Friday, August 29, 2008

Where to log for the update?

I'm vexxed by this dilemma (what's a dilemma with three choices? Trilemma?) ...where should I log out for the FFXI update?

Port Jeuno

SE finally realized that having your inventory 10% filled with Beastmen's and Kindred's Seals is just a tad fucking ridiculous. Only people who rely on BCNMs and KSNMs as their sole or primary source of income actually burn them when they get them. And due to the fact that the strangers you're grouped with can (and frequently do) steal all your shit from the rewards crate, most people don't go this route.

So, I could load up on BS/KS and log at Shami, the fat bastard who dishes out Orbs for the battlefields.

My Mog House

Easy to log out in, you don't have to wait 30 seconds, and I could log out there in Port Jeuno (see option #1). Why? Scholar merits! I've got 5.8 merit points saved up already and a week or more to go until the update to cap them.

If I logged in my MH, I could be the first person on Hades with partially capped Scholar merits. Truly, an accomplishment that would be remembered across the ages.

I could also be one of the first people with his party flag up to get more of them as there's more than enough people with Scholar and Dancer to fill all the avilable merit camps for a week straight capping the newly available merit categories.

Some NM

I could log out at a spot where some Notorious Monster pops to solo it (or pre-arrange to meet somebody to duo it). Enmity+3 cape one, Bune, King Arthro, etc are all possibilities.

I'm betting that downloading the update is going to suck, so it's possible if I get it I could do a bunch of NMs in one day like I did a while back.

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