Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fishing, "NM Camping", Sea, and Strange /tells Oh My!

A big update with lots of pictures for a change! (I may even proofread it tomorrow.)


I've taken to fishing again. Both to skill up ever closer to 100 and to make a little gil. Since I've been completely broke since buying BB items and a Cursed Togi. Part of the fun of that is I'm back on the Ferry catching some Silver Sharks and B....something marlins. Which can have Tridents (7k at NPC) and Pirate's Charts in their bellies. The Pirate's Charts are for a BCNM that can drop a 3 million gil Mercurial Kris.That's the second chart since I started fishing again. Unfortunately, we wiped on the second one somehow, and still haven't gotten a dagger. So, I'm like 0/7 or something on it now.

I did finally gain a skill level though.And got a few more points into 59 since then.

And despite being a level 100 fish, and being capable of snapping Lu Shang's Fishing Rod, I've nabbed a few of these:I've been lucky and only had line snaps rather than rod breaks that make me take a trip to Rabao for repairs.

"NM Camping"!

For God knows what reason, I've been "NM Camping" again lately. Ironic quotes, because this is the NM:I'm 1/2 on it. LOL.I didn't actually camp it, just happened to be waiting for people to do some WSNM at Gustav Tunnel and decided to pop it twice while there. Nobody else camps it either, so two PH and it popped both times.



Epic has been farming the hell out of Sea lately, working on getting several Jailer of Love popsets. One of my least favorite activities has been Jailer of Prudence. It's two twin Hpemdes from hell that tend to do things like this to us:We tried TP burning it. Which didn't go so well. I only got ~120% TP by the time we had the first of the two twins down to 20% because it spams Perfect Dodge.

We did another using a more conventional strategy, but it was still very bloody.Yes, somebody really asked me to come do PMs with him as I was lying dead there. Yes, I was very annoyed already and sent a very sardonic reply. Yes, I'm kind of an asshole like that.

Oh well.

A switch in strategy tonight and we did two more Jailer of Prudence's with only a few deaths each time. We used the info off the Wiki and just zoned one of the twins and then let it despawn and then killed the other one.

No torques dropped yet, but the torque is kind of LOL anyway. And somebody zoned before the Prudence Rod dropped and was lost. But that's pretty LOL too, so no big loss, I guess.

I'm kind of curious about this too:Magic shield? WTF.

We also did a bunch more Jailer of Justice's. They're quite easy if you've got enough BLMs to kill the Qn'zomit. We got no torque on the first one, but had to log in a char that wasn't there to lot the sword.To understand that comment, I show you this from Operation Ranger:My Lv.38 Red Mage, Lv.18 Thief, and Lv.1 Paladin will make tremendous use of my shiny, new Justice Sword!


People who actually wanted the Jailer of Justice drops got some new shinies though:The second JoJ actually dropped a torque. That's our third or fourth I think?

Strange /tells Oh My!

This is the part of the post where I post strange and/or funny /tells I've gotten recently and thought to SS. We start with Sev:I was LFP on Monk for a while, he wanted me to make a party, I'm lazy and didn't and went AFK for a few hours to do other stuff instead. LOL. <3 Sev.

AFK overnight when I passed out before Limbus:The first I thought was pretty funny. Power-leveling people I don't know for some crappy armor I'd have to put on the Auction House. LOLz.

The second was some sort of weird passive-aggressive thing about my /search comment I had set for Monk LFP hours earlier.

Not a /tell, but this amused me:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Homebrewing Meetings :-(

I just found out there are no homebrew club meetings for at least 2+ months. I haven't brewed too much lately (it's too hot because it's the Summer, there's a hop shortage and I've been in a hoppy mood, and I'm broke), but it was one of the more interesting things I did during the week.


Friday, August 29, 2008

FFXI Server-specific Podcasts?

Other than Rocl Talk over at BG, do any of these exist? I've seen LS websites that have loot galleries for the month or a time period. No Podcasts though.

Are there any other FFXI Podcasts that are more focused on one server's goings on? Any on...Hades?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Time to Sell All That Low Level Gear!

