Monday, August 25, 2008

The Horrible Joe Biden

I've often said I hate Barak Obama. (I hate John McCain too, perhaps a little more, I don't discriminate.)

I hope he dies in a fire.

In a fire with the awful Joe Biden, his newly announced VP running mate, even.

Biden, who has proposed even more draconian "Intellectual Property" laws than we have now. Who has supported every blood-thirsty and murderous war that's taken place while he's been in Washington. And who is beholden to all the uber rich, welfare queen corporations like all the other scum that have a realistic shot at the Presidency (or Veepership).

But don't just take it from me, the always awesome Arthur Silber has written about Biden. From an excerpt about Biden's son getting a 100k/year retainer as a "consultant" from a corporation Biden was getting legislation pushed through being legal.
The law is not some Platonic Form plucked from the skies by the Pure in Heart. Laws are written by men, men who have particular interests, particular constituencies, particular donors, and particular friends. (The same is now true of women as well, of course. But for most of our history, it was men and only men. Straight, white men, to be precise; see here and here.) Laws are the particular means by which the state implements and executes its vast powers. When an increasingly authoritarian state passes a certain critical point in its development, the law is no longer the protector of individual rights and individual liberty. The law becomes the weapon of the state itself -- to protect, not you, but the state from threats to its own powers. We passed that critical point some decades ago. The law is the means by which the state corrals its subjects, keeps them under control, and forbids them from acting in ways that the overlords might perceive as threatening. In brief, today, in these glorious United States, the law is not your friend.
I'm always amazed when I hear otherwise rational people tell me, "Well of course you should do X & Y, it's The Law." as though its received wisdom that was brought down from the mountain on stone tablets.

Lew Rockwell also talks about what a vile warmonger Biden is in his daily podcast show. Very much worth the 10 minutes to listen.

And Justin Raimondo woke from his Obama "man crush" after the deplorable speech at APAIC and wrote a column on Biden was well. Pointing out that the new boss is a lot like the old boss. You just may like him more or less do to your own tribalist preferences regarding Democrats and Republicans. If you're an Iraqi, Afghani, Somalian, etc, it won't matter to you in the slightest whether the Party of the Bloated Elephants or Cult of the Charismatic Jackasses takes power in January.

In any case, I personally think it's likely that we'll end up with a Democrat in the Whitehouse in January. Which won't improve things in any meaningful way. But, at least all the Democrats, leftists, liberals, and misc. Bush-haters will provide me with countless hours of hilarious hypocrisy as they try to justify all the vile, evil shit that the Democratic Decider and his pet Congress Critters enact that's the same or worse than all the crazy, vile, and evil shit the Bush people did.

And what's life without laughter?

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