Thursday, June 26, 2008

NQ Behemoth killed by retards

After watching one group of PLD/DRK, WHM/BLM (go /SCH sub), and SMN/who_cares take 20 minutes to get Behemoth from ~75% HP to ~50% HP and then wipe to it. Only to have it claimed by people who went from not in Behemoth's Dominion 30 seconds earlier to on top of the spawn area and claiming it with no one besides myself and one afk guy there, magically no doubt, and proceed to take almost a half an hour to kill it. You'd think if you can POS hack and Flee Hack you could also magic yourself up some non-pathetic damage too? Maybe pack a Meat Mithkabob into your lunchbox?

But, I digress.

So, I find myself wondering: Is Hades a retarded server? Half the HNMLSes will not respond to /tells at all. This includes the jerkoff moron who has BB items listed on his page, but a /tell of "{Behemoth Tongue} {Sell?}" will not be answered before, during, or after a fight with NQ or HQ Behemoth. I can see not stopping while blink-tanking to have an indepth conversation with me about something, but everyone else on the server will say, "Didn't drop" or "Member wants it" or "I'm not retarded, but I can't answer you for some reason" either while they're killing it, before if I know they're a leader, or after if I sent a single /tell during the fight.

But, I think I know what the problem is. It must be that the /tell is auto-translated into English, French, German, Japanese, but not Retardese. I'll have to send SE a suggestion box request that they add that feature for those of us who aren't retarded but would like to converse with those who are.

/rant off

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