Thursday, July 31, 2008

64 Chocobo Feathers, 39 Crossbow Bolts, 8 Grass Threads, and 1 Onion Knife

Much thanks to Abira, Jheri, Kalaya, Nannie, Tidhusjhi, Tyan, Lexey, Sharny, Locknlock, Giantsnowball, Unforgiving, Elfeater, Ryukenishi, and Smohken for sending them to me.

Each one.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can't a Scholar get a Raise II scroll?

I just dinged 71 a little while earlier on Scholar, but still haven't been able to get a Raise 2 scroll from the Auction House.

I'm half tempted just to go farm one or some nonsense.

I'm an Antiwar Radio Blogger!

I'm now the writer and maintainer of the "How-To" for getting on Antiwar Radio IRC channel.

Which I guess means "I blogged on the AWR blog" rather than "I'm actually a real blogger there." :-)

My odds of getting on the Official Enemies List increases everyday! lol

So, tune into the the show 12-2PM Eastern time and come hang out on IRC too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Scholar Duo Idea

I wonder if a good NIN/WAR (or THF/NIN) and SCH/RDM would be able to duo Cactrot Rapido Ceremonial Dagger+Enspell style? I've never fought it before, but I've heard of people low-manning it by preventing it from getting TP (and having to eat 10k Needles).

Worst case scenario at 75 I'll have free RR2 and R2 for us both.

As you might guess from this picture...

I hit 70 Scholar earlier today! I had to take a break from leveling to get some stuff done before Dynamis tonight. But I'm hoping to be sporting some ugly Errant gear by tomorrow! :-)

Scroll Woes

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a Raise 2 scroll in several days of watching the Auction House yet. Fortunately, I can't Raise 2 myself, I need to wait for Reraise 2 at 75 for that, so I don't really care that much.

I doubt anyone I'll party with would know Scholar gets Raise 2 anyway. "Scholar is like a Summoner with Cure IV, right?" seems to be the depth of understanding most people have of the job.

I did buy the last of the Helix spells for another 80k gil or so. So no future visits to Eldieme Necropolis [S] (or waiting for campaign in Bastok Markets [S] to end >.>) are in my future.

Once I hit 72 or so I'll probably try the Scholar Limit Break 5 fight. If only to see the job's story to its completion. It's quite dark and intriguing. Much more interesting than a dismissive, surly, old man who becomes likeable by the end of a story arc.

Macro Renovations

I'll also need to revamp my macros fairly soon as they don't have any nukes set in them and I'll level into a crap load of gear that I can either full or part-time in certain slots. I'll probably wear an Errant Hpl. 90% of the time (nuking, debuffing, buffing, curing) except for just standing idle if I pick up a Vermillion Cloak which I would use for the Refresh.

I would like to get an Ixion Cloak, but I don't have anywhere near 5 million gil at the moment (more like ~500K) and after spending a long time saving for Black Belt items I'm a little burned out on making gil for the time being. Besides, if I spend 6 million on BB items and then 5 million more on an Ixion Cloak a short time later I may as well start saving for my own relic weapon instead of paying for ~10-20% of somebody in Excellence's. lol

Scholar Pros & Cons, Merit Points

I'm going to write up a summary of what I think of Scholar's capabilities so far overall and its shortcomings (if nothing else the lack of a fast-travel spell from the main job or it's primary sub, /RDM). I'll also probably post an update of what merit points I've finished since I last reviewed what I need and which ones I'll work on next in the next day or so.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cure Bots?

Are there bot programs out there that spam cures and status fixes?

I was in my usual horrible fucking Caedarva Mire party as Scholar earlier (dinged 68, yay!). Unlike the last one, we had a Red Mage there for Haste. But the PLD, DRK, THF frontline killed horribly slow even with a BRD, SCH, and BLM (ugh...) backline and the PLD's dualboxed RDM who was casting Haste on him. It didn't help that the Black Mage barely nuked at all, even on Jnuns, but I don't think I saw Chain #4 in four hours there.

But the reason I ask about actual Cure Bots (as opposed to the "SMN is only a Cure Bot from 12-75 in EXP!!!! Q_Q") is that I'd see:
Bob begins casting Silena on Tankguy.
The Heraldic Imp readies Deafening Tantra.

Which is kind of weird to begin casting before it even shows up in your log...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fire, Bad! Update

I posed quite a while back about how my video card caught fire, and for some surely unrelated reason didn't work after that.

Well, I found my brother has a non-functioning PC upstairs (I should see if I can get it working...) and it had my old GeForce 2 GTS in it. So, I swapped out my circa 1997 PCI (that's not PCI Express) card and now can run my PS2 through my TV card and watch it on my PC's monitor. Things like a Temporal Comb Filter and Noise Filter greatly improve the image quality.

This also lets me screenshot during cutscenes again, take pictures of things in the chat log, and things in the menu. So, I can start posting pictures of my new merits, retarded tells people send me, hilariously gimp gear on other players, and some lulz from LS chat.

Best yet, the reason I can use my TV card again is because the POS PCI card didn't have a full hardware video overlay so DivX movies, Youtube, etc now all work much faster as they aren't being drawn by my gimpy ass AthlonXP CPU.

Cats & Biological Warfare

Well, I went to help some friends rack wine (transfer from one container, mostly 50+ gallon barrels and 6 gallon glass carboys, to another) yesterday. Being in Philadelphia in the summer it was hot as hell there. I usually hang out and chat with the same group of people at a homebrew club meeting but wine needed racking so we did that instead.

We chatted in the downtime, and I found out a rather odd coincidence.

One of the guys there about a month ago got Lyme's Disease. This is an odd coincidence, because about a week earlier I had gotten bitten by a tick and a week or so later had the same splitting headache followed by arthritis-like pain in every joint. He said he had about the same symptoms, and asked what I got for it. We both had the same antibiotic for the same amount of time. Same exact pill even. (I'm not sure, but usually it seemed like if you got the same prescription a few times there could be different pill forms sometimes with different brands or whatever?) And within a few days of taking it, we both had nearly fully recovered.

