Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gigas NMs!

I decided to go get Zeni for God knows what reason two days ago.

So, I've been after Dark Elementals (lol), Bats, etc taking their pictures. This netted me a about 5 levels in Guard skill and part of one level Parrying. The jerk NPC keeps asking for mobs I can't reliably stick Sleep on, so I can't go after Even Match or higher ones. >.<

"Where can I find some bats that /check Easy Prey?" I thought to myself. Of course! Delkfutt's Tower. I'll OP there without Warp when it's Beastmen controlled and forget my key to get to the top of the place. Great idea!

So, I go and kill a crap load of bats, gigases, etc. And get the Pallas and Alkyoneus pop items. Having never fought either I didn't want to test my luck as MNK/DNC and left, traded in my Soul Plates of bats, and went to bed. Went back today and got two Epic people to come help kill them.

It turns out they are hilariously weak, but the droprates suck. We did get one set of Alky's to drop on our first kill, but went 0/3 after that and 0/8 or so on Pallas. We left for the night with one pop item for it each too.

A few pics:
Enky was up and unclaimed, so I killed him for his 20k hand thingies
Poor Alky...never knew what hit him
The tragic conclusion to our evening...gimpy RMT popped Pallas and we lost a fourth Horn in our treasure pool

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