Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I've been up to lately (in FFXI)

I haven't posted much lately, so on the topic of FFXI here goes!

A post-mortem that shows very little of interest other than the fact I've killed the NQ like 15 times and never seen an Adamantoise Egg drop yet.

I also managed to train a bunch of fast moving raptors and greater birds and use my RR2 afterwards.



We did Dyn-Windy last week and at the end I got disconnected, logged back in, and forgot I had done so. I opened up my TV card software the next morning and saw this:So, apparently 8 shells dropped to me at the end and I got some Blue Mage relic armor.

The shells went to the sponsor who is now 2/184 of the way to her lolDRG relic spear.

The BLU relic feet got tossed. They dropped to me because I was the only one other than an AFK BLU who didn't pass. Because he was AFK too. Fortunately, they're horrible, so he didn't want them either. If I was him I would have wanted them so I could store the set.

I'm looking at you SMN Horn that's never dropped for us and the other 4/5 SMN relic armor taking up precious Mog Locker space.


Random NMs!

I've killed a bunch of random mobs lately. Mostly in Kuftal Tunnel with different people.Keffka and I killed Arachne multiple times for webs for his Clothcrafting. They apparently NPC for more than the AH sells them for, so nobody puts them on the AH or camps the NM.

The thing hit pretty hard on me as MNK/DNC. Were Keffka on BLM instead of SCH I probably would have died from lack of Cure IV.

Today, after much procrastination, I finally switched to MNK/DNC and went to Kuftal Tunnel again to help Petro break his Retribution WS latent. It's the best Staff WS. But, it's a Staff WS. So, it still kind of blows and no DD job that has high Staff skill really uses one anyway.

But whatever.

So, we did Backhand Blow -> Full Swing to make Gravitation which netted him 3 WS points of the 300 he needed each time. I unexpectedly one-shotted this crab. Double Attack? Two of them? And all the hits were criticals? No idea.I wasn't even swapping into full all-out DD gear for WS either. I fulltimed my Boxer's Mantle instead of Amemet +1 (more on Amemet in just a moment), Evasion Torque instead of Faith Torque, Osode instead of Shura Togi (I'm not 100% sure which I like better), Seiryu's Kote instead of O.kote, Jelly Ring instead of Sniper's Ring, etc. Easily -50 Attack for Evasion (and Haste boots instead of Dune Boots).

I mentioned Amemet a moment ago. He's the cuddly little lizard that drops 1-4 skins bearing his name. Used to make the DD's standard back piece also bearing his name. I've nearly soloed it from ~90% health to ~5% before as NIN/RDM when I had to Mijin Gakure (or die). So, while Petro and I were beating on Crabs we started doing some Lizards too, and sure enough it popped.

I've only fought it maybe 3 times ever and never killed it (the NIN/RDM time it was CFH'd already and /DNC didn't exist yet), so I wasn't sure how hard it hits which is very important in MNK/DNC tanking. Petro was there as BRD/WAR soloing his latent, so he couldn't cast any Cures to help me keep up with whatever damage Amemet was going to dish out.

Unfortunately, I noticed Amemet popped after a Galka Blue Mage was fighting it with his NPC buddy. Fortunately, (well for me anyway; I'm a dick) the BLU's NPC buddy was a DD one. And Blue Mages have garbage evasion. So even with a self-Haste spell and limited in access to Slow/Para/Blind-like enfeebles, he wasn't going to be able to keep shadows up. He did work it down to ~70% though before it dropped him. At which point like a good little vulture I provoked it and engaged.

As it turns out Amemet hits pretty fucking hard. Not ZOMGCAMPAIGNNMS hard, but for 90-150 a swing at me on normal hits. Luckily, I was able to evade roughly 50% of the time. I was also able to turn away both times it tried to petrify me. So, after a closer than I'd like fight we killed it and got three skins.

The BLU reraised and left, presumably pissed off.

The skins went for 39.2k a piece which I rounded up to 40k. So we both got a ~60k gil split when they sold an hour or two later. This is fortunate, because I spent an hour or so fishing and only ended up getting ~60k worth of Sushi and Fish Oil broth to show for it and I had wanted some gil as I'm quite broke.

