Tuesday, September 30, 2008

King Vinegarroon! #?? +1

We killed KV again a few days ago.

Pre-fight buffs:I don't think I had any Boosts active at the time. :-D

And the hat actually dropped for a change:Shadow Mantle and Ace's Helm in the same week! Grats, Tenk! :-)

Limbus: Now with extra ghey!

We did a Limbus run on Saturday. I think this pic sums it up pretty well.We ended up clearing it still, but got killed like 3 times each because people didn't do what they were supposed to.

Which reminds me that I still need to get my coins from it.

Also, Miah has hax Sleep macros. I want them. :-P

Gigas NMs!

I decided to go get Zeni for God knows what reason two days ago.

So, I've been after Dark Elementals (lol), Bats, etc taking their pictures. This netted me a about 5 levels in Guard skill and part of one level Parrying. The jerk NPC keeps asking for mobs I can't reliably stick Sleep on, so I can't go after Even Match or higher ones. >.<

"Where can I find some bats that /check Easy Prey?" I thought to myself. Of course! Delkfutt's Tower. I'll OP there without Warp when it's Beastmen controlled and forget my key to get to the top of the place. Great idea!

So, I go and kill a crap load of bats, gigases, etc. And get the Pallas and Alkyoneus pop items. Having never fought either I didn't want to test my luck as MNK/DNC and left, traded in my Soul Plates of bats, and went to bed. Went back today and got two Epic people to come help kill them.

It turns out they are hilariously weak, but the droprates suck. We did get one set of Alky's to drop on our first kill, but went 0/3 after that and 0/8 or so on Pallas. We left for the night with one pop item for it each too.

A few pics:
Enky was up and unclaimed, so I killed him for his 20k hand thingies
Poor Alky...never knew what hit him
The tragic conclusion to our evening...gimpy RMT popped Pallas and we lost a fourth Horn in our treasure pool

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anyone watch that Presidential Debate?

I sure as hell didn't.

But I did try to watch the highlights afterwards.

It's sort of like if you don't really give a shit about who wins the Super Bowl, but you check ESPN.com afterwards anyway. Except twenty seconds on ESPN.com doesn't make you feel tens of thousands of brain cells spontaneously commit suicide.

Well, for those of you, like me, that can't stand to listen to John McCain's jingoistic bullshit or Barak Obama's condescending malarky, Dennis Perrin provides a great "summary" of the "debate":
LEHRER: Gentlemen, thank you for being here. As you both know, tonight's format is designed to skim over complex issues and avoid talking about where the real power in the country resides. So feel free to pop off at will, regardless of facts or objective reality. Senator Obama, the economy. What's your view?

OBAMA: Jim, I was talking to some of my Wall Street backers earlier today, and they're hurting. This current crisis, started deliberately by the Bush administration with Sen. McCain as their dancing monkey, means of course that my rich and influential friends and supporters are going to need help. Lots of it. This is why I'll eventually support whatever bail out is coughed up in Washington. But I want the working people of America to know that I'll continue speak out of both sides of my mouth, will employ the term "Wall Street/Main Street" for as long as my advisers say it resonates, and will look good while doing it. That's my promise to the middle class.

MCCAIN: Jim, what Sen. Obama is refusing to say is that neither one of us really cares about average working people. If we did, we wouldn't be up here, surrounded by Secret Service agents packing some of the finest heat this great nation still produces. But it's part of getting elected, so we go through the motions, say what our handlers think is best, and hope that it sticks. And you know what? It almost always does! I swear to God, the crap people will swallow in this country boggles what's left of my fading mind. As I was telling my dear friend General Petraeus the other day, "David, there's a knot on the back of my thigh. Do you think it's a clot? Should I have it checked? What time is chow?" And that's why overseeing an equitable bail out is so important to the economy.
(The ironic quotes on "summary", because it's satire and on "debate", because the closed-format, pedantic bullshit questions and non-answers don't cound as "debate.")

Perrin's blog is both funny and depressingly accurate, so go have a look.

OopsLS Killed Dynamis Lord!

After a horrid bloodbath with lolYing&Yang (somehow) Oops killed DL tonight! Shadow Mantle and 100 Byne dropped. Nobody seemed to think that I needed the Mantle for my Black Mage standing set or Monk&Ninja Damage reduction build, so it went to our main tank, Tenken! ;-)

I'll post pics and stuff tomorrow. For now:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Friday, September 26, 2008

In the Land of the Blind...

