Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stealing NMs

I've been going to kill a lot of NMs the past week or so. I don't think any of them have actually dropped anything I was remotely interested in yet, but the fights can be fun anyway. Besides, I never got to do half of them as a melee job/tank before either.

Of course, NM camping is competitive and half the people camping Fafnir are probably botting assholes. Everyone knows and accepts that. It's up to SE to ban those jerks.

But, people still are supposed to maintain a minimum level of decency. You don't talk shit in /say just because you weren't the one to claim a mob. Or spam profanities in /shout. You don't spam Provoke hoping to steal the mob if it goes unclaimed for a moment, etc. Some LSes have rules about that, others have members who don't want to look like douchebags and restrain themselves.

Of course, some people still do these things anyway.

GM calls can sometimes get people banned for being potty mouths.

And attempted NM thieves can get their just desserts when the wiping group that's fighting a mob calls for help on it. Sure only BobNinja Provoked it when it went yellow once. But then JaneTheWHM cast Protectra/Shellra hitting BobNinja and garnering a tiny amount of hate with the NM. And then SuzyBard cast Mage's Ballad II and got hate as well. TerryRDM cast Haste on BobNinja. Etc. Now their entire alliance has hate on the NM.

And they're probably all going to die. Or kill it while it's CFH'd and get nothing from it.

Earlier Today...

The latter is what happened at Charybdis earlier today. It popped with myself (NIN/DNC), a new NIN/WAR to our LS, a RDM/WHM and a BRD/WHM there to claim/kill it.

I tried to Animated Flourish it, but was too fast so nothing happened. The other NIN Provoked it, and got raped in a few seconds. I began tanking it and with 20% Haste gear, the spell, and Marches I probably was over the spell Haste cap slightly. Timers were very low and I could mostly keep shadows up as I slowly wore it down. Only needing a few cure bombs, and changing gear so much that I was flashing like a Christmas Tree.We slowly but surely worked it down to between 30-40% HP (with no Flashes or Stuns other than my occasional katana proc, which would have helped tremendously). It's accuracy was in the neighborhood of 50% on me. With entire rounds of hits sometimes missing me. Then, my evasion, like an intricate blown glass sculpture, failed totally and catastrophically. I ate part of a Cross Attack for ~400, and then five melee hits in a row immediately after for however much more was needed to one-shot me.

But all was not lost, the other NIN had unweakened Provoked it and started tanking it. He fought it for a few minutes, Keffka had been killed too before he got hate and reraised. They got me up and I used my ~200 TP to cure the other NIN, and debuff Charybdis. Then the other NIN was killed (again quite rapidly), and it killed Keff yet again. It went unclaimed for a moment, so the other group used Animated Flourish on it. Which didn't claim it since I'd been spamming Cure Waltz II's and our BRD was doing BRD things. It killed the BRD and was coming for me when Keff had a irresistable suggestion: Call for Help. So, I quickly typed /help, unweakened, and got one-shotted again by Charby.
Then the delicious carnage began. The other people all stood back for a moment seeming to expect it to go white again in a moment as I died. Instead, it took a b-line for their NIN/DNC. Kicked his ass after Gravity wore, and then proceeded to kill every last person in the NIN/DNC's LS that was there.It was a thing of beauty. And all because they couldn't wait 2 minutes to let nature take it's course. Of course, had our other NIN/WAR not died I would have been back up in 2 minutes and we probably would have won.

But Evasion is a cruel Mistress, so we'll have to try again tomorrow.

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