Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ugh...the Glenn Greenwald Show

I just listened to Glenn Greenwald's podcast over at I'm generally a fan of Glenn's. He's a liberal of some sort, but actually gives a shit about liberty and the rule of law and other things conservatives claim to care about at least somewhat when Republicans aren't in power.

Unfortunately, he interviews Digby a liberal blogger/Democrat fetishist-true believer. And they talk about how will the Democrats react to the massive 700 billion dollar (at the absolute minimum) welfare check to the enormously wealthy people and financial institutions on Wall Street that behaved totally recklessly and lost probably (eventually when the dust settles) a few trillion dollars.

Of course you don't lose a few hundred billion dollars and fuck up only your own corporation.

No, you make loans that anyone with a calculator could tell you the recipient will not be able to repay unless their property continues to rise in value endlessly for the next ~30 years. Make similar loans to thousands of businesses. And do lots of other stupid shit that costs people their homes, jobs, marriages, and lives when they kill themselves in despair as shit falls apart all around them.

All these unimaginably wealthy shitheads on Wall Street have been paying tens of millions of dollars to Presidential and Congressional political campaigns. This maintains their influence and gets them free handouts of money from the middle class and poor as well as favorable legislation passed and enforced (on the middle class and poor). Which for them at least looks like a really good way to spend your money. Evil, but not stupid. Bravo!

Naturally, our bought and paid for public servants now tell us the only responsible course of action is to give what money people still have, if they didn't lose their house, job, retirement savings, etc, to these same assholes that caused the problem in the first place. Otherwise further Bad Things will happen to the rest of us.

And then 10 or 20 years from now, the same people on Wall Street will do the same stupid shit, and the rest of us will get raped to cover their losses yet again.

That long rant was to say this: Although Glenn kind of mentions it the end as a thing a person could reasonably believe, that the Democrats are fully complicit in this and get into office with money from same people the Republicans do, hearing Digby talk is just fucking painful.

Oh no! The Democrats could never always do exactly what they do because they in fact want to do it! There must be some other explanation! We just need to write our enlighted liberal Congressman a thoughtful letter and surely this time he'll do what he claims to believe rather than serve his owners and masters. This time will be different!

People voting for Democrats 'Hoping for Change'™ and wanting anything other than healthcare of the same caliber and quality as the government's police, roads, and disaster relief are going to be disappointed.

Or maybe you want the government to validate your gay or lesbian relationship and don't think the Republicans will do that?

Or think the sky is falling if we don't "end our addiction to foreign oil"?

Or maybe you want the government to bomb millions of brown people to death for caring, humanitarian reasons (and oil)? Instead of murdering millions of brown people just for oil? (And maybe revenge for the Decider's Daddy? Or Israel? I still have no idea what the fuck the War on Iraqis was really about.)

But in any case, at least in a few months, assuming Obama doesn't blow it, people like Digby will be explaining away all the shit Obama does that's the same as what Bush has done. She'll provide countless hours of delitefully hilarious hypocrisy.

And all the conservatives will suddenly be all about "small government", "fiscal responsibility", and "family values" (did you know Obama has a black child?!?). And other hilariously fake bullshit. "Big government conservatism" will go on holiday in the Cayman Islands to live off its 8 years worth of plunder for a while.

And us five sane people will shake our heads after our laughter subsides and wonder how the fuck they get away with it everytime.

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