Monday, June 23, 2008

Where's all the RMTs?

I was walking to Dragon's Aery, and saw this unique site:

Two Goobbues not being killed just standing watch over...whatever the hell Goobbues watch.

I went to Fafnir afterwards, and Nidhogg popped.

I didn't get to buy the Wyrm Beard though as my other post mentioned.

I did kill this though later in the day:

Which we wiped to because nobody had any meds and it spams sleep along with every other negative status.

I bought Poison Potions, went back, and we killed it finally.

I ended up "tanking it" as Black Mage. I Manafonted and nuked the living shit out of it. A White Mage and Red Mage spamming Cure IV/V on me kept me alive and we killed it. I did ~5k damage in a minute.

It was so completely fucking annoying though, I don't really want to ever fight it again.

I Hate Greater Birds A Lot

We managed to wipe to Roc too somehow a day or two ago.

Some of the worst dual-boxing imagineable helped quite a bit. Blink-tanking kind of requires people to Erase Massacre Elegy, and to Haste the tank. Less important to make sure your alternate char is meleeing. >.>

Dynamis - Xarcabard

We did Dynamis - Xarcabard on Tuesday and got a good bit of Relic armor.

We got a Duelist Chapeau to drop right as I snapped this picture. It wasn't even off the NM.

WAR, MNK, RDM, WHM, and I think BST all dropped. I passed the MNK to someone else. I still haven't seen SMN drop there yet, and it's the only piece I want from Dynamis currently.

ENM Brothers!

I had the key item from a while ago, so I went with Goodgirls to duo it as Black Mage.

Fight lasted all of four minutes or so. We got a Cloud Evoker (first time I've seen one drop) and some miscelaneous junk worth 5k gil.

Needs Moar Gilz.

The two of us need to start spamming some more ENMs/Pirate's Charts for some easy gil. Whenever I get BB items, I think I may start saving for Accuracy+7 rings for my Monk and Ninja. Or level Scholar finally.

Either way, I hope to never set foot at a Kings camp again.

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