I know where I got my tick from: My cat. The jerk lays around in bushes half the day and sits in the grass "hunting" at night. If a cat had any idea what bacteria are I'd be highly annoyed at the little guy. But he's just too cute.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

67 Scholar!

After some more Campaign battle as /RDM doing useful things and as /BRD being viewed comtemptuously as "probably a botter" by half the server (Also: F*ck that half of the server. They can't even MPK worth a f*ck. LOL.) I finally dinged 67 Scholar!

After getting 4k worth of buffer EXP, I used my Emperor Ring (I switched from Empress because I'd rarely been EXPing on any jobs so three uses that were twice as large beats out 7 at half the size for my purposes), recharged it, and have it ready to use again.

If I ever get a party.

Only about 45 minutes left of the 210 it has altogether and I still haven't gotten 1 EXP out of it.

The Competition

Keffka and I have a slightly less than not at all serious competition over who can get to 75 first. I hadn't played for roughly a week, but he hadn't played much either so he was 59 Scholar as of yesterday. Which means I'm still about as far ahead of him in EXP as I was to start with.

Scholar Merits?

SE had the least informative teaser ever recently.

The next FINAL FANTASY XI Version Update has been scheduled to take place in early September. The development team is currently hard at work to bring you the following, just to name a few items:
- The continuing episodes of nation quests for the Wings of the Goddess expansion.
- Major battle-related tweaks and additions.
- Adjustments to fellows and Campaign.

We will be posting more detailed information on the next version update right here on Topics as it becomes available, so stay tuned!
The only obvious things are the continued missions for the three nations in the Crystal War era and Puppetmaster/Corsair/Blue Mage Relic Armor.

Moar Stories

The first is cool. It should have really been added in the last update though. And SE should be continuing the main mission storylines and hopefully have some more challenging BCNMs than the last update did. The cutscenes were amazing though, so I guess that helps to make up for it. A BCNM that I could have probably soloed as NIN/DNC, but duoed with another NIN/DNC, and didn't know any of the "special tricks" to the boss but that didn't matter because they were irrelevant is a little bit too "easy mode" for my liking.

Moar Relics

SE baffled and shocked with how over the top f*cking crazy/impossible the new Nyzul Isle relics are to get just from a "things you have to do before counting the 50K in gems" aspect.

So, I'm curious to see how they'll handle the PUP/BLU/COR relic sets. Unless they are also boosting drop rates dramatically on existing AF2 it'll probably be something that takes months to get.

But I don't really care as my Corsair is level 1, my Blue Mage is level 18, and my Puppetmaster is level 28. PUP is the only of the three I'd consider leveling further really, but it would get zero use in any forseeable circumstance, so why bother? Good for people who have one of those jobs at 75 already, but "meh" as far as I'm concerned.

So...Back to Scholar Merits

Anyway, it seems quite likely that SE showed a picture of Scholar and Dancer because they're going to add merits to them finally. Group 1 merits are typically potency, accuracy, duration, activation percent increase, or recast time related. Group 2 merits are where new job abilities or spells are released.

I'd guess that Scholar can hope to get the following:

Modus Veritas Recast Time For the uninitiated, Modus Veritas decreases the time a Helix spell effect lasts, but doubles the damage per tick it inflicts. They usually last fairly long and unresisted do about the same damage as a Tier IV nuke for half the MP cost. With the base recast time at 10 minutes it's not very useful. And doesn't really increase the overall damage of a Helix, so this merit would be kind of sucky.

Helix Potency Possibly adding either MAB or a straight INT bonus so Helix spells do 10-25 more damage per tick. This would be ok, but Helix spells aren't terribly useful so it would be "meh".

Arts Recast Time Reduce the 1 minute to the Light/Dark Arts Recasts. This would be pretty good and make Scholar even more flexible.

Arts Potency Make using Light/Dark Arts add more magic skill. 2 or 3 points per upgrade and you would get bumped from D skill to ~A skill level. This would be a huge boost for Scholar on harder mobs. This would be a great merit category to have.

Stratagem Effects There's bunch of different things they could do here. Make the MP Cost -50% ones decrease slightly more than 50%. Meh. Or make the Potency+% ones higher +% boosts. W00t! Increase the AoE range on the forced AoE stratagems. Eh.

Grimoire: Fast Cast Effect This is on the AF feet and ok. Maybe give 10% Fast Cast (which would put Scholar at the Casting Speed cap I think using /RDM?) while under Light/Dark Arts.

Overall, I don't see Scholar Group 1 merits making a huge difference on the job if they end up being what I described, but every little bit helps.

SE does like to through curveballs though, so my guesses could quite possibly be completely wrong.

It's also quite possible, being such new jobs and all, that SE will add entirely new JAs or spells to them this update for free. Haste, for instance, would make Scholar better than White Mage in nearly all circumstances. Being able to cast Hastega would also be quite handy (Garuda does not count). I don't see SE doing this, however. A Self-Haste JA might be a possibility though.

That's it for now, I should probably be paying attention in this EXP party I'm in.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How the f*ck did I miss this?

Who the hell is in charge of Internet memes? Why didn't they inform Evilpaul, your humble blogger and/or arrogant ass, about Rickrolling?

I'd have kept all five of you abreast (awesome word) of all the latest developments in nanotechnology, wine, and bloodsport!

But no, I don't get the memo, so my three readers have to suffer.

Cruel, cruel Fate.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Week in Final Fantasy

Apparently, SE banned a bunch of gil sellers/buyers, had a maintenance, and is going to add stuff to Scholar/Dancer, Dynamis, and Puppetmasters. Or that's what I've gotten from my 20 minutes that I've been able to login for as my POS PS2 overheats in the...sweltering heat, so it's hard to tell.

So, I've been wasting my free time replaying FFVI this week. It came out around 1994, and I played the shit out of it at the time. Several 99:59 saves on some cartridge that's god knows where (probably a landfill) by now. So, I've been playing it on a GBA emulator. Remembering things like Edgar's famous (two heads) tossing coin and the tragic, if you don't let the Beavis and Butthead level innuendo get in the way, death of Cid..ah, yesteryear.I specifically avoided doing any level grinding, so I found myself with level 35 characters in the Phoenix Cave. Where I killed the first of 8 dragons that are needed for the Meltdown/Merton Esper.2x Magic damage from Terra in her Esper form is just broken at lower levels before everyone can be maxxed out 9,999 damage on everything.

