Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scholar Merits!

SE released their least informative update teaser ever today:
Merit Points Group 1 for Dancer and Scholar! (08/13/2008)

Dancers and scholars, rejoice! The job-specific merit point category, Group 1, will finally be coming to you in the upcoming version update!

With this addition, dancers and scholars alike will be able to reach new heights by spending acquired merits points on upgrades such as reducing ability delay and enhancing the overall effect of their job-exclusive abilities. The group maximum ability increase and the individual maximum ability increase will be 10 and 5 respectively, in line with the other jobs.
Which reads to me like reduced Step, Samba, or Flourish recasts for Dancers and Magic skill bonuses for Light Arts and Dark Arts for Scholars.

A boost of 10, or better yet 15, skill making Elemental/Enfeebling magic skills ~A level while active would really help with the problem of resistance on higher level mobs while not using the AF body. I see Group 2's being more useful for Scholar than the group 1's will be other than a possible skill boost though.

More shit to merit though...


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