Keep listening to the people who have been consistently wrong?

A rather funny-sad (in retrospect) clip of the unwatchable "Bulls and Bears" on Faux News:

As I mentioned in my angry, f-bomb laden rant yesterday the people who have been wrong about everything relating to the economy are the ones now being asked to solve the problems they never saw coming.

Highlights of the stupidity include:
- Housing market bottomed out
- Wasn't going to get worse
- The guy who says otherwise needs to get into the "dry foods biz" and "sell newsletters" and shouldn't be invited on the show again

This gem and other similar Youtube videos are posted on Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty website.

60 Fishing!

I was at North Qufim Island fishing today and hit 60 Fishing skill!

Of course, I was only there to stalk Shiiga. (I'm kidding. :-P)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ugh...the Glenn Greenwald Show

I just listened to Glenn Greenwald's podcast over at Salon.com. I'm generally a fan of Glenn's. He's a liberal of some sort, but actually gives a shit about liberty and the rule of law and other things conservatives claim to care about at least somewhat when Republicans aren't in power.

Unfortunately, he interviews Digby a liberal blogger/Democrat fetishist-true believer. And they talk about how will the Democrats react to the massive 700 billion dollar (at the absolute minimum) welfare check to the enormously wealthy people and financial institutions on Wall Street that behaved totally recklessly and lost probably (eventually when the dust settles) a few trillion dollars.

Of course you don't lose a few hundred billion dollars and fuck up only your own corporation.

No, you make loans that anyone with a calculator could tell you the recipient will not be able to repay unless their property continues to rise in value endlessly for the next ~30 years. Make similar loans to thousands of businesses. And do lots of other stupid shit that costs people their homes, jobs, marriages, and lives when they kill themselves in despair as shit falls apart all around them.

All these unimaginably wealthy shitheads on Wall Street have been paying tens of millions of dollars to Presidential and Congressional political campaigns. This maintains their influence and gets them free handouts of money from the middle class and poor as well as favorable legislation passed and enforced (on the middle class and poor). Which for them at least looks like a really good way to spend your money. Evil, but not stupid. Bravo!

Naturally, our bought and paid for public servants now tell us the only responsible course of action is to give what money people still have, if they didn't lose their house, job, retirement savings, etc, to these same assholes that caused the problem in the first place. Otherwise further Bad Things will happen to the rest of us.

And then 10 or 20 years from now, the same people on Wall Street will do the same stupid shit, and the rest of us will get raped to cover their losses yet again.

That long rant was to say this: Although Glenn kind of mentions it the end as a thing a person could reasonably believe, that the Democrats are fully complicit in this and get into office with money from same people the Republicans do, hearing Digby talk is just fucking painful.

Oh no! The Democrats could never always do exactly what they do because they in fact want to do it! There must be some other explanation! We just need to write our enlighted liberal Congressman a thoughtful letter and surely this time he'll do what he claims to believe rather than serve his owners and masters. This time will be different!

People voting for Democrats 'Hoping for Change'™ and wanting anything other than healthcare of the same caliber and quality as the government's police, roads, and disaster relief are going to be disappointed.

Or maybe you want the government to validate your gay or lesbian relationship and don't think the Republicans will do that?

Or think the sky is falling if we don't "end our addiction to foreign oil"?

Or maybe you want the government to bomb millions of brown people to death for caring, humanitarian reasons (and oil)? Instead of murdering millions of brown people just for oil? (And maybe revenge for the Decider's Daddy? Or Israel? I still have no idea what the fuck the War on Iraqis was really about.)

But in any case, at least in a few months, assuming Obama doesn't blow it, people like Digby will be explaining away all the shit Obama does that's the same as what Bush has done. She'll provide countless hours of delitefully hilarious hypocrisy.

And all the conservatives will suddenly be all about "small government", "fiscal responsibility", and "family values" (did you know Obama has a black child?!?). And other hilariously fake bullshit. "Big government conservatism" will go on holiday in the Cayman Islands to live off its 8 years worth of plunder for a while.

And us five sane people will shake our heads after our laughter subsides and wonder how the fuck they get away with it everytime.

What I've been up to lately (in FFXI)

I haven't posted much lately, so on the topic of FFXI here goes!