I mentioned fishing, because on my way to Jeuno for non-fish ingredients we had this funny moment in LS chat.My 6th sense is fake-Brim-AFKery, so I did know he wasn't really AFK.


We've been doing Limbus twice a week lately so that we can get members that need Homam equipment all their pieces and have proper meat-friendly Haste builds and be the uber pimped out DDs they surely want to be. That means, of course, doing Apollyon SE. It's one of my favorite zones to go as a DD (and makes me wish I had Vampiric Claws for the second floor). It's also pretty easy. Which is good, because I don't think anyone cast Haste on me the entire time.

It's not really Black Mage friendly either as the mobs all take doubled physical damage of one type or another.288 isn't bad at all for a Banish 2 (I'm unsure whether Banish removes the damage reductions that's normally present on skeletons in this limbus area or not), but it doesn't compare to the DPS and sustainability of this:The point of interest in that SS isn't the bad Asuran Fists that only landed 5/8 hits, but the critical hit Counter that did almost as much damage as Banish II without the MP-related recovery time. (I got to Counter more than usual due to my lack of Haste being cast on me. :-P)

I'm also wondering if SE made the droprates on BLU/PUP/COR Relic, AF+1 items and whatnot higher than other jobs.We're 3/3 on our last 3 Apollyon runs on the BLU item. Trashed all three too. LOL.Dynamis-Jeuno was similarly "kind" yesterday.

We did Apollyon NE next time. Oh wait, we didn't because people picked the wrong thing. And then pulled before telling me and two other people if we were supposed to enter or not. So, we ended up timing out on the Evil Weapon boss on the last floor.


We went to Apollyon NW today as a 6 person Manaburn.We killed all the bosses except the Adamantoise one just because it's only vulnerable to Ice really and has lots of HP.

We did skip a bunch of Ghosts and Rams though which in retrospect was a mistake as we had more than 30 minutes left after killing Kaiser Behemoth. That hurt our coin count by maybe 5 or so. Two other groups did other Apollyon areas at the same time in TP Burn setups. Which I think puts us at 6-8/16 chips for four Omega sets.

Coins per person increased dramatically since we started splitting up and doing multiple zones too which is quite nice. While I'd like to get our DDs that need Homam their pieces a Subsidize Everyone's Homam Project™ isn't very appealing to me.

Low-manning Limbus is also more fun as well. It's more of a challenge and more rewarding. There's more coins for people not interested in Homam/Nashira and more boss fights for gear. The dragon fight pictured was much more strategy-oriented than stand at the feet, magic burst, and hope it doesn't hurricane wing us to death or whatever.


We've also started doing Einherjar twice a week after Limbus.

I'm not sure whether it's just that we have more people. Or that we have two people who can go Scholar and keep the hordes of mobs Gravitied or Bound so they don't rape the people sleeping them. Or the update that makes it so not all the mobs automatically link with alliance hate when you pull a single one. But, in any case we've been a lot more successful than our previous attempts (when we don't get that stupid Morbol boss).Kind of bad drops, but I'm 1/3rd of the way to a 15k Ampoules item. And I don't know which one I want anyway.

I've been going as either Scholar or Monk mostly. Keeping the mobs all Gravitied or Bound as Scholar or punching the crap out of everything that moves as Monk.Pretty fun event, I just wish that it started earlier as we don't get done until midnight sometimes.


For God knows what reason, I decided to go and PL a few LS people leveling 50 something jobs as Scholar. It could be that Accession+Cure/Buff on other parties still amuses me. Or that I want a bunch of gil, but didn't feel like actually going and making some, so I did this instead.

In any case, this made me LOL.No, that wasn't just a WS swap set either, sadly.

Not completely retarded gear, but that weapon, hat, feet, earring (Minuet), ammo, and STR Rings are all kind of bad and/or completely LOL to be TPing in.


So, now you know what I've been doing in FFXI lately. And that I take screenshots of stuff that really isn't very interesting.


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