Monday, September 8, 2008

Servers are up! New Monk WS and Scholar Merits

Burning Fists!!

The new WSes look like you need the weapon and then some undetermined amount of WS points to unlock the WS. Probably fewer WS points the higher you are in Nyzul Isle.

Now to procure one of the freaking weapons. (After I make a bunch of money to pay for it.)

The WS itself is a 2-hit (once with each fist) like Howling Fist or, perhaps more accurately, Backhand Blow because it is a Crit TP WS. Instead of Damage TP like Howling. If it's got the same or better fTP and modifiers and it can score critical hits without Sneak Attack (and lolthfsub), then I could see it easily becoming a primary use WS displacing Howling Fist and Asuran Fists.

The fully upgraded weapon looks like it would demolish Destroyers as well if you spam the Mythic Weaponskill and the added Acc/Att effect doesn't suck.


With the enormous potential they could have had, Scholar merits blow.
Grimoire Recast
Shorten recast time of Light Arts and Dark Arts by 2 seconds.

Modus Veritas Duration
Increase duration of Modus Veritas by 10%

Helix Magic Acc./Att.
Increase magic accuracy by 3 and magic attack bonus by 2 for helix spells.

Max Sublimation
Increase the maximum amount of MP available to Sublimation by 10.
So the options amount to:

-10 seconds on Light/Dark Arts Recast. Massive Yawn.

50% longer Modus Veritas Helices once every 15 minutes. LOL until I peed a bit.

Magic Accuracy+15 and Magic Attack Bonus +10 on Helices. Wow, this doesn't totally suck.

+50 MP to your stored amount from Sublimation. So I get 305 once I cap it.

These are about as amazing as Beastmaster Group 1 merits. Kind of useful, maybe, sometimes, but nothing remarkable. Doesn't really strengthen the job where it was lacking (overall magic accuracy for nukes) or further bolster it where it was very strong (MP efficiency).

At least Scholar doesn't have an AoE Resist Silence JA or they would have added recast reduction for that.

So, meh:I'll go 5/5 Max Sublimation and 5/5 Helix Acc/Att. I'm tempted to work on INT again first. SCH merits seriously blow.


  1. Actually, I am very satisfied and excited with SCH's merits.

    Sublimation might not be very usefull.

    But I'm puting 5 points in Grimoire timers right away. 10 seconds WILL to a major difference. 3m20s to reload all 4 charges.... very, VERY nice.

    Modus Veritas + Helix... well, that raises the very impressive DMGs Helix CAN do if used right. I'm not using them much for now, but.... still, sounds awesome to me.

    Prolly gonna go :
    Grimoire : 5
    Helix : 5

  2. If the Grimoire merits reduced Stratagem recharge speed, they would be awesome. Unfortunately, it's only 10 seconds off Light Arts and Dark Arts.

    For how I play Scholar (sticking to either Light/Dark Arts with Addendum mostly, the Grimoire merits are not particularly useful. Of course, your mileage may vary, etc.

    Modus Veritas is on such a long recast timer that I don't think making it 2x more awesome is worthwhile.

    Helices I rarely use, so meriting their Acc/Att isn't very appealing, but that and Sublimation are the best they managed imo.

    Which is why I'm thoroughly disappointed with Scholar merits.

    Scholar merits are kind of like Predator 2. Their existance actually makes the original worse.