The GBA port had a new translation and some new content. Including a ridiculous Cactuar Esper that they added to my favorite leveling spot from way back in the day. It kind of spams 1,000 Needles eight times in a row before it finally drops dead, so I won, but it was bloody.I found Meteor spam and Curaga were enough to wear it down. Due to the 8x 1,000 damage at the end Reraise might be advised too.

Still an awesome game ~15 years later. If you can pick it up I'd recommend it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

When it's 91 degrees Farenheit outside...

When it's 91F outside and you've got air-conditioning...maybe turn it on? Even if you're setting it to 80F because you're retarded. Any little bit would be kind of nice.

I'd really like it if, for instance, it wasn't so goddamned hot that I can't sleep well or if it were cool enough that my ancient PS2 didn't overheat.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

While we're on the topic of movies...

Did anyone watch Batman and Robin before they released it? I haven't seen George Clooney lately, so I assume he committed ritual suicide on the premiere night.

Uma Thurman is the only thing it has going for it, and you can see her in movies that don't make you want to chug an extra large bleach smoothie.

The new Indiana Jones movie

I haven't seen the new Indiana Jones movie. I assume it was popular at the box office, but I don't really pay attention to such things. I did have a problem with it though from what I heard about it: It lacked nazis.

Let's review the franchise briefly.

The first one, Raiders of the Lost Ark: Great movie! Chock full of nazis. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of nazis. If that's what you're here for you're reading the wrong website. But they make great villains. They're diabolically evil. They're German, so they always want to dominate the entire planet. And at the end of the movie, they melt a bunch! It was great.

The second one, Temple of Doom: Awful movie. The "villains": "Scary" indians with funny hats. Steven Spielburg apparently realized the plot of was terrible and didn't want to pay actors who can put on a German accent, so he got some guy who could magically rip people's still-beating hearts from their chests.

And this religious fanatic is supposed to be terrifying? He should be looked at as a role model. I mean seriously, didn't you meet at least one, maybe two or three, people today that the world would have been better off if you ripped their still-beating hearts from their chests? Were it not all the inconvenience of needing extreme force to somehow tear a person's chest open or carrying around a big knife that would probably bother the people who aren't heart removal candidates wouldn't that be a really dandy idea? If you could just magic out a heart and go about your day?

Now that I think about it, I'm going to have to change the Temple of Doom's villain. Sure, Indiana Jones doesn't like snakes, but I don't like bugs. So, we're going to go with bugs as the villain of Temple of Doom. From the taking over the world perspective bugs either have already or my can of RAID will keep them at bay.

Either way, bad movie. Mediocre villain.

Which brings us to the third movie The Last Crusade. Again, they brought in some nazis. (This time with Sean Connery!) And it was a great movie. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but Nazis melted at the end again (sorry, if I ruined it for you). I'm not sure if Nazis are genetically predisposed to spontaneous melting or not, but it sure is fun when they do it if you ask me.

So, I'm curious if the new one was any good or not. I heard it had Russians who aren't really scary unless you're over 35, learned to duck under your wooden desk at school to protect yourself from nuclear (which you pronounce "nook-a-lar") blasts, and haven't looked at the newspaper since climbing out from under your desk. For the rest of us, they just aren't that scary. If Russians took over the world, there would be plenty of vodka around to drink and forget about it anyway.

But it could be a good movie.

I'll have to pirate it sometime.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The QWERTY Keyboard...

An old article on Reason about the QWERTY keyboard, and the myths surrounding it.

Kind of long, but the conclusion is that it did actually perform better or on par with rivals (notably Dvorak, the one that's supposedly better) and most of the tests to the contrary were not controlled properly and were conducted by Dvorak himself. Which makes them a little biased.

Einherjar, Scholar 66, ENMs, and Salvage Oh My!


Epic did another Einherjar run a few days ago.That's the same Buffalo boss that ass "loved" me last time, but we got 760 Ampoules out of it this run and it was kind of fun. The rest of the mobs were skeletons.I went BLM to it. We didn't have enough DDs though, so we didn't clear it. The mega boss was also linked towards the end, so I got to kite it for a bit before I finally died.

I think maybe 2-5 more DDs and making sure that there's a Bard in the DD parties and we'll have it next time. Not a bad second attempt...well, first attempt really since most people hadn't done it before and I hadn't tried it since the Einherjar patch.

Scholar 66!

I dinged 66 in Scholar today. No pictures or anything, but imagine I cast Protect IV on you and am wearing a Phantom Tathlum instead of that ridiculous Easter event egg.


I've been duoing A Sheep in Antlion's Clothing and Brothers ENM lately with GGs. We've mostly gotten crap other than EXP from Brothers and timed out in Sheep. But, this most recent Sheep run, we won! Our loot was a Harmonia's Torque and some synth mat worth 3k. Free lotted them, and I ended up with 33k worth of crap.

Then we went to do Brothers. And I forgot to hand in the sack of ice or whatever for the key item. This was after 80 minutes for the fucking ice wall to go down so we could get to the BCNM area.By which time on my third trek up the mountain GGs fell asleep and I went to go drink liquor.

I hope Sage Sundi dies in a fire.

So, hopefully we'll duo it tomorrow and get some good loot and EXP. I need to fish up another Pirate's Chart and hopefully get a Mercurial Kris to sell+split from that too again soon. I pretty much haven't fished at all since getting my Black Belt.


As I mentioned previously, I got a Black Belt for my Monk (I mean prior to last paragraph) and am leveling Scholar which is awesome in Salvage. But, I don't do Salvage since a few runs with a group that disbanded and left most of Epic Salvage-less.

