Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sucktastic Day!

Limbus SNAFU

We did Limbus last night, Apollyon SE.
We went in with a party of 6, but didn't have enough damage, so we got dumped out on the undead floor. The coin split was only 3, which at 9k a piece doesn't cover the cost of entry. >.<

I put them in my Bazaar overnight for 8.7k a piece and went to bed. I woke up to see that my 28 coins sold overnight. I forgot that I'd taken all my coins out of my Mog House, so I've sold all the ones I had been saving for the off chance a Diabolic Yarn actually dropped.

Always a bigger fish?

Of course, no matter what lame, stupid thing one does to one's self or is afflicted with, there's always someone who has it worse. I was looking through the log to find out why I had an extra 200k gil and noticed a long string of "fuck" and finally found that overnight, four to seven LS friends got hacked and all their gear stolen.

Worse yet, two of the people couldn't find their registration codes, so their accounts are frozen for a few weeks to prevent further damage and to investigate.

"Soloing" the Turtle

Yesterday, I claimed and killed the NQ Adamantoise yet again. Only Keffka was there at the start, and we had a Peryton and Raptor attack us. Keffka zoned the Peryton and I tanked the Turtle and Raptor at the same time for what seemed like a long time until he got back to sleep it. As I slowly beat the turtle to death help arrived and we managed to kill it while sleeping/binding three more adds.
An epic battle, to be sure. Unfortunately, I'm like 0/8 on the egg now.

Today, I woke up and ran to Valley of Sorrows to see the ~60 people there I was expecting. I had the exact ToD having killed it yesterday, but didn't see the NQ turtle pop or die. But, it did finally drop an Egg which the guy who was standing next to me praying we wipe yesterday got, making him 3/3 on BB items.

Hopefully, he'll do the time honored tradition of "I've got all the items I want, see yas!" or just AFK at Fafnir or something from now on.

I talked to one of the HNMLSes leaders, and they're selling the BB items currently, so I went to Fafnir which still hadn't popped. Some LS that I'd never seen before claimed it though (and took almost an hour to kill it it looked like from /search). I have no idea who they were, so I didn't even try to buy the Wyrm Beard from them.

I went to KB camp next, and after an hour or so it popped. LS that was willing to sell to me got claim, but no drop.

So, I'm still 0/3 on BB items. And beginning to really dislike King camping.

Because of how many people we lost at least temporarily, if not permanently, to hacking I don't see Epic being able to do KS99 this Sunday as had been planned. One person lost a depressing amount of Black Mage gear. Virtually all the HQ stuff you need off the AH gone. Another lost millions of gil along with expensive melee gear. Most of the triggers we had worked for in Sky/Sea are either frozen or stolen as well. So, I can't really complain about my day too much.

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