Monday, June 9, 2008

<3 Server Congestion

FFXI was updated today, and they added tons of stuff. I'll cover that tomorrow probably. The point of this update, is that they also had tons of server congestion and when I finally got my update and did /search in Whitegate, I was the only one there.

Which is just fucking silly.

So, I said "hey hey hey" in LS chat, and found GGs was online and wanted to do a quick run of the NMs that would be up after maintenance. We started with King Arthro. Sure enough, the Knight Crabs were all up. We killed them, KA popped, and for the first time ever I got to actually fight it!I'd probably go MNK/WAR next time and just Counterstance tank it. The things Accuracy was terrible and it's Magic Accuracy was also terrible.

As we fought it a NIN showed up, and sent GGs a /tell offerring 12 million gil for the Velocious Belt if it drops. I had to think about it for ~0.5 seconds before saying "sure." A 6 million gil split would have me well in excess of what I need for Black Belt items. (I could probably also get two Acc+7 rings as well.) And since both GGs and I couldn't both have the rare/ex belt it seemed more fair that way.

Unfortunately, it didn't drop. No cloths dropped either, so we only ended up with ~20k worth of stuff. :-(

Insert Dragon Here

We killed Bune as well. I went NIN/WAR and trioed it with GGs WAR/NIN friend. Unfortunately, unlike KA Bune isn't a complete joke of a mob: he'll fucking eat you if you give him the chance. So, I didn't get to snap any pics midfight.

Believe it or not, the Enhancing Sword actually dropped! GGs is 3/3 on his last three kills now. The sword split three ways will come to between 700k-1mil a piece. Which is quite nice and will help me get to my goal of 6mil much quicker.

We checked Serket, but it wasn't up (yet), so we left. Which was probably good, I didn't have any poison pots or antidotes.

BB Items the fun way?

We went to check Behemoth after that, but the NIN from before had soloed it already when I got to the spawn area.

So, we went to see if Adamantoise was up. Sure enough it was. We killed a few raptors, and I went to pull it. And it used Draw-in, I aggroed three Manticores, and got raped. By the manticores, the turtle was blind as a bat. I was raised, and we tried again. I tried to do as much of the healing as I could via Waltzes to save MP. GGs's WAR/NIN friend would kill the adds as we got them.And slowly, but surely, we worked Adamantoise HP down. Unfortunately, the Adamantoise Egg didn't drop. :-(

So, I've now killed things that drop all three BB items. Still 0/3 on actually getting one of them though. :-/

All in all, a fun day!

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