I realized I've got a bunch of crap for level capped jobs still sitting muled (or in the case of an Iron Mail sitting in NPC Storage). Since I don't really want to level another job at the moment, it's time to dump all that shit. As the level capped equipment scaling renders all of it useless. (And get 60k or whatever it is all worth. >.>)

Speaking of level scaling seeing this:And then this:
I'm wondering what exactly the "scaling" is going to be.

Losing the Evasion-5 and keeping the full Attack+20 would actually make it better in level capped areas than ever before. LOL.

There's probably something similar for other jobs that I'm not aware of.

Where to log for the update?

I'm vexxed by this dilemma (what's a dilemma with three choices? Trilemma?) ...where should I log out for the FFXI update?

Port Jeuno

SE finally realized that having your inventory 10% filled with Beastmen's and Kindred's Seals is just a tad fucking ridiculous. Only people who rely on BCNMs and KSNMs as their sole or primary source of income actually burn them when they get them. And due to the fact that the strangers you're grouped with can (and frequently do) steal all your shit from the rewards crate, most people don't go this route.

So, I could load up on BS/KS and log at Shami, the fat bastard who dishes out Orbs for the battlefields.

My Mog House

Easy to log out in, you don't have to wait 30 seconds, and I could log out there in Port Jeuno (see option #1). Why? Scholar merits! I've got 5.8 merit points saved up already and a week or more to go until the update to cap them.

If I logged in my MH, I could be the first person on Hades with partially capped Scholar merits. Truly, an accomplishment that would be remembered across the ages.

I could also be one of the first people with his party flag up to get more of them as there's more than enough people with Scholar and Dancer to fill all the avilable merit camps for a week straight capping the newly available merit categories.

Some NM

I could log out at a spot where some Notorious Monster pops to solo it (or pre-arrange to meet somebody to duo it). Enmity+3 cape one, Bune, King Arthro, etc are all possibilities.

I'm betting that downloading the update is going to suck, so it's possible if I get it I could do a bunch of NMs in one day like I did a while back.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Operation: Ranger

I've been leveling my long-29 Ranger job to 37 recently so that I could have some fun with NIN/RNG. The antiquated, but still fun-looking, DD-hybrid that uses Haste+% and fast Katanas for DoT and TP gain and then switches over to Racc/Ratt/STR gear (which NIN gets TONS of) to fire off devastating Slug Shots that usually outdamage Blade: Jin by a nice margin.

Earlier today:I did it! Spamming songs as /BRD in Campaign battles (before SE nerfs it in two weeks).

I'd kind of like to get Thief to 37 for use as a subjob (I'm not sure where, really), but the /BRD campaign way is ludicrously boring. I could also use the Conquest Points, I'm running out and never get EXP in Conquest zones anymore.

In a completely unrelated note, Urban Dictionary rules. So damn funny.

The Horrible Joe Biden

I've often said I hate Barak Obama. (I hate John McCain too, perhaps a little more, I don't discriminate.)

I hope he dies in a fire.

In a fire with the awful Joe Biden, his newly announced VP running mate, even.

Biden, who has proposed even more draconian "Intellectual Property" laws than we have now. Who has supported every blood-thirsty and murderous war that's taken place while he's been in Washington. And who is beholden to all the uber rich, welfare queen corporations like all the other scum that have a realistic shot at the Presidency (or Veepership).

But don't just take it from me, the always awesome Arthur Silber has written about Biden. From an excerpt about Biden's son getting a 100k/year retainer as a "consultant" from a corporation Biden was getting legislation pushed through being legal.
The law is not some Platonic Form plucked from the skies by the Pure in Heart. Laws are written by men, men who have particular interests, particular constituencies, particular donors, and particular friends. (The same is now true of women as well, of course. But for most of our history, it was men and only men. Straight, white men, to be precise; see here and here.) Laws are the particular means by which the state implements and executes its vast powers. When an increasingly authoritarian state passes a certain critical point in its development, the law is no longer the protector of individual rights and individual liberty. The law becomes the weapon of the state itself -- to protect, not you, but the state from threats to its own powers. We passed that critical point some decades ago. The law is the means by which the state corrals its subjects, keeps them under control, and forbids them from acting in ways that the overlords might perceive as threatening. In brief, today, in these glorious United States, the law is not your friend.
I'm always amazed when I hear otherwise rational people tell me, "Well of course you should do X & Y, it's The Law." as though its received wisdom that was brought down from the mountain on stone tablets.