A post-mortem that shows very little of interest other than the fact I've killed the NQ like 15 times and never seen an Adamantoise Egg drop yet.

I also managed to train a bunch of fast moving raptors and greater birds and use my RR2 afterwards.



We did Dyn-Windy last week and at the end I got disconnected, logged back in, and forgot I had done so. I opened up my TV card software the next morning and saw this:So, apparently 8 shells dropped to me at the end and I got some Blue Mage relic armor.

The shells went to the sponsor who is now 2/184 of the way to her lolDRG relic spear.

The BLU relic feet got tossed. They dropped to me because I was the only one other than an AFK BLU who didn't pass. Because he was AFK too. Fortunately, they're horrible, so he didn't want them either. If I was him I would have wanted them so I could store the set.

I'm looking at you SMN Horn that's never dropped for us and the other 4/5 SMN relic armor taking up precious Mog Locker space.


Random NMs!

I've killed a bunch of random mobs lately. Mostly in Kuftal Tunnel with different people.Keffka and I killed Arachne multiple times for webs for his Clothcrafting. They apparently NPC for more than the AH sells them for, so nobody puts them on the AH or camps the NM.

The thing hit pretty hard on me as MNK/DNC. Were Keffka on BLM instead of SCH I probably would have died from lack of Cure IV.

Today, after much procrastination, I finally switched to MNK/DNC and went to Kuftal Tunnel again to help Petro break his Retribution WS latent. It's the best Staff WS. But, it's a Staff WS. So, it still kind of blows and no DD job that has high Staff skill really uses one anyway.

But whatever.

So, we did Backhand Blow -> Full Swing to make Gravitation which netted him 3 WS points of the 300 he needed each time. I unexpectedly one-shotted this crab. Double Attack? Two of them? And all the hits were criticals? No idea.I wasn't even swapping into full all-out DD gear for WS either. I fulltimed my Boxer's Mantle instead of Amemet +1 (more on Amemet in just a moment), Evasion Torque instead of Faith Torque, Osode instead of Shura Togi (I'm not 100% sure which I like better), Seiryu's Kote instead of O.kote, Jelly Ring instead of Sniper's Ring, etc. Easily -50 Attack for Evasion (and Haste boots instead of Dune Boots).

I mentioned Amemet a moment ago. He's the cuddly little lizard that drops 1-4 skins bearing his name. Used to make the DD's standard back piece also bearing his name. I've nearly soloed it from ~90% health to ~5% before as NIN/RDM when I had to Mijin Gakure (or die). So, while Petro and I were beating on Crabs we started doing some Lizards too, and sure enough it popped.

I've only fought it maybe 3 times ever and never killed it (the NIN/RDM time it was CFH'd already and /DNC didn't exist yet), so I wasn't sure how hard it hits which is very important in MNK/DNC tanking. Petro was there as BRD/WAR soloing his latent, so he couldn't cast any Cures to help me keep up with whatever damage Amemet was going to dish out.

Unfortunately, I noticed Amemet popped after a Galka Blue Mage was fighting it with his NPC buddy. Fortunately, (well for me anyway; I'm a dick) the BLU's NPC buddy was a DD one. And Blue Mages have garbage evasion. So even with a self-Haste spell and limited in access to Slow/Para/Blind-like enfeebles, he wasn't going to be able to keep shadows up. He did work it down to ~70% though before it dropped him. At which point like a good little vulture I provoked it and engaged.

As it turns out Amemet hits pretty fucking hard. Not ZOMGCAMPAIGNNMS hard, but for 90-150 a swing at me on normal hits. Luckily, I was able to evade roughly 50% of the time. I was also able to turn away both times it tried to petrify me. So, after a closer than I'd like fight we killed it and got three skins.

The BLU reraised and left, presumably pissed off.

The skins went for 39.2k a piece which I rounded up to 40k. So we both got a ~60k gil split when they sold an hour or two later. This is fortunate, because I spent an hour or so fishing and only ended up getting ~60k worth of Sushi and Fish Oil broth to show for it and I had wanted some gil as I'm quite broke.

I mentioned fishing, because on my way to Jeuno for non-fish ingredients we had this funny moment in LS chat.My 6th sense is fake-Brim-AFKery, so I did know he wasn't really AFK.


