Friday, June 27, 2008

I think I'm going to level Scholar.

I had a poll a while back that ended up fairly evenly split between whether I should go Scholar, Red Mage, or Dancer. And that's the one of the three jobs I think I could actually get to use on a regular basis because it out-Black-Mages Black Mage. Not on super resistant HNM or Sky stuff, but Dynamis, Einherjar, solo, etc, it's very strong. And it gets free Reraise II. So when I eat dirt I get back my EXP in less time.


Dancer, I thought at least, looked pretty cool from a NIN/DNC standpoint except reversed sort of. What /DNC brought to NIN in the form of weak self-cures and HP over time regen in the form of Drain Samba is so much stronger as DNC main. So going DNC/NIN you have all that, but you have cures that are huge at 75, higher Evasion (give or take...B+ rating, but Evasion Bonus III...probably ~20 higher at 75), with the only real downside being lower damage and higher Ninjutsu interruption rate.

The damage difference is minor from NIN/DNC. DNC main can get ~60 TP back fairly quickly from Reverse Flourish after using a Weapon Skill. Sure, it wouldn't be a powerhouse like Monk, but that's not where I see it being useful. On something like Charybdis that you need a NIN or THF to evasion tank basically because it hits so many times Dancer has a Stun debuff (possibly Stun daggers available?), and if you get drilled for 600 damage you can heal most of that instantly. Animated Flourish is also strong enough to make it a main tank in things like Limbus or Sky/Sea farming. It doesn't look like it would scale well though, and I'm not needed on NIN usually for that stuff (actually killing Sky/Sea gods, Ultima/Omega, etc), so it would probably be a waste.

Red Mage

Red Mage looks like a pain in the ass in parties and boring as hell with Refresh/Haste orders. There's of course the RDM/NIN solo stuff, but I don't know if I really care to spend that much time to solo 5 NMs or something.

On the plus side, I've leveled Mage and Melee jobs, so I know what I need in those roles from a Red Mage. So I don't think I'd be leaving my Ninja tanks without Haste or the White Mage and Paladin without Refresh.


Well, I already mostly said why I decided on Scholar above already. Basically, unless somebody claims the HQ turtle tonight in the next 80 minutes I'm feeling like giving up for a while.

I've been after this Adamantoise Egg for three weeks now, wasting tons of time, and a few days ago another person with an offer to buy the Egg comment showed up. Yesterday, a second guy showed up. Today, a third guy showed up. And the latest has bought items from the people here now that I was hoping would sell to me, so I figure I'm not going to get it tonight.

One of them is a rich 100+3 (non-Cooking) crafter, so he could just offer 5 mil for the Egg and not break a sweat. (I, on the otherhand, couldn't offer 2.5mil for it if I want a chance to offer 2mil for the third item.) One seems to have tens of millions of gil to buy shit with from god knows where (another crafter who only sells shit on mules in all likelihood). The third, and this is out of order from my previous listing by the way, seems like a normal guy who did the crafting, farming, BCNMs, etc that most people do for their money.

In any event, tons of people showing up who aren't in the Linkshells killing these things who want the items, along with people in the Linkshells trying to claim them that still want them, and it's a pretty depressing situation.

And since I'm kind of tired of spending all my time online trying to make money for these things that are barely for sale to start with, I've decided to say "fuck it" for a while and go level Scholar. Hopefully, the few people I've told I'll buy the things will send me a /tell saying "Hey, we've got claim on the NM! Get over here quick!"

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

I could pay for the remaining two BB items, if they were actually for sale, so I'm going to do something else for a while and wait. And Scholar looks like something else that's pretty damned spiffy.

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