Several people want to do it, and a few more people have done the prep work (they've got 50k Assault points or something crazy), so we may start it up again. When I mentioned Accession Phalanx, Stoneskin, and Regen II it got them pondering whether I should go MNK or SCH. I think the final verdict was MNK, so I'll just have to use SCH just about everywhere else. ;-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 Things that are surprisingly good for you


According to number 7, I'm safe!
7. Like red wine and chocolate, coffee contains antioxidates and tannins that help protect the heart and unblock the arteries. It's also good for the liver - one cup per day cuts the risk of alcoholic cirrhosis by 20 per cent; four cups a day reduces the risk by 80 per cent, which is good news if you're on a red wine diet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I almost think I don't like people sometimes.

Imagine you were playing FFXI and wanted to make a party. I know, I can't comprehend it either. I hate making f***ing parties.

But anyway, you'd want a tank, a healer, some DDs, hopefully a Bard, etc. Maybe a Black Mage too. You can give him a sympathy sex quickie or something before leaving Whitegate. Or, you know, whatever it was you invited a Black Mage to an EXP party for in ToAU areas.

Or, you could invite a:
Blue Mage
Dark Knight
and be a Black Mage yourself.

You could also invite the Scholar first when you have no other members. You know, drag him away from 4-5k/hr solo spamming in Campaign to stand around Whitegate for an hour wondering if you invited him to D2 him for lulz or some s***.

Then make a party that makes no goddamned sense at all and try to get the Dark Knight to tank. Then talk about going to Caedarva Mire at level 64. I recall getting raped my first fight there as a level 69 Ninja, so I'm guessing it wouldn't work too well without even a Bard for Elegy or a real tank.

So, yeah. Sorry guys, but I had to go log out and switch to my mule. I hope you get a tank and RDM or BRD.

Funny thing that kind of inspired me to switch chars..the level 60 something BLM doesn't know how to use Runic Portals, but has all 6 already. So, if you thought I was a dickhead for the above paragraph you're wrong. They were just overwhelmingly retarded.

PSX Games on the PSP

I've been reading up on this some more and think I understand how it works to get your PSX games converted into a file that's put on a PSP memory stick and run using modified firmware now.

So, I wrote down my PSX games:
Syphon Filter
Deception 2: Kagero
Decetion 3: Dark Delusion
Castlevania: Symphone of the Night
Monster Rancher
Breath of Fire 3
Breath of Fire IV
Chocobo Racing
SaGa Frontier
SaGa Fronter 2
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy: Origins (FF1 & 2)
Final Fantasy: Chronicles (IV & Chrono Trigger)
Final Fantasy: Anthology (V & VI)
Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 9
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Brave Fencer Musashi
Threads of Fate
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve 2
Chocobo's Dungeon II
Legend of Mana
Front Mission 3
Chrono Cross
Bushido Blade
Bushido Blade 2
Tales of Destiny
Star Ocean: The Second Story
Metal Gear Solid
MGS: VR Missions
Torneko: The Last Hope
Azure Dreams
Dragon Warrior 7
Lunar Silver Star Story: Complete
A few sucked, but most were pretty fun.

This Week in Evilpaul

Well, the first thing was on Saturday, so I lied.

Kirin!Epic did two Kirin runs on Saturday. Astral Flow was brutal both times and killed me once. Carby on the first, Shiva on the second. That radioactive squirrel is a real bastard.

People broke Shadowbind and Bind on both Suzaku (I did the first Suzaku :-P) on both Kirins, so they were unnecessarily bloody.

Two Osodes dropped. The first Kirin dropped Neptunal Abj.: Body x2 which nobody wanted. A decent amount of money items dropped.

I'd like to get a Dryadic Abj.: Body for my Monk, but none dropped. Several people who've been with Epic for a while but haven't gotten much of anything yet wanted one too though, so I didn't bid on it.


So I got to post to the BG forums a revelation: That it is possible for a country to lose their capital in Campaign. Windurst [S] managed to do just that.When you see the NPCs they have fighting for them I think we all know why.

Scholar EXP

I've gotten about 80k EXP on Scholar in parties in the past few days. Nearly all of it has been as SCH/WHM with a PLD tank. A decent PLD in a spot where they aren't totally overwhelmed isn't too bad to heal. I'd rather have a NIN who if competent with Haste won't get hit much, but I can manage. Unfortunately, I ran into shit-tastic Paladins.

Exhibit A:An Elvaan F PLD wearing the level 30 RSE gear in EXP at level 60. No, I don't know what the fuck was the matter with her. She also had that Jeuno white hideous armor hat, presumably to disguise her identity.

As SCH/WHM I took a hit better than that Paladin.

Exhibit B:That PLD had to go, so we ended up with a decently geared one who took less than half the damage.

I had another in Aydeewa Subterrane.It only lasted for about 2k EXP, and kind of sucked.

I finally got a party with a Ninja tank and DDs who were /NIN.It only lasted about an hour, but it was extremely boring. I rarely needed to heal people, some battles I just stood around doing nothing.

I put up AoE Stoneskin and tried AoE Aquaveil. Yes, I used AoE Aquaveil. I was /WHM and had nothing else to do. If you ever get the chance to, don't bother it maybe let Utsusemi go off twice it wouldn't have otherwise.

That party disbanded, so I went and did Campaign for a while. Then, I got an invite to a party on Mount Z.The Paladin in that party kind of sucked, but the Red Mage was really good. After a while, both had to leave.Then, it kind of switched and the Red Mage sucked but the Paladin was good.

My connection shit itself shortly before we were supposed to disband, so I went to go take care of some RL stuff at that point.

Another party in Aydeewa Subterrane with a few LS people, and I hit 64 finally.

Scholar in EXP Conclusions

Soloing in Campaign by spamming /BRD stuff seems kind of tolerable after a few of those parties.

Geohelix was thorougly disappointing when I used it a few times. But then again, nothing is weak to earth, so I'm pretty sure it was resisted. My INT/MAB gear was also pretty crappy and incomplete. I didn't have a Penitent's Rope at the time, but bought one on my mule for the last couple parties.

