Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scholar: 39 and going on 40!

Half-way to 40. I spammed Bard songs in Campaign battles today. Roughly 13K EXP by my estimates from 2K into 37.

Low EXP/hr even with the second to top rank, but I didn't need to invest in any equipment or deal with any stupid people.

Only annoyance was morons trying to MPK us, but I only died twice (my 150 EXP x 2!!!! /cry). Apparently, all people who are spamming Bard songs are bots. But move around differently each time, talk a bit, etc. Just like real players. Damn those bots are good.

At level 40 SCH/RDM will have AoE buffs and debuffs, Reraise, all the -na spells that /WHM gives, and Magic Atk. Bonus I. So I could fill a BLM/RDM/WHM role more or less as the situation required.

Anyway, if the battles weren't all at the towns almost constantly, it would be a lot better. So, I'll probably get a few more levels and then go party. The last time I leveled Scholar was pre-patch, so it has changed tremendously since and I'd like to see how it works in a party setting.

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