We've been doing Limbus twice a week lately so that we can get members that need Homam equipment all their pieces and have proper meat-friendly Haste builds and be the uber pimped out DDs they surely want to be. That means, of course, doing Apollyon SE. It's one of my favorite zones to go as a DD (and makes me wish I had Vampiric Claws for the second floor). It's also pretty easy. Which is good, because I don't think anyone cast Haste on me the entire time.

It's not really Black Mage friendly either as the mobs all take doubled physical damage of one type or another.288 isn't bad at all for a Banish 2 (I'm unsure whether Banish removes the damage reductions that's normally present on skeletons in this limbus area or not), but it doesn't compare to the DPS and sustainability of this:The point of interest in that SS isn't the bad Asuran Fists that only landed 5/8 hits, but the critical hit Counter that did almost as much damage as Banish II without the MP-related recovery time. (I got to Counter more than usual due to my lack of Haste being cast on me. :-P)

I'm also wondering if SE made the droprates on BLU/PUP/COR Relic, AF+1 items and whatnot higher than other jobs.We're 3/3 on our last 3 Apollyon runs on the BLU item. Trashed all three too. LOL.Dynamis-Jeuno was similarly "kind" yesterday.

We did Apollyon NE next time. Oh wait, we didn't because people picked the wrong thing. And then pulled before telling me and two other people if we were supposed to enter or not. So, we ended up timing out on the Evil Weapon boss on the last floor.


We went to Apollyon NW today as a 6 person Manaburn.We killed all the bosses except the Adamantoise one just because it's only vulnerable to Ice really and has lots of HP.

We did skip a bunch of Ghosts and Rams though which in retrospect was a mistake as we had more than 30 minutes left after killing Kaiser Behemoth. That hurt our coin count by maybe 5 or so. Two other groups did other Apollyon areas at the same time in TP Burn setups. Which I think puts us at 6-8/16 chips for four Omega sets.

Coins per person increased dramatically since we started splitting up and doing multiple zones too which is quite nice. While I'd like to get our DDs that need Homam their pieces a Subsidize Everyone's Homam Project™ isn't very appealing to me.

Low-manning Limbus is also more fun as well. It's more of a challenge and more rewarding. There's more coins for people not interested in Homam/Nashira and more boss fights for gear. The dragon fight pictured was much more strategy-oriented than stand at the feet, magic burst, and hope it doesn't hurricane wing us to death or whatever.


We've also started doing Einherjar twice a week after Limbus.

I'm not sure whether it's just that we have more people. Or that we have two people who can go Scholar and keep the hordes of mobs Gravitied or Bound so they don't rape the people sleeping them. Or the update that makes it so not all the mobs automatically link with alliance hate when you pull a single one. But, in any case we've been a lot more successful than our previous attempts (when we don't get that stupid Morbol boss).Kind of bad drops, but I'm 1/3rd of the way to a 15k Ampoules item. And I don't know which one I want anyway.

I've been going as either Scholar or Monk mostly. Keeping the mobs all Gravitied or Bound as Scholar or punching the crap out of everything that moves as Monk.Pretty fun event, I just wish that it started earlier as we don't get done until midnight sometimes.


For God knows what reason, I decided to go and PL a few LS people leveling 50 something jobs as Scholar. It could be that Accession+Cure/Buff on other parties still amuses me. Or that I want a bunch of gil, but didn't feel like actually going and making some, so I did this instead.

In any case, this made me LOL.No, that wasn't just a WS swap set either, sadly.

Not completely retarded gear, but that weapon, hat, feet, earring (Minuet), ammo, and STR Rings are all kind of bad and/or completely LOL to be TPing in.


So, now you know what I've been doing in FFXI lately. And that I take screenshots of stuff that really isn't very interesting.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lulz Are Strong With This One

Posted by one of the guys on The Stress Blog IRC chat during Scott Horton's show today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Vampiric Claws

I've been thinking about it, and would kind of like to get some Vampiric Claws for my Monk. They drop off Tres Duendes.

According to the Wiki I should probably get a Beastmaster to 2hr an Oil Slick (slime) to kill it. Two would probably be better. And it's got a BLM fomor friend who further complicates things.

The only non-blunt weapon that MNK can use though makes the claws pretty hawt.
Even at 75.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I did some more meriting, and got these worthless gems.Capped Max Sublimation and Helix Magic Acc./Atk. started. Just need 7k EXP for number two in Helices and then 12 more points to cap it.