Barfira+Rainstorm on the PLDs on Mount Z kept Incinerate from killing them except for once where a normal hit+crit+Incinerate in a two second period dropped the second PLD. Taking 90+% of your HP in damage in a second is bad luck and not my fault as crappy healer of last resort.

I'm also confirming my observations from leveling Summoner: I really don't like being the healer in parties. It's boring as all hell. And tedious as shit to boot. It's also frequently crap EXP/hr, so I'm kind of tempted to just go solo BST pets or do more Campaign battles. Who do I have to sleep with to get a party with a Bard anyways?


63 Scholar!

I dinged 63 Scholar earlier today! That's about 52% of the way to 75!

That's kind of depressing, actually.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Scroll of Instant Reraise

If you like using the Scrolls of Instant Reraise in Campaign from the C.A.' about doing a fucking Resource Procurement Campaign Op?

You can get about 400 EXP on a job you don't want to level in parties and make it so there will still be RR scrolls by Tuesday. All you have to do is hand in a Yagudo Drink or something half the time.

It's win-win!

Go do one!

[GM] Dave!

I had the [GM]Dave blog bookmarked, but hadn't checked in a while as it wasn't being updated. But on a whim, had a look, and it's back!

Funny as hell, too!

AFK party invites?

I went out hours ago and left a /search comment saying that I was taking (G-9) back in Aht Urghan Whitegate and that I was AFK.

I still got three party invites.

I shouldn't complain too much though. I got a party invite earlier. It was the party of the damned. The Paladin was wearing level 30ish RSE. (Keep in mind, that the Paladin was level 62.) And was using some club that looked like it was made out of poured concrete. With a shield that she probably shouldn't have been using either.

She also took a hit from a Colibri as well as I did. Which is sort of fucked up seeing as I was a Scholar in artifact armor not a fucking Paladin supposed to be tanking.

The party leader was a Samurai. Now, I have nothing against Samurai. They're wicked overpowered in many circumstances. Unfortunately, this jackass took 2,000 damage (no, I'm not exaggerating at all) in a single fight and didn't use Third Eye let alone Seigan. The party had a Dancer and myself as SCH/WHM and we were both spamming cures on this moron to keep him alive.

Mercifully, the PLD and SAM both left after a while and we got another DRK and PLD to replace them. After one or two fights, the PLD got used to our setup (PLD/WAR, DRK, DRK, DNC, WAR/NIN (axes), SCH/WHM (me)) and used less Cure spells and just spammed Provoke + Flash for hate mostly. Along with Cover if the DDs got into trouble. And things worked out fine. Myself and the DNC did most of the curing.

Sublimation is amazing. I was able to keep going continuously without anything other than some /heal time and Sanction Refresh.

As a whole though, SCH had pretty outstanding MP stamina.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You know, if I actually did Salvage...

You know, if I actually did Salvage in a month or so from now (or whenever I hit 75 Scholar), people would have to pick between BB MNK or SCH in Salvage both of which are very good. XD

I just hit 60 Scholar by the way. Well, not yet, but I'm @581 to 60 and doing Campaign again so I'll be there very shortly.

Irony, Much?

We report, you decide.


Saved for posterity:

Friday, July 11, 2008

PSX Games and the Sony PSP?

I was looking in the BG RPG Discussion forums earlier today, and realized that it's possible to "update" your PSP firmware to a hacked version that let's you copy modified ISO images of PSX games to the memory cards it uses. The cards are 2GB in size, so that would fit quite a few games. So, I've been looking into this for a few hours now, and still don't know how the hell it works exactly.

Apparently, if I bought a new PSP for the purposes of playing PS1 games I own (I've got a ton of them, I may type up the list if I feel like it later) I'd need a "Pandora's Battery", USB cable, Memory card, and a few pieces of software and I could downgrade the firmware to a custom one and then rip PS1 games for use with it.

The "How to make a Pandora's Battery" tutorials all say "using your custom firmware PSP..." though, so it's kind of an infinite recursion that doesn't tell me a f#%&ing thing.

So, I'll probably post to one of the PSP hacking forums tonight, get flamed to read the stickies that I'm asking questions about, and still have no answer.


Black Mage, Summoner, Ninja, and Monk Gear Sets

Over at they added a feature to their Item Watch Lists that shows what the items on the list would look like equipped (assuming they're equippable and not an Ether or something). I've been using that for a while now for lists of stuff I can Cook, Fish, Alchemy up, or whatever, so I decided to put my BLM, SMN, and some NIN and MNK gear sets into it.

Black Mage!

My Nuking set. Focuses on MAB, INT, and Elemental Magic skill.

My Enfeebling set. Focuses on Enfeebling Magic skill primarily, some INT and Magic Accuracy too.


Gear while using Carbuncle.

Gear with other avatars.


More varied setups for Ninja, I couldn't include my Defense Build due to space limitations (you can only have 10 Item Watch Lists).

Ninja TP Gear. Focuses primarily on Haste, then secondarily on Acc/Att. Death by 1,000 paper cuts. Only 3% more Haste available at a cost of 60 million it's not going to get much better.

Ninja WS Gear. Swaps in Attack and STR for Haste mostly. Feet could use something better, but I don't have Macro space left.

Ninja Evasion set. This set works quite well on anything I fight that I can realistically hope to evade much. I use Mamushito +1's for their stun effect on things that it can proc on. I only macro in Haste where I'm not wearing it there for Utsusemi.

Damage drops significantly (by 1/3rd or so), so it's not a good set for situations where I need to hold hate off other DDs.

Despite the reduced TP gain from loss of Haste, I find it works pretty well with /DNC too.


Monk TP Gear set. 22% Haste (can be 25% if I use Fuma instead of Dune Boots), Dune Boots for high damage Kick Attacks, Attack+ and Evasion neutral. High DPS with added effect: Ass kicking. Just the way Monk should be.

I should probably replace the Osode with a Shura Togi, but I don't have the Dryadic Abjuration: Body, so meh.

Although I didn't have room for it (10 list max, etc), I also have Evasion and Defense builds for my Monk. The Evasion build swaps in basically the same things as the Ninja one; Boxer's Mantle, Evasion Torque, O.hat, SH, etc. The Defense build uses Arhat's +1, Jelly Ring, etc.

