Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dynamis - Beaucedine

SE really did crank up the droprates, we got multiple SMN, BLM, COR relics, and singles of PUP (mine!), and some others that I can't think of at ~2AM when I'm writing this.

I started the run off fun.What's a little pulling a Living Statue a long distance to Meltdown on a few friends? ;-)
A tobe is apparently some sort of North African women's toga. O.o;

It's also one of the best pieces for PUP at 75, so it'll be quite awesome to level into.

No LS event post can be complete without some sort of accidental e-peen picture, so:I started casting when somebody made Fragmentation, a Tachi: Gekko made Distortion, and viola!

1,197 damage isn't really e-peen though, so I guess I fail. I'll lie and say I'm sure it took massive magic damage immediately before, so I got hit with the BLM nerf instead.

And, depending on your perspective, the night ended with lulz. There was ~11 people on Ventrillo all night chatting and figuring out where everyone else went when they spaced out for a moment or whatever. I warned that Epic was about to go somewhere, and a moment later (as Neo lol'd):Epic went to Southern San d'Oria back before it was quite as smelly from all the Elvaan during the Crystal War. :-D

A fun run with quite a bit of relic.

<3 the droprate "adjustments". I'm surprised SE didn't nerf the shit out of it quite honestly.

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