Sunday, October 19, 2008

12k EXP/hr Black Mage solo (Or: Why KillingIfrit: BLM Forum is mostly useless)

Back around September 13th, FFXI was updated. I posted to Killing Ifrit's BLM forum about a change. Notably (among many other things) was that ToAU and WotG beastmen pets had been "adjusted."

The obvious implication to anyone familiar with BLM soloing BST pets was that they had normal mob HP instead of the miniscule (around 20-25%) the amount that other BST mob's pets had compared to regular mobs of their type for their level previously. Which meant it wasn't possible to one-shot them and get crazy EXP/hr solo as a Black Mage off of them.

Of course, as I've said before: Killing Ifrit sucks. Nobody replied at all for about a month. Although, eventually, two people did confirm that the pet HP was lowered.

Just now I was going to recoup 3-4k EXP on BLM due to some Limbus fun last night.Anyway, I took the Bhaflau Thicket's/Nyzul Isle (Greater Colibri) Runic Portal and was heading to kill some Wamoura Princes on Mount Z when I saw some Mamool's Wyverns and decided to get some cheap EXP.

I one-shotted two of them and their repops for an easy Chain #3. Unfortunately with ~20 minute repops after the first one when they've been left alone for a while, Wyverns have never made good, sustained pet EXP. I recalled my KI thread and decided to do some further "testing" on Mamool's Raptors.
Pretty, aren't they?

Anyway, I killed a bunch of them and have to say the results are pretty nice. The camp is on the ramp opposite where you drop down for the upper bird camp.

The Raptors themselves have between 1200-1250HP and take about 7% less magic damage than the Wyverns did making AM2 a necessity to one-shot them. My nuking gear for reference purposes:Not the greatest by any stretch and I'm Hume to boot. Tarutaru could probably pull off consistent kills with Tier IV nukes and better gear.

What really matters though, is the results. Which I think speak for themselves.About 6k EXP and the Mamool's Wyverns hadn't even repopped when I warped.

If it isn't taken by a TP burn party in the future I'll definitely stop there when passing by. Pet EXP is a lot less work than actual Gravity-kiting BLM solo on Puddings and Princes.

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