Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adamantoise #3; 0/3 on BB egg

Very little competition today (not the 102 people that were there yesterday), so I was able to get claim when the turtle showed its scaley face.

I think only one LS had people there and they had enough to kill it, so I'm not sure if they just decided to get ToD or what as I had to run to get into range to claim it, and they had somebody standing next to it.

Unfortunately, it only dropped 3 adaman ores, so I'm still 0/3 on BB items and 0/3 on the Egg. A lot of people from the LS came out to help me though which I appreciate a lot.

Hopefully, we can do some more KS99 runs soon and I can get a Behemoth Tongue or Wyrm Beard that way. HQ Kings will be popping tomorrow or the next day, so I could possibly buy two of the items then. But it's an awful lot of gil, and I'd still only be 2/3 probably at most.

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