Monday, October 27, 2008

The Final Fantasy Series

I've linked to a great write-up about the FF series in the past. Well, over on they linked to a very cool FF Retrospective.

It's a 13 part Youtube-like series of videos on the FF games, spin-offs, and the themes that tie them together. However, unlike much of this shit on Youtube (post a comment with suggestions to horrible Youtube content to link to bolded here, I didn't feel like Rickrolling ;-P), they're all very professionally done. And at 8-15 minutes a pop worth a few minutes to take a look.

There's a main page with other Retrospectives (which they're still updating) on games like Fallout, Warcraft, Star Wars, Zelda, etc. Which I think is also worth a look. I found the Fallout link in the end of the first part of the Warcraft Retrospective (which covers WC1 and WC2).

So, if you're looking for something to waste time with at work (and have headphones), I can't recommend anything more!

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