Lew Rockwell also talks about what a vile warmonger Biden is in his daily podcast show. Very much worth the 10 minutes to listen.

And Justin Raimondo woke from his Obama "man crush" after the deplorable speech at APAIC and wrote a column on Biden was well. Pointing out that the new boss is a lot like the old boss. You just may like him more or less do to your own tribalist preferences regarding Democrats and Republicans. If you're an Iraqi, Afghani, Somalian, etc, it won't matter to you in the slightest whether the Party of the Bloated Elephants or Cult of the Charismatic Jackasses takes power in January.

In any case, I personally think it's likely that we'll end up with a Democrat in the Whitehouse in January. Which won't improve things in any meaningful way. But, at least all the Democrats, leftists, liberals, and misc. Bush-haters will provide me with countless hours of hilarious hypocrisy as they try to justify all the vile, evil shit that the Democratic Decider and his pet Congress Critters enact that's the same or worse than all the crazy, vile, and evil shit the Bush people did.

And what's life without laughter?

Relic Armor in Promyvion (Or: Why a Summoner with a Scythe Still Doesn't Make Any Sense)

Level Sync!

SE finally decided to make Level Capped things less retarded. And make getting a party with your friends a lot easier because they are allowing party leaders to cap their members' level.

Perhaps, more usefully, they're also making it so while using this (or level capped by a CoP area/BCNM I guess too) your equipment will scale down.Unfortunately, it looks like Haste+% won't apply and neither will Elemental Stave bonuses.


I'm curious how merits will be impacted. Will you get however many Combat skill merits should be active if you were actually whatever level? Or none at all? Or will they be glitched for a week and all 16 skill in your weapons will apply?

Evilpaul, Superhero?

Also, being able to uncap your level in the case of emergencies (two IT crawlers link and your sleeper sucks) has potential for low level parties as well. Being able to disband and be a pimped out level 75 char and save the day would be pretty awesome.


I'm also wondering how will consumables like Arrows and Bullets be affected? Just lowered DMG ratings to whatever is good DPS for the level their capped at? Or will people need to get actual level appropriate ammo?


It looks potentially pretty cool. Being able to tell LS members to come party even though they're nowhere near your level will be nice. How much it looks like equipment will be crippled kind of sucks, but then again low level equipment is awesome if it has Accuracy+3 on it, so I guess that's to be expected.

Looks to be a pretty good update so far. Level Synch, Campaign being fixed, SCH & DNC merits, Nyzul Relics being implemented, BLU/PUP/COR Relic armor, lowered Dynamis and Limbus entry fees, and continuation of the WotG storyline.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Limbus and Einherjar!

I had some fun as Monk in Limbus and Einherjar yesterday. We did a Proto-Omega run.I put my Formless Strikes merits to use and punched it repeatedly. Unfortunately, my party had no healers or buffs, so it was a little retarded. Omega is a joke though, so we killed it and got Feet and Hands.
Einherjar Fun

We did a Rothsomething chamber Einherjar run again. This time we got a bunch of bats, a bird (<3 the RR3 scrolls that I abused the shit out of), and a Morbol Emperor. I had eaten meat, but still hit for 0's on the fucker mostly.The top alliance party only had the dead guy get in because of a mishap with giving out Glowing Lamps. So, I did end up being one of two of the last people standing and duoed it down to 97% or some shit.
I hope Evilbron gets the AIDS

Random Stuff

Hax I tells you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Charybdis, now with 80% less HP!

A guy from Epic has wanted a Joyeuse for a while now, so when he said Charby was up I went to go kill it.So did several other people, who claimed it before we arrived. They killed it in a horrendously slow manner. I think the NIN/DNC didn't bring sushi or something because his accuracy was terrible. Which is pretty remarkable given that he was wearing lots of Acc+ gear (Optical Hat, etc). Anyway, they finally wiped to it at ~20% HP when it starts spamming TP moves. As I recommended last time I fought it we didn't attempt to claim it until after they had all died.

Once it stopped killing mages and went yellow though, we went to town.I Chi Blasted it and then popped Hundred Fists. I forgot to use some food, but with Focus up my accuracy wasn't bad. Of course Kingofdoom couldn't hold hate off a Monk who's using Hundred Fists, but the thing was dead in about a minute so he didn't have to. :-D

The end result:King now has a mostly useless, but highly desirable, sword.

