamis - Qufim!

We did a Dynamis - Qufim run on Tuesday. Only drops were a RDM Belt and a 100 Silverpiece. Cleared it though, so I only need a Dynamis - Valkurm clear to have Tavnazian access.The raptors were real bastards though and killed me by spamming stun breath for 800 damage.Fun run though, congrats to Keffka on his shiny new belt!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BLM & SMN Items!

SE added a bunch of items that have Magic Atk. Bonus and look like they could possibly be good for BLM this update. Two particularly stuck out to me.

First, these:Just because I don't have Yigit feet, and MAB+3 will boost my damage more than INT+3 from my Rostrum Pumps.

Second, and something I'll probably never get, this:Because it's the best BLM Cape in the game.

A few other pieces that looked potentially interesting.

Summoner just got this:Which is pretty damn sweet. Unfortunately, the NM sounds like it sucks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adamantoise #2; 0/2 on a BB Egg

I logged in after the midday maintenance that was timed just early enough to be too early for Adamantoise to respawn from yesterday when GGs and I trioed it. Today, Behemoth popped immediately and died about five minutes later. Fafnir popped 20 minutes later and died in about 15. Adamantoise didn't pop, so two HNMs shells sent 25 people and another had somebody there for ToD.You can't tell from the picture there, but there was 3-5 other invisible players waiting for it to pop.

I guessed the right time for the window though, so I ran over and Animated Flourished the turtle, and we began to kill it.Things looked prett bad initally. Two people got killed by a Peryton not realizing you can't stick Sleep on them, even with Elemental Seal, more than ~5% of the time.

My initial attempt to land enfeebles were all resisted so that combined with repeated Draw-Ins trying to pull it to a safer spot to fight meant I got smacked around a bit. Being /DNC with over 200% TP kept me in decent shape though.

I brought Meat Mithkabobs today so I'd hit for 0 less often. I'd still prefer to go MNK/NIN though as I was still seeing quite a few 0's with 2x Minuet and Meat. :-/ I'd prefer to go as MNK/NIN to kill it faster using Hundred Fists and having higher Attack to start with, but I'd have much lower evasion and couldn't spam cure myself if necessary. I don't think I could claim as well, either.

We got people up and Verm (being played by his brother) handled adds and helped kill it faster.

We got somewhat lucky in that several Perytons popped on top of us, but aggroed the other LSes' members instead of us. It took 16 minutes to kill from start to finish.

Sadly, no Adamantoise Egg dropped making me 0/2 on it this week. Stinky turtle.

I'm still 0/3 on BB items.

Hot and Sour Onion Rings

I had an idea a while back about making some fancy pizza topping: spicy, pickled, carmelized onions. Those worked out well, so I've been experimenting with the idea further: Onion Rings!

I'm pleased to report that they work quite well.

The basic idea is this. Slice up an onion or two and submerge it in:
1 cup of tasty vinegar (rice, apple cider, or malt)
1/2 a cup of soy sauce
1 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes (or maybe 1/4 Tsp Cayenne powder)
Scale that up as needed to submerge your onions. (Using a plastic bag and removing most of the air works pretty well.)

Put it in the fridge and forget about it for 12-72 hours.

Afterwards, just batter or cover in flour and fry them. Sweet, sour, spicy, crunchy, etc...quite yummy.


Kind of hilariously gross.

Note to self: Do no have unprotected sex with random black women while visiting New York City.

Monday, June 9, 2008

<3 Server Congestion

FFXI was updated today, and they added tons of stuff. I'll cover that tomorrow probably. The point of this update, is that they also had tons of server congestion and when I finally got my update and did /search in Whitegate, I was the only one there.

Which is just fucking silly.

So, I said "hey hey hey" in LS chat, and found GGs was online and wanted to do a quick run of the NMs that would be up after maintenance. We started with King Arthro. Sure enough, the Knight Crabs were all up. We killed them, KA popped, and for the first time ever I got to actually fight it!I'd probably go MNK/WAR next time and just Counterstance tank it. The things Accuracy was terrible and it's Magic Accuracy was also terrible.

As we fought it a NIN showed up, and sent GGs a /tell offerring 12 million gil for the Velocious Belt if it drops. I had to think about it for ~0.5 seconds before saying "sure." A 6 million gil split would have me well in excess of what I need for Black Belt items. (I could probably also get two Acc+7 rings as well.) And since both GGs and I couldn't both have the rare/ex belt it seemed more fair that way.

Unfortunately, it didn't drop. No cloths dropped either, so we only ended up with ~20k worth of stuff. :-(

Insert Dragon Here

We killed Bune as well. I went NIN/WAR and trioed it with GGs WAR/NIN friend. Unfortunately, unlike KA Bune isn't a complete joke of a mob: he'll fucking eat you if you give him the chance. So, I didn't get to snap any pics midfight.

Believe it or not, the Enhancing Sword actually dropped! GGs is 3/3 on his last three kills now. The sword split three ways will come to between 700k-1mil a piece. Which is quite nice and will help me get to my goal of 6mil much quicker.

We checked Serket, but it wasn't up (yet), so we left. Which was probably good, I didn't have any poison pots or antidotes.

BB Items the fun way?

We went to check Behemoth after that, but the NIN from before had soloed it already when I got to the spawn area.

So, we went to see if Adamantoise was up. Sure enough it was. We killed a few raptors, and I went to pull it. And it used Draw-in, I aggroed three Manticores, and got raped. By the manticores, the turtle was blind as a bat. I was raised, and we tried again. I tried to do as much of the healing as I could via Waltzes to save MP. GGs's WAR/NIN friend would kill the adds as we got them.And slowly, but surely, we worked Adamantoise HP down. Unfortunately, the Adamantoise Egg didn't drop. :-(

So, I've now killed things that drop all three BB items. Still 0/3 on actually getting one of them though. :-/

All in all, a fun day!