27 merits after that and I can cap out INT. The others I'm not terribly inclined to do.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am an opinionated a-hole!

So I wrote to the QnA column on RPGamer.com and they published my pie-related letter. (It's the second one down.)

I know somebody who would be proud of me for resisting the urge to hate on FF8.

Monday, September 15, 2008

King Vinegarroon #??

I left leveling Puppetmaster(*) in Korrolocka Tunnel (misspelled, I'm sure) to go kill KV tonight.

Everyone was waiting on me, so we started as soon as my trusty Chocobo, BaronDestroyer, got me there.

I went MNK/WAR because it does more damage than /NIN and because I wasn't too concerned about dying.

Roughly 45 seconds and 2,744 damage (from me) later KV was dead! According to the Very Reliable Wiki KV has ~25,000HP, so I did about 10% then. I ate Sushi though which was probably wasted with SV Madrigal and could do better if I had good meat (Buffalo/Dragon Steak or something).

The coolest part was we didn't have a single person die or take direct damage during the fight. KV only got off one WS which was the AoE Poison move. (I just popped an Antidote and ran my ass back to Rabao to AFK.)

I think KV did target me with a Death Scissors which with Berserk up probably would have fucked up my day a bit. It was stunned though, so lol@KV.

As I said, I arrived right before we fought it, but there wasn't any shit talking that I noticed while I was there. There wasn't any Ace's Helm either though, sadly. It would be nice to get two or three more as I think that's all we need for our SAMs/DRKs/whoever else can wear the thing.
If it was 1 damage higher I'd have something new for a forum sig.
Most exciting pics ever, yes?

(*)I mentioned leveling Puppetmaster above as that's what I've been up to for the past few days. I hit 37 earlier today and am ~500 to 38 when I went to kill KV.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You don't see that everyday: Solo Salvage Wins!?

Kaeko has done it again. With a sound strategy he soloed Long Bow Chariot.

Crazy ass Tarutaru.

If you want to get me a birthday present...

(It's the 13th of December, btw.) Not that I'm dropping any hints.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summoner: Retired until further notice.

After trying this Assault mission, Escort Professor Chanoix, based on what the Very Reliable Wiki had to say, I've decided to retire my Summoner.

Other than e-peen on Easy Prey mobs and 3 hour Wyrm battles, does Summoner even have a reason to be in the game? I mean sure Summoners are like Chocobos, but why not just have a few NPC in Windurst or something?

Does any other job in the game perform at 75 naked and with 0 merits as well as a fully geared and merited one? That summoner does should probably make it obvious that there's something fucking wrong with it.

So, until SE decides to give the job a New Shiny (avatar), my Summoner is officially retired.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spoony Soloing, R.I.P.

Early reports say that Spoony Soloing (i.e. /BRD spamming) now yields 99.7% less Experience Points. Making the /BRD sub useless once again.

It was last useful roughly 18 months ago with Spoony Ninja Raptor Mazurka tanking.

I haven't done any regular campaign since logging back in, but I assume you still can't get 2k EXP/hr from spamming cures on everyone in sight who's injured.

Servers are up! New Monk WS and Scholar Merits

Burning Fists!!

The new WSes look like you need the weapon and then some undetermined amount of WS points to unlock the WS. Probably fewer WS points the higher you are in Nyzul Isle.

Now to procure one of the freaking weapons. (After I make a bunch of money to pay for it.)

The WS itself is a 2-hit (once with each fist) like Howling Fist or, perhaps more accurately, Backhand Blow because it is a Crit TP WS. Instead of Damage TP like Howling. If it's got the same or better fTP and modifiers and it can score critical hits without Sneak Attack (and lolthfsub), then I could see it easily becoming a primary use WS displacing Howling Fist and Asuran Fists.

The fully upgraded weapon looks like it would demolish Destroyers as well if you spam the Mythic Weaponskill and the added Acc/Att effect doesn't suck.

Scholar Merits...fail!

With the enormous potential they could have had, Scholar merits blow.
Grimoire Recast
Shorten recast time of Light Arts and Dark Arts by 2 seconds.

Modus Veritas Duration
Increase duration of Modus Veritas by 10%

Helix Magic Acc./Att.
Increase magic accuracy by 3 and magic attack bonus by 2 for helix spells.

Max Sublimation
Increase the maximum amount of MP available to Sublimation by 10.
So the options amount to:

-10 seconds on Light/Dark Arts Recast. Massive Yawn.

