Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Note to Self: Never Volunteer for Sh*t

I'm trying to finish up the ToAU Missions. Alexander has a lot in common with BB items. I'm 0/3 on both of them.

It took three tries to beat the stupid Blue Mage BCNM before Alex because people can't sleep the stupid gears. Or attack one. Or do anything that's not retarded. As it turns out, you can kite them around the pillar in the second room. I know this, because I did it after nobody provoked or slept the fucking things on our third attempt.

After finishing that massive fuck up, we tried Alexander. And wiped to that Blue Mage three times. We did manage to get to fight Alexander once so far, his two hour was pretty. Unfortunately, our Paladin insists on standing next to it and having it beat the f#%& out of him. And our Ninja/Warrior (God knows why he's here) just did the old fake d/c trick so we're 5/6.

Also, half the party speaks Japanese only, so I have no idea what the f#%& they're talking about 3/4ths of the time.

And I'd really like to know why {Rear} translates into Dynamis in Japanese. It's gotta be because Dynamis is a lot like getting f#%*ed in the ass.

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  1. I love the Alexander fight. It might be my favorite fight in the game.

    My first PUG insisted that we kite the blue mage while dealing damage. Except the blue mage runs at flee speed, making it extremely pointless. But they kept on insisting. Every time we'd get to Alexander, they would wipe before he would two hour. It was... pretty awful.

    My second PUG didn't understand how draw-in works (which Alexander has). When the inevitable wipe from Alexander happens, they would all try to run out of range for Alexander's draw-in. They expressed complete shock when they were drawn in, saying "But I ran so far! How could I be out of range?"

    Once I explained to them slowly (and several times) how draw-in worked, and where to wipe, it turned into a resounding success. They were amazingly competent, save for that small (huge?) detail.

    I'm fairly certain that shadows don't do anything for Alexander's TP moves. But since Alexander doesn't move, you can stand at a distance and tank him, kind of like the wyrm KS99, Ouryu, or Jailer of Love. PLD/RDM worked wonders for me.

    And also lead to this.

    I think the final score was Alexander 9, Talint 1. Keep at it. Persistence pays off and whathaveyou.