Friday, August 22, 2008

Limbus and Einherjar!

I had some fun as Monk in Limbus and Einherjar yesterday. We did a Proto-Omega run.I put my Formless Strikes merits to use and punched it repeatedly. Unfortunately, my party had no healers or buffs, so it was a little retarded. Omega is a joke though, so we killed it and got Feet and Hands.
Einherjar Fun

We did a Rothsomething chamber Einherjar run again. This time we got a bunch of bats, a bird (<3 the RR3 scrolls that I abused the shit out of), and a Morbol Emperor. I had eaten meat, but still hit for 0's on the fucker mostly.The top alliance party only had the dead guy get in because of a mishap with giving out Glowing Lamps. So, I did end up being one of two of the last people standing and duoed it down to 97% or some shit.
I hope Evilbron gets the AIDS

Random Stuff

Hax I tells you.

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