Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shikigami Weapon and the Functionally Retarded

I've been camping Shikigami Weapon on and off for at least a few weeks if not a month now to get Keffka a Yinyang Robe for his Summoner. The window fell early in the morning, but I set my alarm clock, as did he, so we ended up in Ro'Maeve with ~12other people there.

We'd camped it the day before, and being three hours later in the day we had 5 people show up to help claim/kill. Of course, when we have Widescan, Treasure Hunter 4, and additional DD/tanking support we didn't get claimThese guys did. A WHM/NIN and RDM/NIN got it and slowly but surely killed it. And didn't get the drop.

Shiki Pop Conditions & Strategy

Despite popular misconceptions, Shikigami Weapon doesn't link with the other Weapons. I've been there as NIN/RNG and had it running back and forth beside me on Widescan while fighting another Weapon and it didn't drop Invisible and attack me. So, you have to magic aggro it if you want to fight it.

I go NIN/DNC because it gives me high survivability (Evasion Bonus, self-Cures, etc) as well as Animated Flourish which is like a 2/3rds strength Provoke and nice for claiming.

NIN/DNC also has no magic casting abilities, so I can't aggro it myself which, provided you are casting a short spell, provides a huge advantage in claiming. Shikigami drops invisible with a sizeable chunk of hate on whoever aggros it, so a single action by that person (or a party member) will get claim on it. For other people it takes a Provoke and one other action usually.

But, I digress. Back to our attempt earlier today enough with strategy for now.

Go Time?

So there we were with the same WHM/NIN there from yesterday along with another mage from her LS. And 6-10 other people some of whom I recognized from the day before (in retrospect). The window opened, and for about 10 minutes, nothing. Then a few people start moving, I "follow" them with my Sprinter's Shoes activated already and Ninja Kyahan active as it is nighttime (so I've got +37% movement speed) to where a group of people where standing and casting. About here in the red circle:A few moments later, I hear a Weapon aggro sound and see the red dot on my radar. I turn, run a few steps, Animated Flourish + Kurayami: Ni (in Enmity+ gear), and Shikigami Weapon's name turns red.

I've actually had really good luck in that regard, if it pops near me and wasn't aggroed by a Summoner with Carby out (they get auto-claim basically) I've claimed it almost everytime that it popped anywhere near me.

As I'm frantically typing in /party "GO TI" and "go tit" and pulling it in to the corner where it's somewhat safe, I start getting a flood of /tells. From three of the random 6-8 other people.

Apparently, casting Barspells and Reraise counts as "all the work" and being the only person who spams claim stuffs on the NM is "stealing it." This barrage of stupid continued until I set my status to Away to block the stupid /tells and /blockaid ON to prevent attempts to actually steal Shikigami from us.

Full Moon = Uber Weapon?

I'm not sure, but I think that Shikigami Weapon is affected by moonphase. It was fullmoon at the time, and Shiki was not missing me like it usually would. I could typically go Ni -> Ni without problems, but I was instead getting Double Attacked constantly and toss in Diaga II spam for good measure and I was taking a lot of damage. I had Haste the whole time as well, shadows just weren't keeping up.

The Fight Goes On

We got it to about 20% and a Weapon respawned on top of us and aggroed Keffka. He slept it, we recovered, and started whittling down on Shikigami again.

At about 15%, a Doll aggroed , and Keff who was RDM/DRK was getting beat down pretty hard trying to keep both slept with only two sleep spells and no space between him and the two mobs when they woke up. The other Weapon went after me when it woke up, I started to recast Utsusemi: Ichi it got to ~80% casting or so and I figured we'd pull it off. Then I found out I had the not-very-fun, near-one-shotted, death lag. I took a regular hit and a Smite of Rage to the face for 620 which combined with the regular hit and being in yellow HP to start with was enough to drop me.

At that point, if we had no adds, it would have been possible to win if Keff could raise me, wait for weakness to wear off, then I voke it and he zones to reset hate. Or he could sleep-nuke it. But, with Shiki, a Weapon, and a Doll I kind of knew we were screwed at that point.

Stupidity for the Duration

Of course while this was happening, those six morons were spamming /emotes, being rude in /say, probably still trying to send me /tells, and sending Keff /tells as well. A good twenty minutes worth of us duoing Shiki and them being shit-talking Vultures.

Shikigami went unclaimed when I died, and after a some fighting for claim as Keff was being killed, the Vultures got it and killed for no drop (there is justice in the world?). The vultures D2'd themselves a few moments later.

...Wha'? (Unexpected Kindness)

The WHM from the day before and what I'd guess was a RDM stayed and kind of ran back and forth between myself and Keffka for a while. I wasn't sure what they were doing (and didn't remember I still had /blockaid ON >.>), so I was wondering if they wanted to wait to watch us both HP or something after ten minutes or so of this. Keff said if we didn't get a raise in another minute he was just going to HP.

But then, I saw Keffka (from his HP bar he was too far away for me to see him) had gotten a raise from them. He came over and raised me, we thanked the WHM+friend, and they warped. I ran off and Mijin Gakure'd a Weapon for awful damage, and logged to take a nap.

I had killed somebody's adds a few days ago when I got the ToD when Keff couldn't log on for it because...why not? The person I'm trying to get a robe for isn't there so it doesn't really matter to me who kills the damn thing. I don't recall who it was (because again: I didn't really care), so that may have been them reciprocating.

In any event, I have plenty of negative feedback for anyone who inquires as to those other clowns if they server transfer or apply to an LS.

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