I've used the Evasion build on Aura Statues and the results are quite impressive. From getting hit most attacks to getting hit only half the time or so. Give or take due to the streakiness of Evasion.


That's it for now, hopefully I got all the links above right.

Potential Drama Post of the Night

On the BG Forums here.


I'm still reading it, can't wait to see what happens.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

AH Gear for Scholar?

As I'm trekking towards 75 Scholar, I decided to figure out what equipment I'd need that I don't have from Black Mage. Because it's a much more versatile job I figured there would be some stuff I don't have but really should.

Enfeebling Torque would be an obvious one. I'd wanted to get one for BLM, but no macro space is left so I never bothered. Dark Torque would be a good addition too for Drain/Aspir.

If I don't get a Sothic Rope I'll need to pick up a Penitent's/Ocean Rope as well. I'm not sure which I'd rather.

I posted on BG, and people got back to me with other things I hadn't thought of. Suggestions included a set of Enhancing magic skill+ gear (would add 1 damage reduction to Accension+Phalanx) and a Vermillion Cloak. Well, Ixion Cloak was suggested too, but I spent the 5 million gil I had lying around and don't feel like working my ass off for more again already.

Of course the biggest thing would probably be Yigit which I'm 0/5 on still. So, I should probably see about getting people to come do Assault missions.

I has gown! (And misc pictures.)

I dinged 58 Scholar a little while earlier, and I can now wear my Scholar's Gown!

I got a set of rather mediocre gear (except HQ staff, basically all crap+AF), and am going to LFP in Aht Urhgan Whitegate now instead of Campaign. You can only do so much of this:before it becomes painfully boring.

Which is long before 21 levels worth.


I did a few ENMs yesterday with GGs to try and get some gil and a little free EXP. First we did Sheep in Antlion's Clothing. Our first attempt it last week was NIN/DNC (me), NIN/WAR, WHM/BLM (both GGs dualboxing) and we ran out of time with the NM you need to kill at like 10% HP. We went again (and I forgot pictures again) and with me as MNK/NIN and ran out with it at around 25% HP. It popped the last time as we timed out basically.

If we could find the damn NM in a timely manner we'd be 2/2 on it. But SE is ghey so we lost.

Then we did ENM Brothers again.Which is just LOL as far as difficultly with two geared up BLMs. Only drop was a 4k Eltoro Leather which I haven't gotten around to putting on the Auction House yet. 3.5k EXP though, so I can't complain (much).

On the Way to ENMs...

On the way to ENM Brothers in Xarcabard there was dark weather, so I just had to go check for the ghost NM with the unspellable name. Sure enough:It was up, and I beat it's ass. An easy 80k when the Lucent Cape actually dropped (1/3 on it).


Other Stuff

Some mostly not terribly interesting stuff now. I got a /tell from a friend that Rose Garden was up, so I went to kill it as BLM/THF.No drop, of course.

This is the end of the Black Belt Saga pics. Me getting the Adamantoise Egg from an LS in VoS when they killed Aspi:Attempting to get a Behemoth Tongue with Epic from KS99 (wtf at 0/4 dropping :-[)And getting up bright and early the next morning when KB popped and the same LS that I got the Egg off of sold me the Tongue.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Playboy, I only read it for the articles.

An article by Richard Cummings Lockheed's Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is on The page I linked to is PG or PG-13 at the most, so other than the domain name it probably wouldn't get you into trouble at work. Other than you're reading articles instead of working.

Interesting read if you're wondering why the USG is expanding NATO to Russia's borders.

/say: Now with extra stupid!

King Vinegarroon. Not a fan of him, myself. Being a 21hr+ lotto NM based on weather tends to do that though. Nevertheless, several people in Epic want to join TEAM ROBOCOP by obtaining an Ace's Helm from it.

So, several people went to camp it and try to claim it when it popped. As they were waiting, literally ~100 other people showed up. It finally pops, somebody claims it, but doesn't do anything and dies a few moments later. A Ninja from Epic gets it, and they begin kiting it. About 40 minutes later I finally get my ass over there as MNK/NIN (now with 100% moar BB) to kill it. After about 20 more minutes the remainder of the people that were online arrived. We did a 3 bard rotation and killed it.

Our RDM/DRK got Petrified and then pwned though, so it was a bloody win. When KV was almost dead I seemed to have cemented hate on it (fairly easy being well equipped with half the other people already dead so they aren't competing for it ;-)) I got lucky with a Venom Sting for 0 upfront damage (and I had Antidotes with me), and then took a 1,623 damage Death Scissors to the face which put me out for the rest of the fight. But it died two seconds later.

Then most of the rest of the ally died because of Poison. LOL.

But what's this about /say?

So, I told you all of that, so I could tell you this. At least a half dozen people there acted like complete jackass twelve year olds. Normally, the shit-talking stops post-kill because, well, the NM was killed.

But no, geniuses like Rathan have to keep going. So, being dead and not having bothered with RR1 anyway, I did what any responsible adult should:
Me>>Rathan Are you 12?
Rathan>>Me are u 7?
Me>>Rathan /cry
Me>>Rathan moar in /say (which I misspelled /sar)
At which point he shut up finally. After 25 minutes of crying that we were kiting King every other LS on Hades that fights it. Considering how long people kited it yesterday, I'm not sure if he's just a noob to HNM or 15 years old. Or both, who knows?

Then there was Nezzie who while less obnoxious was still a moron. Kept going on about making herself (probably himself) a sandwich while waiting for us to stop kiting and kill it. And complained that we kited for an hour which was the "new server record." Server history begins anew everyday, I guess?

I encouraged him to go make a sandwich though, hopefully he'll die from diabetes before he can reproduce.

Then there was Gohan, who must have been playing forever to be able to get that name (it's just incredibly rare...only 3+ other knock-offs of it on Hades alone) who was just generally retarded. Not retarded in am actually annoying or insulting way. Or even a funny way. It was more like when you meet somebody who's actually handicapped mentally in real life and you feel sort of bad for him or her.

