Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stupid Turtle!

I just finished camping Adamantoise again. NQ popped, people who wanted the egg claimed it, dunno if it dropped or not (doesn't really matter either way).

When my crap clears the AH, I'll have all the gil I need for the remaining two items. So, if I weren't lazy, I would update the BB Items meter to show that 1/3 is green because I got a Wyrm Beard earlier (neat CSes, btw) and the last two thirds red, because I have gil to buy the items.

I'd still really like to use the 400-500 KS I have on KS99s, but people only want to do the Wyrm one because there's a 5% chance that if we don't wipe they might, maybe (but won't) get a Speed Belt. The Behemoth one is fairly easy as long as the DDs wait until it starts casting Meteor in somebody else to engage it. The Turtle I haven't done yet, but it looks like a bunch of Black Mages magic burst twice on it and it's dead. And the people who wanted to do the Wyrm one wanted to do it so badly, that they didn't for more than a month after I've been saying, "Hey! Let's do KS99!"


Well, 1/3, so that's an improvement. :-D

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