50% longer Modus Veritas Helices once every 15 minutes. LOL until I peed a bit.

Magic Accuracy+15 and Magic Attack Bonus +10 on Helices. Wow, this doesn't totally suck.

+50 MP to your stored amount from Sublimation. So I get 305 once I cap it.

These are about as amazing as Beastmaster Group 1 merits. Kind of useful, maybe, sometimes, but nothing remarkable. Doesn't really strengthen the job where it was lacking (overall magic accuracy for nukes) or further bolster it where it was very strong (MP efficiency).

At least Scholar doesn't have an AoE Resist Silence JA or they would have added recast reduction for that.

So, meh:I'll go 5/5 Max Sublimation and 5/5 Helix Acc/Att. I'm tempted to work on INT again first. SCH merits seriously blow.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Mythic Weapons)

DMG:46 Delay:264 Enmity+10
Physical damage taken -10%
Reduces Enmity decrease when
taking physical damage. "Atonement"
Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice
Hahahahahaha!! I always thought Excalibur = wasted currency, but SE saw fit to make it official.

The others are fucking hot too though. A few of the ones I noticed:
DMG:62 Delay:402
Same elemental magic as weather:
Enmity-20 Acc.+30 Magic Acc.+10
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+20 "Omniscience"
Aftermath: Inc. Mag. Acc./Mag. Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice.

DMG:62 Delay:402
Enhances "Elemental Seal" effect
Accuracy+30 Magic Accuracy+10
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+20 "Vidohunir"
Aftermath: Inc. Mag. Acc./Mag. Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice.
These two look neat, but the MAB+20 and Macc+10 doesn't compete with an HQ staff very well. Maybe it would if you use the WS and get the Aftermath effect, but seriously. Good going, SE! LOL.
DMG:62 Delay:402 Accuracy+30
Avatar perpetuation cost -4
Avatar: "Magic Atk. Bonus"+20
"Garland of Bliss"
Aftermath (Incl. Avatars):
Inc. Acc./Atk., Occ. attacks twice
The new, best Summoner weapon! Perp cost -4 and after using the WS your avatars actually get to double attack. And they get MAB+20 so Nether Blast will do that much better and other avatar magic will suck less. Acc+30 on a 2H weapon like Staff and a Summoner might be able to hit VTs fairly well if augmented with gear too.

The melee SMN aspects are less interesting than the fact that there's something better than HQ Staves (or Bahumat's Staff) for SMN finally.
DMG:+20 Delay:+96
Augments "Focus" and "Dodge"
"Ascetic's Fury"
Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice

DMG:37 Delay:227
Magic Accuracy+10 Enmity+10
Augments "Mijin Gakure"
"Blade: Kamu"
Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice
Both of these look pretty hot...assuming the weaponskills don't suck and "Occasionally attacks twice" means a Joyeuse/Jailer weapon 50% Double Attack rate.

What the "Augments" Focus, Dodge, or Mijin Gakure means is anyone's guess. Increased guard/counter rates while Focus and Dodge are up? Mijin Gakure does damage, but doesn't kill you or take HP? Who knows! Could be cool, could suck or being boring.

The DPS on these weapons doesn't look very good unless the WS will be worth using to get the Aftermath "Occasionally attacks twice" effect.
DMG:40 Delay:224
Magic Accuracy+10
Augments "Convert"
"Death Blossom"
Aftermath: Inc. Mag. Acc./Mag. Atk.
Occasionally attacks twice.

DMG:29 Delay:186
Magic Accuracy+10
Increases song effects duration
"Mordant Rime"
Aftermath: Increases Magic Acc./Acc.
Occasionally attacks twice
A case study in the contrast between win and epic fail. The RDM sword looks like a macro piece for Convert. The BRD dagger might be able to be fulltimed with the Macc+10 and increased song duration effects depending on offensive song accuracy compared to an HQ staff.

At least the Sword WS we know is pretty already.

All .dat information in this post shamelessly stolen from the BG .dat mining thread.

No more dying from Poison?

The potency and frequency of special attacks for certain monsters in the following families has been adjusted using a low-level standard. PCs at lower levels will now find these monsters easier to fight:
Mandragora / Funguars / Crawlers / Lizards
No so much Mandragoras, but the others have potent poisons.