Dynamis - Valkurm: Interlopified!

I got Dynamis - Tavnazia access last night.

Oops cleared Dynamis - Valkurm! :-DI tried a nearly 300% TP Footwork Dragon Kick:And we got lucky with two SAM and NIN belts:Very luck on one of the NIN belts as you can see above.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why I hate people (a lot).

I just went out for a few minutes, and didn't find a single person driving who used a turn signal when it would have provided relevant information to those around them. I did find some jerkoff who used his right turn signal when he illegally switched a lane to the left though.

I also didn't find a single person who drove the actual speed limit much less a few miles per hour faster than it as any reasonable non-retarded person should on those particular roads. I did find some assholes who suddenly wanted to drive 10 miles per hour above it once I passed their stupid fucking asses though.

I also hate the phone. I called my sister to find out where the hell she lived (I know the area around it, but not how to get there if that makes sense), so I could feed her cat. As it turns out (I think) he has plenty of food for the week. I'm not really sure. My brother just called, and asked if I was home and that's all he needed to know. Yeah, I'm not sure either. But it's reason enough to hate the phone.

Capped Monk!

Just finished Monk merits with a few thousand EXP from Campaign a few minutes ago.Now just to get 110k EXP before the September update.

Friday, August 15, 2008

64,084 Limit Points to Go!

I've done more than a little meriting in the past few days.I also did a little Besieged for the first time in quite a while. MNK/NIN is surprisingly survivable in there.
Sorry, Momo, you got charmed by a frog man and I'm an asshole

All that punching stuff paid off though, and I finally capped Invigorate merits!I'll only put 4 merits into Penance, I guess. I still haven't started doing Assaults or Salvage regularly, so 20 seconds extra of TP gain -25% on the bosses just isn't that appealing to me. Another 80HP for a total of 756HP from Chakra is just damned sexy though.


After capping Penance, I'm not sure if I want to get a point of INT (or STR) or two. Or just save up 11 merit points for when Scholar merits are released this update.

Or I could finish meriting NIN or SMN (LOL).

With 11 merits stored up I could do:
Cool Thing #1:
1, 2, 3, 4

Cool Thing #2:

Nearly capping one SCH category immediately and getting started on the second. Neither Scholar nor Dancer is very popular though, so I don't think meriting after the update will be too crowded.


Ron Paul on Russia vs. 2002

Precient? Yeah, I'd say so:
But people just had to go and vote for John "We're all Georgians now" McCain instead who seems hell bent on starting a war with Russia to show how "tough" he is. McCain, of course, will be hiding in a bunker somewhere should a war actually break out.

Thanks to Anders over at the Stress Blog for finding the clip.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Solo Diorite? inorite?

I mentioned yesterday that I was curious how Scholar would fare against Aura Statues.

Naturally, I had to go find out.As it turns out, the answer is, "One hell of a lot better than my Black Mage does."
My highest Chain was only #1, but it was safe EXP.

And I was fortunate enough to have a Diorite drop.I was tempted to try soloing Ullikummi which I probably could do, but didn't want to risk losing the pop item.

I wasn't the only one up there and saw this on my way to Ullikummi.I popped a Prism Powder to go get the switch only to see Faust wasn't there for some reason. The reason being that a Red Mage was soloing it.

Scholar Merits!

SE released their least informative update teaser ever today:
Merit Points Group 1 for Dancer and Scholar! (08/13/2008)

Dancers and scholars, rejoice! The job-specific merit point category, Group 1, will finally be coming to you in the upcoming version update!

With this addition, dancers and scholars alike will be able to reach new heights by spending acquired merits points on upgrades such as reducing ability delay and enhancing the overall effect of their job-exclusive abilities. The group maximum ability increase and the individual maximum ability increase will be 10 and 5 respectively, in line with the other jobs.
Which reads to me like reduced Step, Samba, or Flourish recasts for Dancers and Magic skill bonuses for Light Arts and Dark Arts for Scholars.

A boost of 10, or better yet 15, skill making Elemental/Enfeebling magic skills ~A level while active would really help with the problem of resistance on higher level mobs while not using the AF body. I see Group 2's being more useful for Scholar than the group 1's will be other than a possible skill boost though.

