Monday, August 25, 2008

Operation: Ranger

I've been leveling my long-29 Ranger job to 37 recently so that I could have some fun with NIN/RNG. The antiquated, but still fun-looking, DD-hybrid that uses Haste+% and fast Katanas for DoT and TP gain and then switches over to Racc/Ratt/STR gear (which NIN gets TONS of) to fire off devastating Slug Shots that usually outdamage Blade: Jin by a nice margin.

Earlier today:I did it! Spamming songs as /BRD in Campaign battles (before SE nerfs it in two weeks).

I'd kind of like to get Thief to 37 for use as a subjob (I'm not sure where, really), but the /BRD campaign way is ludicrously boring. I could also use the Conquest Points, I'm running out and never get EXP in Conquest zones anymore.

In a completely unrelated note, Urban Dictionary rules. So damn funny.

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