Wednesday, October 22, 2008

45k for Sh*tty Boots?

Just hand over:

Wamoura Cloth
Marid Leather
Platinum Sheet
Imperial Mythril Piece x 2
i.e. 45k gil worth of stuff and get:

Which are rather...crappy.

The rest of the set needs Rubies (no more on the Qulun Dome I go.), another platinum sheet, a bunch of wamoura cloths, and a few other 5k gil items.

Considering it's the most crapped on job in the game SE could have made Puppetmaster a bit less expensive. People bitch about the cost of Ninja or Ranger (if you're doing them right), but both pale in comparison.

SE certainly did get smarted with Scholar and Dancer though. Both sets of AF are good and they're much cheaper/easier to obtain.

I don't just bitch about things though, I got these earlier.

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