Monday, October 6, 2008

Dying outside of your HP dropping to or below 0 and instant kill spells/TP moves?

I'm kind of wondering about something lately. I did a Proto-Omega run a few days ago as I mentioned before. While doing it I was MNK/WAR and died twice. Both times I was at full HP and died a moment later after taking some damage.

The first instance:I just went down a full log window in the second picture. I was hit for ~33% of my HP and died from it.

The second instance:This time I was at full HP and killed by a single hit from the pumped up low HP% Proto-Omega for ~400 less than my maximum HP. It's hard to take much higher damage than that outside of -ga3/4 or AM2, but it still wasn't enough to actually kill me outright.

I had wondered "WTF?!?" at this at the time and afterwards, but apparently I'm not the only one it has happened to. Ringthree saw the same thing (scroll down to where he talks about Bres) while fighting a stronghold NM.

Both Proto-Omega and Bres are MNK NMs (of sorts) and both of us were fighting as MNK. In my screenshots you can't see that I was at full HP, but I know that I was, and didn't take enough damage to kill me. There wasn't any animation on the part of Proto-Omega when I was killed and there's no damage in the log to account for a skipped animation either.

So, it makes me wonder if there's some bug with MNK NMs?


Or something else entirely?

It's pretty weird if you ask me. I'll probably post something on the BG forums to see if anyone knows what is happening and why. Sending in a bug report to SE might be in order as well.

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