Maybe lizards won't petrify people for 10 minutes anymore at level 5 either?


This looks promising:
The HP of the following monsters in areas introduced since the release of the Treasures of Aht Uhrgan expansion have been adjusted:
Mamool Ja's Lizard / Mamool Ja's Raptor / Fomor's Bats / Goblin's Bat / Goblin's Bee / Goblin's Beetle / Goblin's Crawler / Goblin's Rarab / Goblin's Dragonfly / Goblin's Ladybug / Gigas's Tiger
Hopefully, they'll be gimpy now and we'll have idiot Black Mages trying to camp at Mamool Ja Staging point. ;-)

Talk about high potency fail!

Assuming Not Kuno didn't make these up...
Step Accuracy
Haste Samba Effect
Reverse Flourish Effect
Building Flourish Effect
Grimoire Recast
Modus Veritas Duration
Helix Magic Acc./Atk.
Max Sublimation
The DNC stuff looks OKish. Stuff that makes it better at DDing at 75.

The Scholar stuff is just crap though. Nobody uses Helices because A) they're DoT spells so you can't sleep things they're on B) they have the same formula as Thunder I which is horrible on high INT targets, and C) to land spells unresisted on anything worth a fuck you have to take off TONS of INT for Elemental Magic skill gear that's very much lacking in availability. The job's limitations are mostly 1) low magic accuracy on HNM level targets, 2) and needing to use a stratagem charge for Addendum: White/Black when you switch grimoires.

These merits address exactly 0 of these two sets of problems.

Grimoire Recast is nice and all, but you're still burning a stratagem if you switch for any reason other than the MP-10% and Fast Cast effect of the corresponding grimoire. Burning 100 something MP for Cure IV isn't that big a deal once in a while. Using two charges to switch to Light Arts w/ Addendum to Poisona yourself and then go back to Addendem: Black for Tier 4 nukes is the issue.

Modus Veritas Duration I guess if these let you double the damage of a Helix and get the same duration as you would otherwise, it makes Helices more useful overall. It makes them less useful if you can't pop Modus Veritas to make them wear off faster/instantly though. With a 10 minute timer, Modus Veritas is about as useful as Elemental Seal though, really. Which is to say something you know you have, but don't make a regular strategy around it because 10 minutes is a pretty long time at most events.

Helix Magic Acc./Atk. If this let's you keep the INT/MAB gear on and use Helices that'll be nice, but they're still not going to be very useful.

Max Sublimation this sounds to me like Sublimation will take a larger maximum percentage of your HP before completing. If it is 2% increments that's ok, I guess, but...who the fuck wanted this? So I can store ~350MP instead of ~255MP? Yay. Totally useful.

So much for something decent like higher magic accuracy with Dark Arts. Well, I guess we got that. Just with mostly useless Helices.

Burning Fists!

These apparently worthless weapons from Nyzul Isle level 100, Burning Fists, are now going to be used to unlock a new Monk-specific weaponskill. Nobody knows whether any of the new WSes from the Nyzul Isle weapons will be good. Or how hard they will be to get. All that's certain is you'll need the base weapon even if you're not going to do the ridiculous Mythic Weapon upgrade path.

SE is making the weapons more common, but I still don't have a Nyzul static and would rather rank up in normal Assaults more at the moment anyway.

So, I'm probably going to try and buy them.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Dynamis - Xarcabard: Now with less entry!

Two assholes are doing god knows what in Dynamis - Xarcabard for the past hour since we were supposed to go in.

So, fuck Etteka and Ritax. Fuck them in their asses.


I tried to do my part to get some delegates elected to the Pennsylvannia Republican State Convention this past election. We managed to get signatures and get a full slate of 8 delegates on the ballot.

Then the day of the election the Republican party establishment types filed a frivolous lawsuit and the Sheriffs seized all the campaign materials (and immediately destroyed them) and threatened the pro-Ron Paul poll workers with arrest if they didn't leave immediately. I've told this story here before.

Rather unsurprisingly, this is done on a consistent national basis. The secret service illegally searched people and stole their Ron Paul papers, books, and other promotional materials.

So, if you're unsatisfied with the Republicans and Democrats pretty consistently and somebody you're talking to says, "Well then why don't you do something about it!"

Bitch slap them without warning.

When they say, "What the hell? Why did you do that?"

Answer, "I was trying to remove some of the stupid from your talk-hole."


