Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why I hate people (a lot).

I just went out for a few minutes, and didn't find a single person driving who used a turn signal when it would have provided relevant information to those around them. I did find some jerkoff who used his right turn signal when he illegally switched a lane to the left though.

I also didn't find a single person who drove the actual speed limit much less a few miles per hour faster than it as any reasonable non-retarded person should on those particular roads. I did find some assholes who suddenly wanted to drive 10 miles per hour above it once I passed their stupid fucking asses though.

I also hate the phone. I called my sister to find out where the hell she lived (I know the area around it, but not how to get there if that makes sense), so I could feed her cat. As it turns out (I think) he has plenty of food for the week. I'm not really sure. My brother just called, and asked if I was home and that's all he needed to know. Yeah, I'm not sure either. But it's reason enough to hate the phone.

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