More shit to merit though...


Monday, August 11, 2008

Scholar 75: A Post-mortem

I hit 75 Scholar a few days ago, re-wrote my macros to make them useful for SCH/RDM soloing and group activities (outside Cure IV spamming in bad parties). And I decided to go have a little solo fun earlier today.
My tiny EXP buffer may have had something to do with the reason I was out soloing.

I popped the last of my Anniversary Ring charges (and later an Emperor Band charge) and started messing around with some Wamoura Princes. They aren't as good solo EXP as Ebony Puddings, but the camp is rarely taken so I like it just as much.
Just losing Chain #4

Sometimes when you cast a Fire-elemental spell on a monster, it stays a lit up orange-red color. Possibly due to gear swapping, but I'm not 100% sure why. Ionohelix (the thunder-based helix spell) turns mobs black.This happened pretty consistently as well. I'll have to try it on something that is not so dark colored to start with to better illustrate it later.

But more what I was curious about was this: Can Scholar solo things that I consider too dangerous to mess with on Black Mage more safely? Answer, is "yes", because of this:I was wearing my Elemental Torque instead of my Enfeebling one in the picture, but with 294 skill my sleep, gravity, and bind are accurate enough and casting speed high enough that tougher solos as Black Mage are a breeze as Scholar.While a Dahak is by no means the toughest S.O.B. in all of Vanadiel, they are too strong for most jobs to handle solo. I'll have to try some solo Diorite farming tommorow as Scholar too. As Black Mage my enfeebles resisted too frequently resulting in near (or actual) death.

Getting to the point...

Which brings me finally, to my overall point. The differences, both strengths and weaknesses of SCH/RDM compared to BLM/RDM.
  • Higher Enfeebling Magic Skill

  • Free Reraise 2

  • Protect IV & Shell IV

  • "Free" Weather-based Movement+12%

  • Lack of Escape/Warp/Tractor
First, scholar's higher enfeebling magic and adequate elemental magic makes low ITs that would kill a Black Mage who has less than perfect luck with an enfeeble landing much less threatening.

I killed multiple Dahaks and had 0 close calls. Going from 279 -> 294 Enfeebling magic skill makes a huge difference. Red Mages, of course, can get much higher skill but lack the firepower and MP efficiency to kill in a reasonable amount of time.

Second, free Reraise II makes attempting harder solos more relaxed than they would be otherwise. Reraise Hairpins are expensive and the cost of such consumables adds up fast. Switching to Addendum: Light once an hour costs but a few moments.

Third, Protect & Shell IV are available to Scholar while Black Mage only has the second tiers. Shell is probably the most under appreciated buff in the game. With high INT, Shell IV, and capped Stoneskin Thundaga III will barely break 300 damage as its single target. It significantly reduces other TP move magic AoEs as well turning them from significantly damaging into something Regen II can take care of.

Fourth, the existence of Desert Boots and the Sandstorm spell provide an excellent and cheap alternative to the wildly expensive Herald's Gaiters. Being able to outrun something you're fighting or kiting is very useful. It's also nice for just running from place to place. (Particularly due to the next point.)

Fifth, Scholar suffers from a serious lack of transport spells.
  • /BLM provides Warp, Tractor, and Escape but little else of value. No defensive buffs make it nearly pointless to sub for any sort of event.

  • /WHM provides the level 36 Teleports and Blink and Stoneskin, but no Bind, Gravity or MAB trait makes it lack severely offensively.

  • /RDM provides the necessary buffs and debuffs, but provides no magey way of getting around quickly. So, it's either walk or bring a Warp Cudgel.
Outside of Red Mage mains using /NIN or /DRK at an event, basically every other mage job provides some magic-based way of getting around. Not having one is pretty annoying. Hopefully merits or other additions will allow /BLM to work in the future or give Scholars a transport spell of their own.


From what I've tried so far, Scholar delivers as promised. A great job that's only going to become more versatile as SE continues to tweak and add things to it. It expands BLM/RDM soloing in a slightly different way (accurate enfeebles with a free safety net), and has AoE enfeebles for effective crowd control at events like Dynamis and Einherjar. It also really could use a spell or two for getting around quickly whether from the main job or by making Black Mage a useable subjob.