Friday, June 27, 2008

I Caught My Wife Naked in Bed With Another Man.

So, earlier today I caught my wife, Jessica, in bed with another man. I was initially outraged at this huge betrayal. But then, Jessica calmly explained to me what was going on. It turns out that the naked man was her gynecologist and he does his best work when he's at his patients' homes and works best naked. And my house doesn't have an examination table, so they used our bed. Didn't want to get the dining room table dirty, afterall. Then, it all made sense and I was comfortable knowing that my wife was in fact faithful to me.

Of course, I don't actually have a wife named Jessica. Or named anything else for that matter. But if I did, I wouldn't believe ridiculous bullshit like that. If you catch your spouse naked in bed with another adult: They're f#%*ing. It's not complicated.

There isn't some complex, bizarre explanation of this common occurrence.

Similarly, I have to wonder: What flavor was that Koolaid™?

Barak Obama is supporting legislation that gives civil immunity to the telecoms for violating every Americans' privacy and a variety of laws enacted to specifically prohibit them from doing exactly what they did. President Bush will make sure the truth of their warrantless spying and miscelaneous other law-breaking on his behalf never sees the light of day by granting them pardons from criminal prosecutions later this year.

But wait! Barak Obama only supports it because he has a secret plan to make things right? How f#%*ing stupid are some people?

Hat tip to principled lefty Glenn Greenwald for attempting to slap the stupid out of these people's brains.

Go read his entry to see why this is such a deranged position even if Obama isn't actually doing what he says he is and appears to be by some stretch of the imagination.

FISA itself was terrible and destroyed the Fourth Amendment. "Restoring FISA" doesn't make things better, and isn't a worthwhile activity. People who care about freedom, privacy, the Constitution, and rule of law should be trying to get rid of FISA not wasting time in some technocratic "reform" nonsense.

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