The night draws to a close...

So that was King Vinegarroon on Hades tonight. Mercifully, we only have about three members who want the helm, so we can stop going sometime in the forseeable future.

There was also a guy there with a search comment who was offerring 70 million gil for the Ace's Helm that was pretty entertaining.

Jesse Helms died on Friday.

I didn't post mourning him because, well, he was a douchebag. I know some people would say he just died, so be nice about him. But I wouldn't have spoken kindly of him when he was alive, so f*#@ him he's dead now, and I'm not a fake person who pretends to like somebody because they died. Something that everyone who's still alive is going to do someday.

Anyway, Chris Floyd mentioned Helms dying on Friday here. I'd have a look even though you probably don't give a shit about Jesse Helms than I do. Why? Because it's pretty damn funny.

Floyd links to, which covered Helm's retirement a few years back. They obtained his retirement plans and posted it:

Which is really funny as well. (Hopefully, not funny because it's true.)

Check out other stuff on theOnion, it's a pretty entertaining site.

Scholar 56 and /BRD in Campaign!

Scholar 56!

I got several more levels as SCH/BRD in Campaign today. I actually bought half-decent gear for Scholar as I was planning to party originally. But got no invites, so I went and did Campaign instead.

I dinged into my last weather spell and Cure IV at 55. With Rapture it healed 538 HP on some Galka DRG that was asking for cures by the C.A. guy.

At 56 I can use the Scholar's Pants which give +15 skill to Divine/Enhancing/Healing/Enfeebling magic. That last one is huge and gives me 203 Enfeebling magic skill (including capped Enfeeb merits) which is higer than a Red Mage at level 56 (183 skill). I'd really like to see how it performs in a party.

The AF body (Dark Arts +15) and hat (Sublimation works 50% faster) are at 58 and 60 and look quite nice as well.

/BRD in Campaign!

I saw this trend start and it works quite well. Slow but steady EXP. (I went from 37->56 Scholar doing it, afterall.) Now I may have three LS members leveling their subs this way too.

I get the feeling SE is going to nerf it next patch, and hopefully make it so all the areas are ever under allied control sometimes. It's just too nice and contributes nothing to acutally getting areas under allied control.

Well, it was nice while it lasted anyway.

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's funny, because it's true.

Care of TheOnion:

Today Now!: How To Pretend You Give A Shit About The Election

Monk Gear

Because the profile isn't updating for some reason, the widget on the right is out of date, and doesn't show you this:
I'm still doing the happy dance over it. :-D

I also got 51 Scholar a few minutes ago, so I can use my HQ staves on it finally! I should probably get my NQ Seer's set out of storage and just get a party or two, Campaign battles are pretty boring.

I also need to get around to actually getting Vicious Mufflers, Sothic Rope, and maybe Taster's Cape.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summa Cum Laude!

After picking up my Black Belt, I went back to spamming songs in Campaign for a few minutes until I hit 50 Scholar.

Scholar Artifact Set

Then, I went and did the Artifact Armor quests. The storyline is really good on them, but they were pretty easy.

The 52 piece you just do some walking around for, wait a day and can flag the level 60 piece quest. The others are obtained from a guy in Bastok Markets [S] who asks for key items that are found in other [S] zones. Some of them can only be obtained at night or during weather or what have you.

The level 60 fight was pretty easy, it's against a certain Scholar NPC. He swings pretty quickly and accurately with a Dagger, but only has the crappy low damage weaponskills. He's also low evasion, so a BB MNK eating meat tears into him pretty good. He starts spamming AoE Tier III (not -ga3, regular Tier 3 just AoE) spells at 50%, but they were all resisted down to ~200 damage a piece. Davik came as RDM/WHM to help and we beat it easily.

The set itself is pretty nice as I've said before (stats here), and once this stupid campaign battle in Bastok Markets [S] ends, I'll have my SCH body piece and be able to put it into storage until I actually can wear most of it.

By far the least pain in my ass set of AF I've gotten yet.

What's in a Name?

I also got this title "Summa Cum Laude" which has something to do with your rank in your graduating class, but I don't remember what and can't be bothered to Wikipedia it. I'm pretty sure "Black Belt" is a cooler title though. Then again, "Total Loser" and "Dead Body" are also old favorites that might be due to make a comeback.

Black Belt!

King Behemoth popped today and I was able to buy the Behemoth Tongue! Making me 3/3!!!

After a brief walk around Jeuno I was able to finally obtain a Black Belt! :-D

KS99 Behemoth!

We did four orbs (two mine), and zero tongues dropped. ;_;

Friday, July 4, 2008

2/3 BB items!!!!!!

Aspi popped a few minutes ago, and I'm now the proud owner of an Adamantoise Egg!!! :-D

Much thanks to the people who sold it to me.

It seems like it took forever to finally get one. Now just for that pesky Behemoth Tongue and I'll have the best waist piece in the game!

Evilpaul, Ph.D?

If I ever claim to be a nuclear weapons expert, I wouldn't want to incur the wrath of Scott Ritter. .He goes after fake nuclear weapons expert David Albright for appearing on the TV news as the big expert on nukes when he in fact doesn't even have a doctorate in anything. It's pretty funny, actually:
I can’t say for certain when Albright became “Doctor” Albright. A self-described “physicist,” he allows the term to linger, as he does the title “former U.N. inspector,” in order to create the impression that he possesses a certain gravitas. David Albright holds a master of science degree in physics from Indiana University and a master of science in mathematics from Wright State University. I imagine that this résumé permits him to assign himself the title physicist, but not in the Robert Oppenheimer/Edward Teller sense of the word. Whatever physics work Albright may or may not have done in his life, one thing is certain: He has never worked as a nuclear physicist on any program dedicated to the design and/or manufacture of nuclear weapons. He has never designed nuclear weapons and never conducted mathematical calculations in support of testing nuclear weapons, nor has he ever worked in a facility or with an organization dedicated to either.

