Monday, September 15, 2008

King Vinegarroon #??

I left leveling Puppetmaster(*) in Korrolocka Tunnel (misspelled, I'm sure) to go kill KV tonight.

Everyone was waiting on me, so we started as soon as my trusty Chocobo, BaronDestroyer, got me there.

I went MNK/WAR because it does more damage than /NIN and because I wasn't too concerned about dying.

Roughly 45 seconds and 2,744 damage (from me) later KV was dead! According to the Very Reliable Wiki KV has ~25,000HP, so I did about 10% then. I ate Sushi though which was probably wasted with SV Madrigal and could do better if I had good meat (Buffalo/Dragon Steak or something).

The coolest part was we didn't have a single person die or take direct damage during the fight. KV only got off one WS which was the AoE Poison move. (I just popped an Antidote and ran my ass back to Rabao to AFK.)

I think KV did target me with a Death Scissors which with Berserk up probably would have fucked up my day a bit. It was stunned though, so lol@KV.

As I said, I arrived right before we fought it, but there wasn't any shit talking that I noticed while I was there. There wasn't any Ace's Helm either though, sadly. It would be nice to get two or three more as I think that's all we need for our SAMs/DRKs/whoever else can wear the thing.
If it was 1 damage higher I'd have something new for a forum sig.
Most exciting pics ever, yes?

(*)I mentioned leveling Puppetmaster above as that's what I've been up to for the past few days. I hit 37 earlier today and am ~500 to 38 when I went to kill KV.

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