Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fishing, "NM Camping", Sea, and Strange /tells Oh My!

A big update with lots of pictures for a change! (I may even proofread it tomorrow.)


I've taken to fishing again. Both to skill up ever closer to 100 and to make a little gil. Since I've been completely broke since buying BB items and a Cursed Togi. Part of the fun of that is I'm back on the Ferry catching some Silver Sharks and B....something marlins. Which can have Tridents (7k at NPC) and Pirate's Charts in their bellies. The Pirate's Charts are for a BCNM that can drop a 3 million gil Mercurial Kris.That's the second chart since I started fishing again. Unfortunately, we wiped on the second one somehow, and still haven't gotten a dagger. So, I'm like 0/7 or something on it now.

I did finally gain a skill level though.And got a few more points into 59 since then.

And despite being a level 100 fish, and being capable of snapping Lu Shang's Fishing Rod, I've nabbed a few of these:I've been lucky and only had line snaps rather than rod breaks that make me take a trip to Rabao for repairs.

"NM Camping"!

For God knows what reason, I've been "NM Camping" again lately. Ironic quotes, because this is the NM:I'm 1/2 on it. LOL.I didn't actually camp it, just happened to be waiting for people to do some WSNM at Gustav Tunnel and decided to pop it twice while there. Nobody else camps it either, so two PH and it popped both times.



Epic has been farming the hell out of Sea lately, working on getting several Jailer of Love popsets. One of my least favorite activities has been Jailer of Prudence. It's two twin Hpemdes from hell that tend to do things like this to us:We tried TP burning it. Which didn't go so well. I only got ~120% TP by the time we had the first of the two twins down to 20% because it spams Perfect Dodge.

We did another using a more conventional strategy, but it was still very bloody.Yes, somebody really asked me to come do PMs with him as I was lying dead there. Yes, I was very annoyed already and sent a very sardonic reply. Yes, I'm kind of an asshole like that.

Oh well.

A switch in strategy tonight and we did two more Jailer of Prudence's with only a few deaths each time. We used the info off the Wiki and just zoned one of the twins and then let it despawn and then killed the other one.

No torques dropped yet, but the torque is kind of LOL anyway. And somebody zoned before the Prudence Rod dropped and was lost. But that's pretty LOL too, so no big loss, I guess.

I'm kind of curious about this too:Magic shield? WTF.

We also did a bunch more Jailer of Justice's. They're quite easy if you've got enough BLMs to kill the Qn'zomit. We got no torque on the first one, but had to log in a char that wasn't there to lot the sword.To understand that comment, I show you this from Operation Ranger:My Lv.38 Red Mage, Lv.18 Thief, and Lv.1 Paladin will make tremendous use of my shiny, new Justice Sword!


People who actually wanted the Jailer of Justice drops got some new shinies though:The second JoJ actually dropped a torque. That's our third or fourth I think?

Strange /tells Oh My!

This is the part of the post where I post strange and/or funny /tells I've gotten recently and thought to SS. We start with Sev:I was LFP on Monk for a while, he wanted me to make a party, I'm lazy and didn't and went AFK for a few hours to do other stuff instead. LOL. <3 Sev.

AFK overnight when I passed out before Limbus:The first I thought was pretty funny. Power-leveling people I don't know for some crappy armor I'd have to put on the Auction House. LOLz.

The second was some sort of weird passive-aggressive thing about my /search comment I had set for Monk LFP hours earlier.

Not a /tell, but this amused me:

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