Voting is stupid and pointless. Your vote won't mattter 99.9999% of the time. You're more likely to get killed on the way to vote than your vote mattering.

Trying to get involved is also stupid, pointless, and dangerous to your personal safety. Well, I mean if you're getting involved to actually change things rather than get somebody you find likeable into power. If you just want your pretty face candidate, then it's just stupid and pointless.

Also: Fuck the Secret Service. Tell anyone who babbles the nonsense about they're risking their lives and noble or whatever because they're violent government employees to go fuck his or her self.

McCain's Acceptance Speech

The reliably horrible John McCain gave his acceptance speech yesterday. Lew Rockwell watched it all and gives a digested summary:
I am a victim, a dedicated if imperfect servant of my country, not perfected until I realized that the State is far more important than I am, I love peace, I hate war, I will wage war, I will smite the Muslims, I will kill the Russians, I will strike down anyone who fails to bow the knee to me, I will drill, I will build nuclear power plants, I will care for the jobless, the homeless, the bankrupt, the sick, the oil men, the bankers, the arms merchants, the soldiers, the lobbyists; I was a POW, I bear the scars of Jesus on my body, I was wounded, I was hurt, I was crippled, I was jailed, I was tortured, I was imprisoned, I was gaoled, I was in captivity, I was behind bars, I was held against my will, except when I decided to stay, I told nothing, I told nothing, I told everything, country first, country first, freedom, low taxes, I will stand at your side, not in front of you, world empire, everything for the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State, hail me, hail me, hail me.
I like this version better as it doesn't make my eyes glaze over or my ears bleed.

And can anyone who saw it tell me there wasn't some "Applause" and "Boo!" signs off-camera?


I think I'm angrier and more sarcastic in this post than usual today. But there's a reason for that. Both because Republicans and the Secret Service are cheating, lying, stealing, bullying, and threating murdering scum, but also for the reason you'll see in my next post.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dangerous Terrorists Captured!

Glenn Greenwald has been covering this story extensively as the rest of the media completely ignores it.

Here's a picture of the deadly, evil couple:
They should have known better than to have all those unspecified housing code violations and the broken door from the police smashing it in.

Crazed terrorists! Don't they know that the whole Bill of Rights is now repealed and you're only permitted to exercise some freedom sometimes when it won't inconvenience the powerful?

I hope they throw the book at them! You can tell from the picture that they were planning to murder Our Saviors, John McCain and his VP floozy who hates abortion and Arabs, with giant rocks! It's right there for all to see! I saw The Crucible not too long ago, and crushing people with rocks used to be a popular way to kill people apparently!

So I say we take these dangerous, Islamofascist™ terrorists:
And after they're held in jail for most of a week without charges we give them their just desserts and crush them with giant rocks!

That'll show them!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Least Interesting Podcast Ever.

The newest one over at RPGamer. They talk about Pie at ~37 minutes in. I'm listening a little past that, but they're going nowhere so I've had about enough.

They do have an interesting one on Super Mario RPG though.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"We must end our dependence on foreign semi-conductors."

Actually, we don't need to do that anymore than we need to "end our dependence on foreign oil" as Ivan Eland points out.

Assault Time!

I've done a lot more Assault lately than ever before. Enough, in fact, to get to Rank 3!I thought I only had 22/25 points needed to rank up, but apparently I had done a few Rank 1 missions again that I didn't remember. (Possibly that Golden Salvage one for when I did Salvage a few times?)

Maybe I'll get Second Lieutenant and a Perdu Blade afterall? I'd really like to get some Yigit finally too.

Gone Levelin'

I've been leveling a bit lately.

CorsairI had a Corsair's Die in my Storage since the day ToAU came out...whenever that was. So I took Corsair to level 5.And then on to 7 when my EXP ring wore off.

ThiefFunny /tell I had to screenshot. I did the /BRD thing to level 20. I'd like to get it to 37 for use as a subjob. Not that it's really that useful for BLM, SMN, NIN, MNK, or SCH.

I also did a Campaign Op I hadn't before.
I set the Quadav up the Bomb!

Monk & Black Mage

I did some actual Campaign as Monk/Dancer too for merit points (and some meriting on Mamools).I saved up 9 merit points and was going to max out 11/11 merit points for Scholar when they release them in a week or two.

But instead decided to go with this:My first boost to Black Mage damage in quite a while.