Monday, August 25, 2008

Relic Armor in Promyvion (Or: Why a Summoner with a Scythe Still Doesn't Make Any Sense)

Level Sync!

SE finally decided to make Level Capped things less retarded. And make getting a party with your friends a lot easier because they are allowing party leaders to cap their members' level.

Perhaps, more usefully, they're also making it so while using this (or level capped by a CoP area/BCNM I guess too) your equipment will scale down.Unfortunately, it looks like Haste+% won't apply and neither will Elemental Stave bonuses.


I'm curious how merits will be impacted. Will you get however many Combat skill merits should be active if you were actually whatever level? Or none at all? Or will they be glitched for a week and all 16 skill in your weapons will apply?

Evilpaul, Superhero?

Also, being able to uncap your level in the case of emergencies (two IT crawlers link and your sleeper sucks) has potential for low level parties as well. Being able to disband and be a pimped out level 75 char and save the day would be pretty awesome.


I'm also wondering how will consumables like Arrows and Bullets be affected? Just lowered DMG ratings to whatever is good DPS for the level their capped at? Or will people need to get actual level appropriate ammo?


It looks potentially pretty cool. Being able to tell LS members to come party even though they're nowhere near your level will be nice. How much it looks like equipment will be crippled kind of sucks, but then again low level equipment is awesome if it has Accuracy+3 on it, so I guess that's to be expected.

Looks to be a pretty good update so far. Level Synch, Campaign being fixed, SCH & DNC merits, Nyzul Relics being implemented, BLU/PUP/COR Relic armor, lowered Dynamis and Limbus entry fees, and continuation of the WotG storyline.

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