Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Radio Show/Podcast worth listening to.

If you, like me, think that people living across the ocean from you are human beings and have rights even if they have darker colored skin, wear funny hats, speak a weird language, or write in what appears to be squigglies, and that killing millions of them is completely evil, then you should really tune into Antiwar Radio.

Scott Horton hosts it and has guests on for interviews, covers the news, or just goes off on the various subjects and people that piss him off. You can listen live from 12-2PM Eastern time. Or grab the show off the KAOS Austin archives.

You can also find out what's coming up on the show the next day or post comments on Scott's Stress Blog. It has a variety of interesting people who comment on the show and post hilarious and informative Youtube links and whatnot. I got mentioned on today's show about 40 minutes in for a comment I made. :-)

There's also the occasional semi-offtopic discussion about things like conspiracy theories. I put in my two cents about the utter irrelevance of them:
The whole conspiracy theory crowd doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense to me.

First, you can just try to get involved in electoral politics at the local level (as I put my big toe into this time for Ron Paul and was thoroughly disgusted enough to know better than ever do that again), and see how thoroughly corrupt, stupid, and incompetent the people are. People like George Bush and John McCain go on TV and can barely for coherent sentences. Borat Obombya can’t come up with a half decent rebuke to idiots like McCain. And these clowns are running some shadowy global conspiracy? Seems a little implausible. I think it’s far more likely they all have hereditary hemophilia, personally.

Second, who gives a s*** if Dick Cheyney was remote controlling unmanned planes into the WTC from his undisclosed location and firing Hellfire missiles at the Pentagon? He f***ing publically admits to murdering a million Iraqis, destroying the lives of thousands of American military people and their families, having hundreds if not thousands of people tortured (frequently to death), and a host of other things that he should be hung on the Whitehouse lawn for (before abolishing the death penalty). If the things these people publically exclaim they wildly support are completely evil what the f*** difference does it make if they also put fluoride in the drinking water to make us watch Major League Baseball or some other crazy s***?

Also, I think Scott’s on to me:
Apparently, I'm something of a potty mouth.

So get on over there and check it out!

Also, if anybody knows of a decent talk radio show I could listen to over the airwaves in the Philadelphia region, feel free to post a link or station and time it's on. (Note: O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, aren't decent: They're commie warmongers.) You don't have to register with Google or OpenID, just figure out what the distorted letters in the box say to comment on The Pie Blog.

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