Thursday, June 26, 2008

Things People Do in FFXI That Annoy Me

White Mages who don't use Flash.

Seriously. You'll waste like 150MP on some stupid Holy shit that does 12 damage because you just have to skill up your Divine Magic. Yet, when there's a useful Divine Magic spell that would save you 200MP cure-bombing the guy who can't get his Ichi shadows back up, don't cast it! Quick, cast Holy again! Maybe the 10% TP it gives will provide something nice. Like a fatal TP attack.

You people should be forced to stare at the sun for inspiration. And blindness.

Dispellers who need Dispel said in /party everytime

Hey, guys! The other people you're with have other shit they need to do. Counting shadows, watching for TP moves that need to be stunned, healing people, etc. Maybe you could watch for the Cocoons or Wind Walls on your own?

People who need to be told what status ailment is on who

When you see "The Crawler uses Poison Breath on Mr. Tank." and Mr. Tank's HP starts dropping right afterwards, how about putting two and two together? (Hint: it's less than five.) Try casting Poisona on Mr. Tank to cure it! Wow!

Bonus: People who need to be told which -na spell fixes them

These people need to be told to go pull somethng with a DoT and kicked from your party and or LS immediately.

If you know where they live, mail them a delicious drink who's main constituent is bleach posthaste.


Yes, I'm in a crappy mood. But some people need to go die in a fire.

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