Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fafnir Slayer!

Our 6th didn't show for Nyzul Isle tonight, but we went on a 16-20 run anyway to hopefully get some Nyzul Weaps and Boots.

We had quite good luck with the floors. They were all straightforward kill one or more mobs with no Archaic Gear limitations or Lamps 'o Doom. I went as MNK/NIN. We had a SAM/SAM/MNK frontline and RDM/SCH/BRD backline this time around.

I think I prefer going as NIN/DNC (or /WAR) since I do terrible damage compared to (relic) SAMs or RNGs so I don't actually have to tank much of anything. I actually tanked probably ~50% of the time as MNK. LOL.

Anyway, we got to Floor 20.And we got Fafnir. The worst of the three boss possibilities. I was kind of hoping for an Adamantoise as they are just hilariously weak.

But all went well, and:We whooped Fafnir's scaly ass!

We got the Windslicer which is the SAM Nyzul Weapon and we have two SAMs, so it was much desired. And we got Denali boots. I've been looking at the three sets again lately, and decided to let somebody else get Goliard boots because 1) I'm hoping to get Yigit eventually and don't need both and 2) because I could get Denali and use them for WS on my MNK and NIN. I'm currently using either Fumas (NIN) or Dune (MNK) which don't provide any benefit (outside of Dragon Kick with Footwork up which doesn't count*) to WS.

Unfortunately, one of us is a premature ejector and exited before anyone had a chance to lot on the Denali (I think I was the only one who wanted them?) and the Great Katana which only Brim wanted but hadn't been passed yet.

(*) While mostly useless, if you have a 300%TP wing and Dragon Kick can do some pretty nice damage.And isn't "The Fafnir" a bug? I thought King NMs were considered proper nouns and a specific monster rather than "The Sand Lizard" or whatever. I know Kirin is anyway.

Meh. Whatever.

We won and we'll do Floor 20 bosses plenty more times, so losing two items doesn't matter. It was plenty of fun and kind of a rush with the frenetic pace of it.

Plus, I only need 1 more repeat clear to get Lance Corporal! I think Akanne from our static can rank up in 1 more too. I'd really like to get a Trooper Ring for SCH Light Arts and a Shark Gun so I can have some NIN/RNG fun sometime.

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