Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Charybdis, now with 80% less HP!

A guy from Epic has wanted a Joyeuse for a while now, so when he said Charby was up I went to go kill it.So did several other people, who claimed it before we arrived. They killed it in a horrendously slow manner. I think the NIN/DNC didn't bring sushi or something because his accuracy was terrible. Which is pretty remarkable given that he was wearing lots of Acc+ gear (Optical Hat, etc). Anyway, they finally wiped to it at ~20% HP when it starts spamming TP moves. As I recommended last time I fought it we didn't attempt to claim it until after they had all died.

Once it stopped killing mages and went yellow though, we went to town.I Chi Blasted it and then popped Hundred Fists. I forgot to use some food, but with Focus up my accuracy wasn't bad. Of course Kingofdoom couldn't hold hate off a Monk who's using Hundred Fists, but the thing was dead in about a minute so he didn't have to. :-D

The end result:King now has a mostly useless, but highly desirable, sword.

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