At best, Albright is an observer of things nuclear. But to associate his sub-par physics pedigree with genuine nuclear weapons-related work is, like his self-promotion as a “former U.N. weapons inspector,” disingenuous in the extreme. His lack of any advanced educational training as a nuclear physicist, combined with his dearth of practical experience with things nuclear, is further exacerbated by his astounding assumption of the title Doctor. In 2007 Albright received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Wright State University. This honorary award is a recognition that should never be belittled, but it in no way elevates Albright to the status of one who has undergone the formal educational training and has actually earned a doctorate, especially in the demanding field of nuclear physics. While I cannot find any evidence of Albright promoting his honorary title in a manner that indicates direct fraud on his part (i.e., falsely claiming to be a Ph.D. in physics), there are far too many instances where he is referred to by those who interview him as being both “Dr. Albright” and a “physicist” that the uninformed reader might be misled into believing that the two were somehow connected.
Go read the rest, it's a pretty thorough dismantling of this clown.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Drowning a Rat?

Christopher Hitchens the neo-con warmonger who was saying waterboarding wasn't torture last year (Pro-tip: It is), decided to go to SERE, and try it out for himself.

And it turns out that the SERE guys who wrote that article I quoted above weren't lying. According to Christopher Hitchens, waterboarding is indeed torture. So I guess that's settled.

If you want to watch Hitchens drowned, go check out the Stress blog. Fair warning: It's rather unpleasant to watch which is why I'm not posting it here.

I, Robot. (Or Scholar 47!)

Contrary to the title, I don't actually bot when I level in Campaign by spamming Bard songs. (I sort of wish I did though, it's pretty fucking boring. :-p)

Anyway, here's my routine. SCH/BRD spam Protect/Shell, spam BRD songs, and get new tags. Specifically, Macro #1:
/magic "Protect" {me}
/wait 5
/magic "Shell" {me}
/wait 5
/magic "Protect" {me}
/party {call10}
And Macro #2:
/song "Knight's Minne" {me}
/wait 12
/song "Valor Minuet" {me}
/wait 12
/song "Herb Pastoral" {me}
/party {call12}
Use the first one three times, the second five times, and you get capped EXP for self buffs and song buffs. Sublimation eliminates any downtime from MP usage.

At level 46 you'll get 360 EXP at a time doing this. I don't think it's much worse than pickup EXP parties, really.

I've gotten a surprisingly high number of /tells asking me to party actually while doing it. I'm not sure what role they wanted me for, I'd assume a healer, but I turned them all down regardless.

I'm looking forward to level 50 and getting the Artifact set. Like the Dancer one, it looks like SE really put effort into making it actually useful. At 50 I'll also have my Strategem charge time reduced from 2:00 to 1:20 which would be very useful, and I'll get a third charge.

I'm hoping to get to 75 fairly quickly doing the /BRD thing. I don't think SE intended it, so they'll probably nerf it significantly soon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Egg Dropped!

The Adamantoise popped late today (second to last window) and it dropped an Adamantoise Egg!

Unfortunately, the group that killed it sold it to somebody else. :-(

I talked to the leaders though, and they said they'll sell the next one to me.


1/3 still.

3mil for an Egg? 1.5 mil for Dusk Gloves?

Egg of Gold?

I'm kind of tempted to start offerring 3 million gil for the Adamantoise Egg. Maybe paying 50% more would be enough incentive to get people to sell it to me?

Of course, I haven't got quite 5 mil, so I couldn't get the other one then. But I wouldn't be that far off, so who cares I guess?

Don't Invest in Dusk Gloves

I bought some Dusk Gloves for my Ninja about a year ago for 1.5 million gil. They're now 300k. Not much point to pointing this out, I'm just complaining.

Scholar: Full Steam Ahead!

I'm still 45, but I finally flagged and completed the "AF1" quest. So, I've got the only Rare/Ex spell scroll clogging up my inventory for 2k more EXP.

The story for it was really cool too, so if you want to level a job that's similar to but more versatile than Black Mage, then by all means go for it. I'd have screenshots, but PS2 is retarded and doesn't let you take them during cutscenes.

Aspidochelone #3

HQ turtle number three since the update that I was there for. I haven't fought one, mind you.

This time I was psyched. I've talked to the leaders of one of the HNMLSes and they've agreed to sell the Adamantoise Egg to me. After the second window I sent a /tell to one of the other one's leaders asking if they were selling the egg. Sure enough, they are too. A friend of mine is in a third shell camping it and he tells me that he'll ask the leaders of his LS to give me a discount on the thing. Holy shit! All three groups that have numbers there to kill the fucking thing will sell it to me!!!

Fourth window rolls around and the second group gets Aspidochelone (Yes, I copied that name from FFXI Wiki. No, I can't spell it. Yes, I am comfortable with that.) After about 17 minutes they have it to low health, so I ask the leader if they're selling the egg for 2mil. No response. They kill it, and I ask if I can buy it again. No response again. People start warping. I ask somebody else I know in the shell if they're selling the egg. I'm told they are not.

People need to die in a fire.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Level 45 Scholar!

I've gotten from 37 to 45 in a few days doing Campaign Battles. ~35,000 Allied Notes 100-200 at a time. F*#% that was boring.I'd kind of like to get to 46 and some buffer and then just do parties as it couldn't be much slower. I mostly just don't want to have to waste gil on a second earring and plan to fulltime Moldavite and Morion +1. At 46 I can also use Klimaform which is the AF1 "weapon" that boosts Magic Accuracy dramatically.

It looks like it will cost me ~170k gil for the spells I need to 75. Maybe another 100k or something on some Errant/Mahatma piece that is good for SCH but I wouldn't use on BLM. Once I hit 75 I plan to mostly retire Black Mage.

Some of my new toys:That's Rainstorm...I'm not sure what I'd actually use it for. Reduce Fire damage taken maybe?Windstorm...seems less useful than Rainstorm, actually.Sandstorm I'll actually use to activate Desert Boots.



Although he misspeaks two or three times in it(500,000 kids were killed by the Iraq sanctions, not 50k, etc), Ron Paul shows the Democrats are enabling a new war with Iran. Whether it will be started by President Bush or President Obama.

Thanks to Scott Horton and LRC blog for the link!